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NBC Momma’s Boys Sends Five More Girls Packing

December 29, 2008 09:31 PM by DA Southern


Momma’s Boys ended with a tearful Megan Albetus, one of the sweetest girls in the competition, taking herself out of the running and giving the remaining girl, Carina, a chance to find true love with one of the Momma’s Boys. After such an exit, could we see a softening of the hearts of some of the other girls? Probably not, but as the herd gets thinned even more, expect the claws to come out in the coming weeks in Momma’s Boys, especially with the arrival of files on the girls arriving at the house.

The case came in with the files on the girls and after it was opened, you could see the faces of several of the girls go pale, like Erica who had been a Penthouse Pet. Lorraine read the details of the letter that came with the case that said that the moms could choose a file to read later. Mrs B was actually giddy thinking she could get rid of a girl she deemed unsuitable for Jojo with the file information.


With fear in control, Stacey told Lorraine her that she had been in Playboy and several of the other girls looked as though they wanted to spill it as well. The good part of file-gate was that the top four girls in the next competition would have their files sealed and have no risk being outed.

The next competition was at a Winery where the girls were going to do cooking of the boys favorite recipes. The winners would then be judged by Chef Tyler Florence to see who would have their files sealed. The girls went into action in teams of four and each of the moms had designs on certain girls they wanted to lose so as to get rid of them later.

The boys came in with about 30 minutes left to cook and, as usual, Mrs B was upset with something the girls did to her. You could tell that many of the girls were out of their element but, at the end, Erica, Julie, Megan and Amanda won the challenge, sending them into the safe zone for the evening’s elimination. Lorraine’s team lost, which made Lorraine happy as she hopefully could get rid of Michelle so Michael would not bond with her further.


The moms were hovering over the file cabinet and one-by-one each took a girl’s file they wanted to read. Lorraine immediately took Michelle’s file that detailed the plastic surgery, excessive spending and Playboy pictures that Michelle had done. Michelle went in to see Lorraine to try to smooth things over and you could see that Lorraine was excited just to know that she had a tool to use against her at this point.

Mrs B picked up Brittany’s file and actually took Brittany into the room with her so she could watch her read the file. Brittany watched in horror as Mrs B saw the pictures from Playboy, like Jojo would mind. Esther was last as she took Lauren’s file and found her file to be spotless, which had Esther beaming with pride.


The texting for dates stated and the boys started to get to know some of the other girls a bit better with Jessica going with Jojo, Lauren with Rob and Carina with Michael on dates.

Elimination Night:

Mrs B told Jojo that Brittney was nude in Playboy; Lorraine had a time telling Michael about Michelle’s debt, plastic surgery and Playboy pics and Esther was still very sweet on Lauren and was trying to convince Rob to give her a closer look prior to the night’s session.

The boys made the rounds prior to the elimination festivities and the competition was finally getting a bit more manageable with the girls numbers being thinned out. All of the guys seemed to be able to have a bit more time to size up the girls and you could tell that there were still a few that were not making connections, like poor Cara, who could not catch a break with the boys.


Rob again told the girls the text scenario again and Jojo said that 5 girls would be leaving. Screams of joy erupted as several girls got “Yes” texts and then the “No’s” started to trickle in. Stacy was told “No” as was Carina, Jessica and Cara, which was the most dramatic exit as Cara wailed that she “Never even got a date out of the deal” and slapped at the camera person to get the camera out of her face.

At the pool, there was one more girl to leave between Michelle, Brittany and Nikki. Nikki was first to be called forth and all of the guys agreed she was to stay because they had not had a chance to go on a date with her, leaving Michelle and Brittany. Michael wanted Michelle to stay saying that he would have to deal with his mother’s wrath, leaving Brittany to be the fifth girl out for the night.


Michael did have to finally deal with Lorraine’s wrath as he immediately went over to deal with the situation with her by telling her that she was being closed minded when it came to Michelle, which still did not appease her.

Next week, Mrs B gets a shock as her opinionated views get challenged as Jojo sends her pulse racing.

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