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American Idol: Finalist Gina Glocksen To Be Married Wednesday

December 30, 2008 01:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Season 6 American Idol contestant, Gina Glocksen, will be married New Year’s Eve to Joe Ruzicka and the town of Naperville is prepared to roll out the red carpet for the nuptials. Gina Glocksen told the Southtown Star that the wedding will have many American Idol tie-ins, including two of her bridesmaids. Winner Jordin Sparks and top 12 finalist Haley Scarnato will don bridesmaid dresses for Gina Glocksen as she weds at the Naper Settlement chapel.

“At the tour (American Idol Live! 2007), I asked all the girls (to be bridesmaids),” Glocksen said. “Jordin and Haley carried through with it. The others took gigs. New Year’s Eve is one day you can’t ask a performer to take off.”

Gina Glocksen has also enlisted some of the American Idol backstage entourage to assist her on her big day. One of the hairdressers from the hit show will be flying out to do her hair. There may be at least two other American Idol season 6 contestants in the congregation when Gina Glocksen says her vows, Lakisha Jones and Chris Richardson may also attend.

Gina Glocksen met her fiance, Joe Ruzicka in March of 2005 when she auditioned to sing in Joe Ruzicka’s band. The couple were engaged in August 2007.

The couple have included many American Idollinks into their wedding including using the Rock Star tour bus to arrive at the service with her bridesmaids and the wedding invitations for her 300 guests were a gift from one of Glocksen’s adoring fans whom she met while performing for two weeks in San Francisco.

The groom has made sure that he is not being left out of the wedding, Joe Ruzicka’s band will play at the reception at Bolingbrook Golf Club and his Uncle who became ordained specifically for the event, will preside over the wedding. Gina Glocksen and Jordin Sparks plan on singing as well!

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Photo Credit: PEOPLE

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