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Top 10 Reality TV Moments Of 2008

January 01, 2009 11:50 AM by Joe Reality


The year 2008 was full of many great reality TV moments. From American Idol contestants constantly forgetting the lyrics to Paula Abdul remembering songs that hadn’t been sung yet, America’s top rated television show once again produced many unusual and bizarre moments. Dancing With The Stars seemed to be cursed this year with injury after injury. Or maybe it was a good curse, because ABC wasted no time in playing up the injuries to pull in big ratings.

With the TV writers on strike for the first part of the year, viewers were treated to an extra season of Big Brother, which reminded viewers why the show should stick to being a summer show. Speaking of summer shows, reality game show Wipe Out wiped out the competition to become the surprise hit of the summer. Also, Nashville Star finally made the big jump to network TV, but apparently forgot to take its country singers along for the ride. Judge John Rich openly and repeatedly criticized several of the singers for not being country.

Reality TV also got recognized at The Emmys. The Emmys presented their first ever Emmy Award for Outstanding Host For A Reality-Competition Show, which was a great idea. The Emmys even let the reality TV hosts host The Emmy Awards, which turned out to be a not-so-great idea. Still, congratulations are in order to Jeff Probt for taking home the inaugural Emmy Award for a reality TV host.

With so many reality TV memories both good and bad from the year, it was difficult to narrow it down to just 10 moments. Below are my selections for Top 10 Reality TV Moments 0f 2008.

1. Josiah Leming doesn’t make the cut on American Idol.
2. American Idol contestants keep forgetting the lyrics.
3. Paula Abdul remembers and critiques a song yet to be sung.
4. Dancing With The Stars contestants keep getting injured.
5. Survivor allows fans to compete against favorites.
6. Big Brother gets winterized.
7. WipeOut wipes out crowded reality game show field.
8. Nashville Star goes major network and loses the country.
9. The Bachelor is presented a pair of panties.
10. Reality TV hosts recognized at The Emmys.

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Photo Credit: Tim Ogier/ABC

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