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Game Show In My Head: Premieres Tonight

January 03, 2009 07:23 PM by Britteny Elrick


Joe Rogan, who you may rememberas the host ofFear Factor, is making a comeback tonight as the host ofthe newCBS reality tvseriesGame Show in My Head. Produced in part by Ashton Kutcher, this hidden-camera game show will instruct contestants to complete outrageous tasks through an earpiece. If they complete all tasks they can win up to fifty thousand dollars, but if they fail they will go home empty handed…

The first contestant on Game Show in My Head is Shalisse, a 26 year old personal trainer from Utah,who isstanding out on a busy street. Joe tells her that she must take four family photos with someone else’s family in four minutes. She approaches a couple random families and they say no. Finally, she gets a taker. Her tasks are: a group photo, frolicking, funny faces, and a kiss from the husband.

Her next task is to get someone to put a “face mask” on themselves and cucumbers on their eyes. Unfortunately, the mask is ranch dressing and then she has to get them to eat the cucumber. Finally, she gets a taker. A lady sits down and Shalisse has her rub the dressing around, then she has her put the cucumbers on her eyes. With thirty seconds left, she convinces her to take a bite of the cucumber.

Shalisse’s third task is to stand at a crosswalk and pick out a random person that she thinks will make it across first. She can try to convince the person to go faster without telling them it is a race. Her first and second attempts fail. Finally she coerces a gentleman to run with her. Now she must use her powers of persuasion and convince a couple that she has met the guy before. She must get him to agree that he has met her before and she must give him her number. She is greeted by strange looks and gets as far as giving her number, but she couldn’t get anyone to agree she knew them.

As of now, Shalisse has attained 15k, for her next challenge she has to get ten people to line up at the bottom of some stairs next to a pier and make them stay there for three minutes. She starts bringing people over, telling them it is the official line for the pier. She tries to start chatting to them, but starts to lose some people and eventually fails the task. Her next task will be an opportunity to double her money. Shalisse is dressed in a wedding gown, and must convince a man to marry her, put on a tux, kiss her, and say “i do” in front of guests. She approaches a guy on the basketball court, and gets denied. Eventually, a gentleman on a park bench agrees to do it. They exchange vows, and when it comes to the “i do” he hesitates a bit, but goes through with it. She doubles her money and wins 30k.

After the commercial break, Shalisse and the groom come into the studio to join the audience. Joe asks him what he was thinking and he responds, “well she was so hot it’s crazy.”

The second Game Show in My Head contestant is Craig. His first task is to approach a guy and get someone to agree to go back to his place and hang out. He tells one guy that he just got dumped, he tells another guy that he has good taste in clothes, but neither of them accept the offer. The next challenge is for him to pretend to be a report and convince two people to admit that they were abducted and probed by aliens. Finally, he gets a man to agree. He brings him over and starts reporting. The man admits that the aliens came, but when asked about the probing he walks away. Fortunately, he gets one man and one woman to complete the task.

In the next challenge, Craig has to ask someone for five dollars to complete a magic trick and if they let him keep the money he wins. Someone does let him perform the trick, but demands his money back. He manages to convince the next couple to let him keep the money on the basis that he just started college.

Now he has to use a security want to search someone. He has to make them take off their shoes and socks without saying that it is for security purposes. His excuses included: checking blood pressure, ghosts, organic polarity, and conducting a stress test. He does get one lady who allows it. His next task is to convince three people to listen to a eulogy for his pet, console him with a group hug, and help spread the ashes. He succeeds in getting five people to help him and wins a total of 20k.

Craig’s last challenge is to convince someone act as an ambassador from his country (whatever he makes up), dress in traditional garb, give a speech about America, speak to the press, and give America a gift. He finally brings an old man up on stage, talks him through the task, and forces him to give up his watch. Craig wins 40k and is brought back to the stage. He said the hardest part was picking up guys.

Game Show In My Headairs Saturdays8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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