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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Slaughter Family Second Chance Home!

January 04, 2009 07:26 PM by Candace Young


Ty Pennington, along with the ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team is headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week to help the Slaughter Family, who will head to Walt Disney World and even meet the Cheetah Girls!

Ty Pennington says Frank Slaughter is a hero because he has dedicated the last eighteen years of his life aiding inmates at the Allegheny County Jail in turning their lives around. Ty explains that Frank Slaughter got into trouble himself as a young man and now promotes positive thinking in his role as a Deacon.

ABC, Ty Pennington, and the designers will be helping the Slaughter Family remedy their living situation. A tornado hit their home a few years back and wiped out half of the house, leaving all five children sharing one bedroom, all seven Slaughter family members sharing one bathroom, and damage the family can’t afford to repair!

Door Knock Day

The Slaughter family ecstatically emerges from their home as Ty Pennington calls out good morning to them with his infamous bullhorn. ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is sending the Slaughter family to Walt Disney World, but first, they do a walk through of the house. There are issues with the foundation, as well as water damage. Tracy Slaughter shows Ty where she cares for and teaches the children she baby-sits.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s Eduardo Xol talks to the Slaughter family’s youngest members – two girls – who love princesses. Paul talks to the next oldest girl, who has a Cheetah Girl theme in mind for her room! John Littlefield speaks to the Slaughter’s son and discovers that he loves robots. The oldest daughter is in tenth grade, and tells Paige Hemmis that she is a photography enthusiast who would love to have space to entertain her friends.

As the family heads off to Walt Disney World, Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designers get ready to go to work!


The Mt. Allegheny gospel choir sings and claps and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition welcomes Montgomery & Rust Inc., as well as all of the volunteers who will participate in the Slaughter family home project. As the Slaughter family watches from Walt Disney World, the choir sings The Walls Came Tumbling Down as the demolition of the house proceeds!

Ty’s Special Project

Ty Pennington’s special project this week will be the master bedroom, which he plans to make soft and warm, since the prison where Frank Slaughter works is so hard and cold.

Lumber Liquidators arrives and Eduardo Xol thanks Sears for donating all of the appliances that will go into the new house. In Walt Disney World, the Slaughter family answers their cell phone and it’s Paul, telling the daughter, Messaia, to take the family to the castle – where they meet the Cheetah Girls! The little girl is beside herself – she gets to hang out with the Cheetah girls all day long thanks to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

Back in Pennsylvania, Eduardo is working on a gold headboard for the youngest girls’ room. Paul meets two of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition volunteers – men whom Frank has helped in the past. Frank Slaughter gets on the video screen and the two men thank him for helping to turn their lives around. Ty Pennington also shows Frank Slaughter some footage of some of the Allegheny County inmates who want to thank him!


Ty Pennington calls the Mt. Allegheny gospel choir into the new house to help provide inspiration for his special project. Paul pretends to be a choir member so as to sneak into the secret room, but Ty stops him! Select Rugs arrives on the scene with floor coverings for the Slaughter family home.

The Reveal

Ty Pennington bellows, “Welcome home, Slaughter family!” as the limo pulls up to the Extreme Makover: Home Edition site. Frank Slaughter is astounded and moved by the sheer size of the crowd of volunteers. The all begin to chant, “Move that bus,” and the house is revealed! Frank, Tracy, and the Slaughter children sob as they take in their new home.


Tayana Slaughter, the teenaged daughter, tells her mother to pinch her as they walk in and see the beautiful open-concept design by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The youngest girls head up to see their bedroom, which is a fairytale heaven with princesses, a tea party, and ponies. Messaia is blow away by her Cheetah Girl room, which features a bed that is also a piano! The Slaughter’s son, Michael, is thrilled with his new bedroom, which is chock-full of robots, and Tayana is very pleased with her photography-themed room.

In another part of the new home, Tracy breaks down in thankful sobs next to Ty Pennington as she sees the new Slaughter Play Place, which has been designed for the children that Tracy Slaughter teaches and baby-sits. Ty Pennington then takes Frank and Tracy into their master bedroom, which features a Jacuzzi tub and a breath-taking view from the balcony!

Downstairs, the Slaughter family, Ty Pennington, and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team congregate. Ty tells the family that helping them out has been a real honor! “Welcome home, Slaughter family!” Ty says.

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Photos Courtesy: Pittsburgh Online, John Knox, Lillian DoDomenic, and Chuck Brown Photography.

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