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Superstars Of Dance: The Competition Begins

January 04, 2009 10:39 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight eight countries came together to show off their dancing talents and 100 world class dancers, representing 6 continents performed solos, duets and group routines hoping to help their country stay in the runningto win the International Superstars of Dance trophy and be named the best dancers in the world.

The way thejudging works is, each country will be given scores after each dance, ranging from 1-10 on thedegree of difficulty and artistic merit. Judges can’t vote for their own countries.

Co-hosting with Lord of the Dance king, Michael Flatley is Miss USA winner Susie Castillo. She briefly interviews dancers, coaches and choreographers after each performance.


The first group to dance tonight was the Irish team. After their step dance routine they received a score of 65 from the judges out of a possible 70. Their routine was average, but I have seen much better in the hit show, Burn the Floor!


Robert Muraine (Team USA) performed a popping routine for the judges this evening. If you follow So You Think You Can Dance, you will definately remember him! He received a score of 57. I wouldn’t consider this type of dance as the best in the world, but whatever!


Another solist, Carolina Cerisola (Team Argentina) came out and danced a sensual cabaret for which she recieved a score of 58. This routine was sexy, but lacked movement as most of the dance was done on a chair.


Pasha Kovalev & Anya Garnis (Team Russia) danced a sexy modern type of ballroom dance and the judges scored them accordingly with a 64 after the Russian judge commented, “All dancers in Russia are watching this show right now from a streaming KGB Web site.”


Nishi Munshi & Sangita Sanyal (Team India) danced an Indian Bollywood dance for the judges, but their routine fell flat and they only received a score of 51. I have danced Bollywood myself and I am pretty sure thatI could have jiggled my way to a score of 51!


Next up was Sean Robinson (Team Australia) and he danced a tap number which was wickedly fun, but his get-up was very distracting. The judges must have been distractedtoo as they gave him a score of 57. I thought his story about losing his parents was touching.


Bei Zheng a traditional Chinese ribbon dancer (Team China) captivated me with her routine, but the judges didn’t appear to enjoy it and gave her the same score as the Bollywood duet, 51. Maybe they didn’t like the monotonous movements of her arms?


Team South Africa danced a Gumboot and the fire, the passion and the energy of the dancers rocked the room. They received a 57 from the judges. I thought the light on their head representing being in a mine was unique. I am not sure how the judges could score them…I had never seen anything like it myself.


Team Australia alsoreceived a score of 57 when they leaped into action with a contemporary group routine. It was okay, butI was hoping for moresynchronized moves and cleaner lines.


Damien O’Kane (Team Ireland) burned up the floor with his step dance solo receiving a 58 from the judging panel. He was a good dancer, butdefinately no Michael Flatley!


Sduduzo Ka-Mbili (Team South Africa) came out next and I am not sure how to explain his routine. It involved a lot of leg kicking and bum drops to the floor. He ended up with a score of 55 which I think is way more than he should have received. I was actually frightened that the dancer’s private parts were going to fall out of his costume at one point!


Georgia Ambarian & Eric Luna (Team USA) danced a ballroom cabaret number, but in all my dancing days I have never seen that kind of routine in their style of dance. Their routine should have been classed as an acro-dance instead. Thedance was mesmorizing to watch, but wasn’t classed in the correct category and the judges scored them accordingly with a 57.


The Argentinian Tango duo of Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo (Team Argentina) received a score 65 when they seduced the judges with their sexy performance. Sexy yes, fantastic dancing…hmmmm.


Julia Bantner (Team Russia) performed a contemporary barefoot balletsolo and it appeared that the young lady’s nerves got the better of her while she danced. The sweet girl was given a score of 50 after the Russian judge said if she didn’t dance well she would be shipped to Siberia. Brrr!


Amrapali Ambegaokar (Team India) then put her country back in the running as she performed a classical Indian style routine. She received a score of 62. She had a cute personality and when asked questions by Micahel Flatley she was composed and centered and….not even out of breath!


The show saved the best for last as Team China sent out their Shaolin Monks who kicked, weaved and speared their way to a score of 66. Maybe the producers were hoping for a spearing death, so that the show would have to be canceled and end on a high note? No one died though, so it appears that it will return again tomorrow evening, hopefully stepping it up…no pun intended!

The final scores after all 16 performances this evening were:

Argentina 123
Ireland 123
China 117
Australia 114
Russia 114
United States 114
India 113
South Africa 112

The hi-light of the show tonight was the Russian judge’s first few comments before all comments suddenly stopped altogether and I amused myself during the tedious task of writing the recap of this show by guessing what number the Chinese judge was going to say after each routine. Maybe something good will come from writing the recaps ofSuperstars of Dance afterall….I can learn to count from one to 10 in Chinese, but probably not as the the guy tends to give everyone 8′s!

Superstars of Dance will return tomorrow night with even more dancing at 8 PM ET on NBC.

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Photo Credits: NBC

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