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American Idol: Will Kelly Clarkson And Carrie Underwood Ever Find True Love?

January 05, 2009 02:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


American Idol boosted these two young women to fame and fortune, but it certainly didn’t help them in the love department. The two American Idol winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have yet to win the heart of a man, but their experiences are giving them a lot to sing about.

Kelly Clarkson actually admitted to using her relationships to find hit songs and thinks that maybe men are afraid to date her for that reason.

“People are afraid I’ll write about them. And I will,” the 26-year-old singer told the National Ledger of how she gets inspired for some of her angrier songs. “I think that’s why I’m single,” she added.

Some of the men on Kelly Clarkson’s hit list include fellow musicians such as Ryan Key, Graham Colton and ex-Evanescence vocalist David Hodges, who is the subject of her angry hit Never Again.

“I didn’t even really like the guy,” she told the Ledger. “Maybe I had to go through that and learn more about myself. Maybe that’s why I don’t date much, either.”

As for sweet Carrie Underwood, she admits that she is in no hurry to jump into a relationship at the present time as past ones are still haunting her.

“I’ve been cheated on a time or two,” says Carrie Underwood. “It’s tough.”

Maybe she took some music advice from fellow American Idol,Kelly Clarkson and used one of those experiences to hit the music charts herself. Everyone who knows of Carrie Underwood’s music will recall the 25-year-old’s hit song Before He Cheats, about an over the edge girlfriend who destroys the car of her cheating man.

Carrie Underwood has dated a few famous men in the past such as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo who is now hooked up with Carrie Underwood’s rival Jessica Simpson and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford who she broke up with through atext message.

Does Carrie Underwood still believe that the man of her dreams is out there somewhere? She hasrecentlybeen linked with Travis Stork, the hunk from the hit show,The Bachelor and current star of the show The Doctors.

“Definitely! That’s why we’re here on this earth,” she says. “I’m not looking, and I don’t have a deadline. But yeah, you have to have someone to love.”

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