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Momma’s Boys Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions

January 05, 2009 11:10 PM by DA Southern


Momma’s Boys was a barnburner tonight as a lot of the episode centered on the drama that is Mrs B. After surviving the wild elimination of last week with one of the most beloved girls, at least in her own mind, Cara, melted down as she was eliminated.

This week with several eliminations just around the corner, the girls were treated to a visit from a Pastor, a Catholic Priest and a Rabbi as the men of faith talked about traditions and how important it would be for the girl to fit into the family from the traditional standpoint.

As the traditional Christmas and Hanukkah feasts were being prepared on Momma’s Boys, Michael was seen sneaking off to meet with Meghan knowing that his mother, Lorraine, would not approve at all, leaving Lorraine wondering where he was. Jojo then asked Misty out on a date, which sent the always opinionated Mrs B, who was not happy he was going out with a woman of color, off into a rage. She was so upset that she decided to engage Misty to convince her not to go out with him “Out of respect to her,” which made Misty even more determined to win Jojo over.


As the two were seen lounging in a hot tub, Mrs B happened to be flying over the hot tub in a copter seeing Jojo kissing Misty passionately. Mrs B went into such a rage that she slammed the side of the window of the copter, which caused a rebuke from the pilot for her actions.

When the most controversial mother on Momma’s Boys, Mrs B, arrived back, still in tears, several of the other girls tried to temper her opinionated ways which had Mrs B actually being a bit kind to Misty as she returned from her date with Jojo, but you knew she was never going to condone the relationship.

Rob was seen going out with his own unapproved date with Esther doing her own fuming in the background, but certainly not as vocal as Mrs B. and Michael finally relented to his mother and went out with Erica and managed to have a nice time with her even saying that he felt all warm inside when he was with her.


The boys were getting read for the elimination and the moms were up to pitch their favorites, with pretty much the same arguments emanating from the moms. Jojo started to look like he might stand up to his mom, but you knew in the end he would not. Michaels and Lorraine were not going to see eye to eye and Rob was chastising Esther for trying to project grandchildren into the picture as “Rushing things.”

Rob announced that the locale for Momma’s Boyswas moving to the Virgin Islands and that each of the boys had two tickets and that each of the moms had one for a total of nine girls invited to go.

Rob went first and invited Camilla and Nikki, after being turned down by Amanda and Esther invited, Lauren, which was no surprise.


Michael invited Amanda and Meghan over Michelle, which made Lorraine very happy. Lorraine, with her say invited Erica, so she could have her final say as she tried to guide Michael to her way of thinking.

Jojo turned down Misty and invited, Camilla and Mindy in a dramatic pronouncement that his mom was first in his life, and in a dramatic turn of events, Mrs B determined that none of the remaining girls would be getting her ticket to ride and tore the last golden ticket up in front of the shocked girls. Did we honestly expect anything else from Mrs B, really?


As has been the case in the last couple of episodes, we end in dramatic style as the location shifts to the Virgin Islands for what will sure to be a very dramatic ending in the coming weeks as the boys zone in on their desirable mates.

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2 Responses to “Momma’s Boys Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions”

  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    January 6th, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Jojo is going to die a lonely old man with a mother like that! Maybe she likes almond cookies. If the girls have another opportunity to bake for the mothers they could lace her cookies with arsenic. No one would know what happened to the old dame!

  2. Paulene Hinds Says:
    January 6th, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    Mrs B’s comment about squishing Jojo’s jewels was hilarious, especially since the guy doesn’t have any!


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