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Superstars Of Dance: The End Of The Quarter Finals

January 05, 2009 10:58 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Superstars of Dance two groups, two duets and eight soloists were cut from the competition before the semi-finals in what was supposed to be the greatest dance challenge of all time. Tonight was especially exciting because it marked the end of the semi-final round and it meant one step closer to this crappy show being over!

The score board from last night stood at:

Argentina 123
Ireland 123
China 117
Australia 114
Russia 114
United States 114
India 113
South Africa 112


The first group up tonight was from the high flying Argentinians. The trio performed a Guacho dance. They brought out drumsat the beginning of the dance and then began to spin double ropes at over 90 miles an hour. Try that without knocking your head off! The three guys had lots of energy, but it really looked like they were spinning double dutch ropes without the jumpers.

After their routine, Michael Flatley said, “Don’t try that at home,”andalso saidthat the dancers didn’t really do much dancing. The Argentinian judge said that the dancers didn’t do what that they were supposed to do, but she wasn’t judging them. They received a score of 48 out of 70 from the judges.

Next, Mythili the Indian solist, performed a traditional Indian dance for the crowd. It was graceful and unusual. Her hand lines were exceptional and her floor spins on her knees were perfect. She was sensual, clean and precise. The music left much to be desired though.

She scored a 58 from the judges and the Argentinian coach was upset as he thought thather receiving ascore of an 8 meant that there was room for improvement and he felt his dancer was perfect. He was cut down however by the Indian judge as he toldthe coachthat there is always room for improvement in dance….take that buddy!


Kelly Hendry from team Ireland performed an Irish step dance dance for her dad that just had had a heart attack. She was light on her feet, but lacked a fire in her routine. The Ireland judge said that she was a lady in red. She scored a 56.


Latin ballroom dancers from Australia, Giselle and Henry peformed a duet. It was a mix of sex and anger…love and hate, in one dance. Kind of like the movieNine AndA Half Weeks on the dance floor. Again a chair was used during the routine, but this time it was used in a fantastical way. Henry spun his partner Giselleoff and on the chair in a sensual, passionate way. They scored a 56. The judges at least gave some commentary in regards to their routine…passionate.

Next, Victor and Claudia from South Africa danced a duet in ballroom. Their interpretation of the dance seemed off as I thought their routine was more a modern jazz than ballroom. It was beautiful though, however they perceived it to be. The spin with Claudia over his head with one hand was fantastic. The best dance in the past two nights so far. They followed the storyline of the song and it flowed so eliquently.

Michael said, “This guy has muscles in places where I don’t have places.” The judges all thought they were sexy, but scored them with mostly 8′s??? The more the crowd boos, the lower the scores seem to be. they received a 59. The Chinese judge taught me a new number…he gave the team a 9!


China sent out the monks again with soloistYang, who performed a Shaolin dance with a spinning rope. The yelling is distracting, but he dances more than the Gaucho dancers. He skips on his bum at one point which is kind of cool.

The Indian judge said he didn’t execute well and argued with the Chinese coach, but Russia gave him an 8 just because they were neighbors…this guy is funny. He scores a 51.

Dormeshia a solistwas up next from the USA. She danced a tap solo. I love the song she chose and have heard it many times in dance competitions that I attend. She is clean and clear on her tapping sounds. I like her shuffle that she adds while she moves across the floor. The judgesappeared to hate it and give her a score of 55 points. Dormesha isn’t impressed and says she will keep going and that the judges don’t seem to understand tapping at all. You Go Girl!


Russia thensent in theirdance team. It is like watching a scene from Mr. Bean. Seriously here, I was expecting high flying Russian kicks, but instead I am at a cabaret performance straight from hell. Except for the back flips now and then…I am about to fall asleep. Even the spins are not clean??? Okay the end kicking is cool, but they lost me a minute or so back.

Michael Flatley said that they may have had a sip of vodka and the Russian judge said that some of them prefer cognac. They could pass that stuff to me, I could use it right now. Maybe that is what the judges are drinking…they are sooo boring! The teamreceives51 points.

Next, Bollywood came to Hollywood with the Indian dance team. There was lots of energy in this routine and I enjoyed the double spins. They were off occasionally with their synchronization though and the men were not very technical with their arm movements. Maybe that is why they are back row dancers! The song was upbeat and that alone made me want to watch the routine. I still have seen better dancing at the Premiere Studio of Dance though.

The Argentinian judge said, “When you get more together, come and see me.” The South African judge said they lacked performance and strength. They received 54.


South Africa sent out Mamela to do a solo about a woman who is frustrated in her marriage. She sure looked pissed at a man a she shook and screamed. She added a few jumps here and there, but Lord help me it looked like she was having a seizure or may even be dying. I have never experienced life in Africa, so I can’t judge on this performance…I am just glad my man doesn’t make me that mad or he would be dead!

The South African judge began to cry andsaidMameladanced truth and you could feel the intensity of her performance. The judges thought that her dance was very moving and was from the soul. Of course it was, it was like an exorcism! She received a 58. This show is called Superstars of Danceisn’t it???

Next Miriam came out and danced a Tango solo for Argentina???I have never heard of such a thing! At the beginning of the dance I thought the heat may be actually on…she had a man’s shirt with her and danced with it which makes sense since the Tango is traditionally a dance for two. Her routine however, was as dry as the wine that I am drinking to get through this show. She received a 57. Thisshow is like some sort of International torture tactic???

Damian and Bernadette came out from Ireland to dance an Irish duet. It was like secretly watching two fairies in the forest doing a sensual dance for two. If Damien had on a fairy outfit instead of a suit it would have been perfect. It was like the top of a wedding cake, like one of the judges said. The couple really connected. They received a 58.


The last duet came out from China. Zhen and An danced a ballet. This is it…whatI have been waiting for in this series. She actually danced on his shoulders with pointe shoes on!!! Her balance was amazing! The routine was was more acrobatic, but the stamina it would take for the guy to hold her up like that was incredible. I was sad though that there wasn’t more dance involved. Even the judges said they wanted more dancing and more flowing. The Russian judge said that hewas trying toimagine himself standing on that Chinese guy and gave them a 9. They received a score of 53.

China and India were then officiallyremoved from the duet portion of the competition based on the scores.

Maria from Russia came out to dance a ballet hoping to keep her team alive. It was a very traditional Russian ballet. Her pointe spins were exceptional, but her routine was sooo short????? She received a score of 63 and the judges commented on how short the routine was. Do the dancers choose the length of their routine??? I thought I was just drunk or extremely boredlast night when some of the dances seemed shorter than others!


The lastsoloist of the evening….thank you, thank you, thank you, was Reed from Australia. Hedanced a contemporary solo with power and passion. He was h-o-t! I would definately like to see more of him…maybe on the next So You Think You Can Dance. His emotionally charged routine received a 10 from the Indian and Russian judges and 9′s from all the other judges. His total was 65.

Michael Flatley had the lowest soloists removed from the score board. They were Russia, China2, China, USA2, South Africa and Ireland2.

Argentina, USA and Australia were left in a three way tie for eighth place in the solo portion of the competition so the the tie breaker vote was done with only 5 judges voting forone solist to stay.

India chose Australia, South Africa chose USA, Russia chose USA, Ireland chose USA and China chose USA which meant that the popper Robert,was going through to the semi-finals. Argentina and Australia wereremoved from the soloist portion of the competition.


Once again, the show kept the best dancers for last, USA hip hop performers groovaloos came out. They performed a combination of Hip Hop and break dancing. The group had overcome a lot to be on the stage as one of the dancer’s Steven had been shot at a club and was told that he probably wouldn’t be able to walk…he danced! This is my favorite type of dance asI am a competitive Hip Hop dancer myself. I l-o-v-e-d it. The group really worked together and had a good combination of synchronized moves and individual movement. This was the best routine of the night for me! They actually received a standing ovation from the audience.

The Australian judge, who had been sombre and low scoring for the past two nights,actually gave the group a 10! They also received 10′s from South Africa, Russia and China! One more number in Chinese I have learned!!!! 67 was their total.

Argentina and Russia were then removed from the group portion of the competition and the final masterscore board was as follows:

Ireland 237
USA 236
Australia 235
South Africa 229
Argentina 228
Russia 228
India 225
China 221

Superstars of Dance will return next week at 8 PM ET on NBC. I will continue to recap the show for you in dismayand I am afraid that it may not get any better than this! If you can watch the dancing and edit out the rest in your head, the show isn’t really that bad. A glass of red wine always helps!

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  1. patm Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    LOVED Ireland tonight! Would like to know what music they danced to. Also the song that Reed from Australia used. And, yes, the Groovaloos were a blast!


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