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The Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnick Meets The Bachelorettes

January 05, 2009 08:20 PM by Britteny Elrick


On tonight’s 2 hour premiere of the ABC’s hit reality romance show The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick will be in the driver seat. After being rejected on last season’s Bachelorette finale, Jason Mesnicksays his heart has healed and he is ready to find the woman of his dreams. Jasonwill meetthe 25 beautiful bachelorettes for the first time tonight,but no one expects the surprise twist that will force the women to turn on eachother!

First, we are shown a glimpse of Jason Mesnick’s life in Seattle with his son Ty. He talks about the end of his seven year marriage and how it wasn’t his choice to get a divorce. Jason says his heart is completely healed after being rejected by Deanna Pappas on last season’s Bachelorette and he is ready to find love!

Jason Mesnick brings his brother and son Ty along with him to LA. The viewers get a sneak peek of the 25 bachelorettes and you can check out the complete list of ladies here. Jason gets ready to meet the ladies and says it will be a bittersweet experience for him. He thinks that having already been through this experience, he is better prepared to find the right one. Jason says this is the most exciting night of his life other than the birth of his child. When Jason arrives, Chris Harrison asks him if his memories here were good or bad and Jason says, “great.” They talk for a bit and Jason discusses how he has been able to move on and how Ty is his number one priority.When the first limo rolls up, Lauren is the first one out and she tells Jason it is actually her birthday and makes him guess how old she is. The next lady out is Kari who starts to talk a little too much. Then Melissa, the former cowboys cheerleader makes a good impression, followed by Sharon who immediately starts to salsa dance with him.

Melissa, former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Melissa, former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Next is Natalie, an HR rep from Chicago, tells him about how she doesn’t even have a tv and her mother told her about the show. In Limo two, Megan tells him that she has a 14 mo. old son and they talk for a bit. Stacia is the next one and she tells him he is gorgeous. Jackie, the wedding coordinator from Dallas, also tells him he is gorgeous, while Lisa from Idaho talks about potatoes. Stephanie lays it on thick, Treasure makes sure to tell him that isn’t her “stage name.” Raquel, the Brazilian, discusses the four languages she speaks. Nikki, from Chicago, asks him how Ty is and says Jason is the only reason she would ever go on the show.

Megan, single mom from PA

Megan, single mom from PA

The last fifteen ladies pull up and Molly is the first one out. She asks Jason about golfing and tells him she shares that interest. Erica, from Connecticut, tells him that she just got back from Kirkland. Nikki tells him that she remembered Ty’s favorite color was orange and that is why she chose her dress. Jillian, from Canada, tells him that he has to find her later and tell him what his favorite hot dog topping is. Dominique immediately starts laughing and says she has butterflies. Emily from Seattle, shares Jason’s interest in sports. Julie, from Ohio is an elementary teacher. Anne is a flight attendant and tells him that her job will benefit him. Shannon, a dental hygienist, walks out of the limo with crazy teeth. And that’s it for the ladies!Of course, Jason is given a first impression rose that he will give to one lucky lady. This will insure their stay for another week.

Naomi proposes a toast to Deanna Pappas because without her they wouldn’t be there. Jason sits down with Shannon, the hygienist, and she tells him that starts talking about his family, birthday, his teeth, and myspace page [but makes it clear she isn't a stalker]! She comes on very strong and Jason seems a bit taken aback. Then Dominique talks about how she sells medical equipment – mainly toe implants- and that makes a not so great impression! Sharon, the salsa dancing girl, admits that she resigned from her job to be on the show. Megan, the single mom, tells the camera that she thinks these girls have no idea what they are getting into. Later on, Nicole and Kari sit down with Jason and Kari reads a poem called “Love at First Sight.” Nicole feels incredibly awkward and tells Jason they will talk later.

Raquel, med student from Brazil

Raquel, med student from Brazil

Jillian starts cooking hot dogs so she can give Jason the test. She says she hopes he is a mustard guy. When Jason comes into the kitchen he grabs a hot dog and sure enough, puts mustard on first. Nikki talks about her many nieces and nephews and how she is ready to be a mom. Renee discusses the law of attraction and how she has vision boards at home. The Brazilian beauty, Raquel, takes Jason outside and asks him to dance – until Molly cuts in. However, Raquel comes back to steal him back since she didn’t get any talk time. They have a deep conversation and seem to form a connection.

Jason steals Stephanie away and she tells him about her situation being widowed and having a daughter. Jason tells her she is an amazing person. Outside, Jason talks with Lauren, the birthday girl, and he goes to grab her a little cake. The girls were all concerned that he was grabbing the rose, but no, just the cake. Then he takes Megan outside, another single parent, and Jason admits there is a strong connection between them. Before you know it, he goes inside to grab the first impression rose and gives it to Nikki from Chicago.

Nikki, administrative assistant from Chicago

Nikki, administrative assistant from Chicago

Then Chris interrupts the party to announce that the girls have to cast a vote for who they want to go home! Some of the girls voted for who they thought wasn’t compatible with Jason and some voted based on who they were jealous of. Chris tallies the votes and names the top three girls. Jackie was third, Erica was second, and Megan had by far the most votes! They all think she will be leaving, however, Chris says that it really means that she gets a rose! Megan stands up, says some expletives, and accepts the rose. Classy!

ROSE CEREMONY:The Bachelorcomes out and tells the girls that he had a blast, but now he must make an excruciating decision. He tells them it isn’t any easier standing on the other side. The first girl to be called is Lauren, followed by Kari, Naomi, Natalie, Molly, Raquel, Stephanie, Melissa, Jillian, Shannon, Lisa, Sharon, and finally Erica.

Well so far we have a cheerleader, a stalker, two moms, a Brazilian, an unemployed person, and a poet. Sigh. And from the preview it looks like Deanna Pappas shows up to make a last ditch effort to be with Jason! What?! Should be interesting!

The Bachelor airsMondays on ABC at 9pm ET/8 CT

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnick Meets The Bachelorettes”

  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    January 6th, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    DeAnna needs to take a hike…she is just looking for more spotlight. She had her chance and I know for sure Jason will give her the big heave ho!

  2. Paulene Hinds Says:
    January 6th, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Great recap Britteny…I would have been watching the show myself, but unfortunately got stuck watching Superduds of Dance :) I at least enjoyed Momma’s Boys which was on right after it!


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