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True Beauty or True Beast?

January 05, 2009 09:56 PM by Lisa Stauber


ABC airs a new reality show tonight, calling it the “love child of America’s Next Top Model and Punk’d“.  True Beauty is not your average model reality show, though.  The set up?  Ten contestants, who think they are the most beautiful people in America, will fight to win the show’s prize – $100,000 cash and a photo feature in People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” issue.  The catch?  The judges are actually rating the contestant’s integrity and moral character.  They’re judging their True Beauty, get it?

Laura Leigh loves to be the center of attention, but so do the rest of the contestants.  Billy, the oldest contestant, is a Chippendale dancer and owns a vitamin shop.    Monique thinks she’s beautiful but androgenous.  She has a science degree but prefers club dancing.  The contestants make small talk, commenting how shiny each other’s teeth are.

Joel arrives and his #1 goal in life is to look good naked.  Julia is a pageant queen from Texas.  CJ is the oldest of the crowd, in his 30s.  He compares himself to Michael Jordan.    Chelsea has no friends because she’s simply too beautiful for other girls to be around.  Hadiyya-lah thinks it’s very possible she’s the prettiest one of them all.  “Everything about me is perfect,” she says.  “I’m so thankful to be beautiful.”   Ashley loves expensive couture clothing.  She packed $30,000 worth of dresses to bring with her.  Lat to arrive is Ray, who thinks it’s awesome to be the cockiest person in the room.They all arrive in fast cars, short skirts, and too-tight shirts

The True Beauty judges are former model Cheryl Tiegs, celebrity fashion guru Nole Marin, and former Miss Teen USA Vanessa Minnillo.  They’ve hired an actor to play a waiter and will be rating the contestant’s reactions to him.  The “waiter” trips and spill drinks everywhere.  “The waiter was hated,” Haddiyah-lah says.  “There’s a lot of hate when your beautiful.”  Laura freaks out about her lucky gold shoes.  Ray helps clean up the other contestants and tries to help them clean up.

True Beauty hostess Vanessa sends them inside their new house for some beauty rest.  The house is a designer’s paradise, with a billiard room and pop-art style pictures of each contestant over their bed.  “Is that me?  It looks so good!” Ray says.  The next morning, the girls joke in the bathroom.  Chelsea complains because it seems like all of the guys care about is their muscles, but notes that CJ “seems like he has a brain.”  It turns out that CJ is a closet writer.  He started writing as a fat kid using a journal to move past the other kids’ teasing.  Chelsea and CJ  seem to have made a connection!


The next task is to put the True Beauty contestants through a beauty examination.  A doctor in Beverly Hills is going to measure them and compare them to a set of ideal body shapes, facial features, and other “scientific” proofs of beauty, giving them a beauty score.  Really, though, the judges want to see how the contestants treat the scientists assistant when they think no one else is watching.  First the girls and guys have to get ready to leave.  Laura has never washed a dish and doesn’t know how.  Even the other guys are laughing at her.

Chelsea and Haddiyah-lah are complaining about Julia, who is a bathroom hog.  The secret camera catches it all.  It’s time to head out to the clinic.  “This is a celebrity face,” Chelsea says.  “Not you,” she says to Julia – or rather, to the camera since Julia’s not around to hear her mean remarks.  There’s a stretch limo waiting to whisk them away to the Hills for their scientifiv evaluation.  In the waiting room, Joel starts going off on Chelsea.  “I just don’t like you.  From no one, where ever I am, don’t be there,” he says, in front of everyone.

Nurse Debbie is assigned to try to annoy the contestants to see how they react.  Nurse Debbie then “accidentally” leaves all of the contestant’s files out where the guys and girls can read them.  Will they?  That’s one of their tests.  CJ is rude to the nurse and the doctor, but Julia lets some rude remarks pass – and she doesn’t read everyone’s file.  Laura can’t resist the temptation and checks out a couple of the girl’s files when she thinks no one is looking.  Chelsea is tempted, but puts the files back before reading them and a lot of the other contestants pass, too.  Haddiya-lah reads her own file, then moves on to a few more.  Ray grabs the whole stack and reads it all.

The doctor has declared scores over 85 is good looking, and over 95 is star quality.  Ray scores a 92 (but he failed the inner beauty test) and Monique scores a 91.  Ashley is a 94, and CJ rants at the judges, saying beauty can’t be measured.  Cheryl Tiegs is angry.  “I don’t mind someone asking questions, but he’s an expert,” she says.  CJ is a 94 and he’ll move on to the next round.  Billy is a 95 and the doctor compares Joel to Brad Pitt, also giving him a 95.  They are the winners of the challenge.


Laura is a 94, and she’s safe despite failing the inner beauty test.  Haddiyah-lah, Chelsea, and were declared “non-semetrical” and given a final score of 91 each.  Laura gets a pass and Chelsea is going to go head to head with cheater Haddiyah-lah, who starts to cry.  “Don’t cry,” Chelsea says, but Haddiya-lah is more angry than sad.  “I’m pissed off because this is stupid!” she says.

CJ tries to give her a pep talk while she packs everything up.  She claims she doesn’t care that she’s in the bottom two and says the doctor should have his head examined.  She doesn’t know that there is a final test to gauge their inner beauty as they ride to the Hall of Beauty.

Chelsea thinks she’s unique and it adds to her beauty.  Joel can’t wait to get rid of her, though.  Chelsea and Haddiyah-lah rant about attitude and beauty.  Chelsea says that she thinks they are the last two who should be picked.   The challenge is presented as they exit the limo.  A production assistant has his hands full of coffee, and Chelsea steps up to help him get into the building.  She passes, and even let the guy enter the building first.  Haddiyah-lah is the next to enter the building, andshe fails the test.

“I don’t think you can measure true beauty,” Chelsea says, and Haddiyah-lah thinks real beauty is how pretty you are without makeup.  The judges rave about Chelsea’s smile and attitude, but Nole thinks she needs a “make-under” with less eye makeup.  She’s safe, and Haddiyah-lah is shocked.  The judges confront her with her bad behavior.  “Do you think you are truly a beautiful person?” Vanessa asks her before showing footage of her sneaking and temper tantrums.  “That was nothing,” Haddiayah-lah says.  “Honesty, to me, is the most important character trait,” Cheryl says, but Haddiyah-lah claims she was just bored.  She’s also taken to task for pushing past the PA with coffee and letting the door slam in his face.


“I have a big heart!” Haddiyah-lah sobs for the camera.  “I’m ready to go home,” she says.  Wonder who will be naughty and who will be nice next week?

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