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Bad Girls Club: Heated Arguments Could Lead To One Cast Member Leaving

January 06, 2009 12:00 PM by Joe Reality


After a holiday hiatus, Bad Girls Club is back on Oxygen with brand new episodes. On tonight’s episode, a shocking cliffhanger reaches its conclusion. Previously on Bad Girls Club, Kayla was being rushed to the emergency room, because she had become anxious and drank too much at an amateur strip night.

After Kayla gets back to the house, the other girls express their alarm over her behavior. When Kayla confesses her insecurities about being the “darker-skinned black girl” in the house, Tiffany takes offense and loses her patience with Kayla. As Tiffany and Kayla argue, Ailea nearly gets in a fight with Amber M.

Amber B has a blossoming romance starting with Greg, but it is being hampered by the lack of privacy in the house. Amber B and Greg wind up making out in the closet. However, Amber B is not pleased when she learns that Greg is still living with his ex-girlfriend. The other girls tell Amber B that she should break up with Greg, but instead Amber B decides to have a sleep over. Later, Amber B tells the other girls that she doesn’t trust Greg and that she didn’t “give it up.”

At a dance club, Kayla splits her dress, which leads to an outburst. Kayla insists she doesn’t want to be the “center of attention” and the star of “the Kayla show.” However, Kayla and Tiffany get into another argument, and Tiffany really lets her rage fly.

Bad Girls Club airs on Tuesday, January 6 starting at 10 PM ET/PT on Oxygen.

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One Response to “Bad Girls Club: Heated Arguments Could Lead To One Cast Member Leaving”

  1. falco21018 Says:
    March 10th, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Ailea….you’re a straight snitch. You kicked her and ratted out Whitney with no remorse. Then you didnt have the balls to fess up and admit youre a snitch. All because youre a pussy…you might come off as a being hard, but in reality youre just little pussy. you cant man up to your own stuff…what a pussy. wow.

    And for you two fat whores…Sarah and Ashley…STOP SHOWING YOUR TITS and BODIES! you are both FAT! Guys DO NOT like youre rolls!! Like in Cancun when you said the guys were loving the view while chicken fighting…HAHA they were probably cringing bcuz of your fat. Some ppl just dont understand…YOU ARE FAT!! Stop being in denial..its the truth! YOU ARE F-A-T! And the way you talk about having sex with everyone…so filthy. At least you will die within the next 10 years thanks to your vinerial diseases you all have. Damn fat, nasty whores with vaginas as loose as damn wizard’s sleeve. FAT SLUTS!! It’s so funny how yo think youre both so hot…have you looked in the mirror?? It’s not deceiving..it really is FAT. And until you realize and admit that…every guy will laugh on the inside at your rolls and fat skin hangin over them jeans. haha..its so hilarious.

    Tiffany is the SHIZNIT! The only real one on the show…shes by far the most loyal. And shes the ONLY one who’s not a slut. She’s chill as hell.

    All you others (Ailea, Ashley, Sarah) are such sluts. I know you might think its cool bcuz youre stuck in high school…but fucking anything with dick IS NOT cool. its trashy and filthy…you are all 100% TRASH!!! I think its so funny how u talk about you dont want STDs…you already have them!! its literally impossible to fuck that many ppl and not have one.


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