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13: Fear Is Real — Two Buried Alive!

January 07, 2009 07:34 PM by Ryan Haidet


In a scary twist to the reality genre, the CW has attacked the airwaves with 13: Fear Is Real. This game takes 13 brave contestants (or victims — whichever you prefer) and sets them in scary situations where they face all sorts of frightening twists and turns. After competing in a series of challenges somebody will be “killed off.” And tonight, two were buried alive to kick off a great show that any horror or reality fan can appreciate.

The brain power behind 13: Fear Is Realincludes executive producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, two men behind the Evil Dead movies — a series of horror films that have established an avid following (Raimi is also known for directing all three Spider-Man movies). At the end of it all, one person will walk away with the grand prize of $66,666 — creative, huh?

It all began with the 13 contestants riding in a bus together heading for their “final” destination in the Louisiana bayou in the middle of the night.

The bus came to a stop and the driver kicked them off, forcing them to walk the rest of the way. They grabbed their bags with no real idea where they were supposed to go. “We’re going straight into the wilderness,” said Cody, who is a self-proclaimed horror fan and professional ghosthunter. It was almost like they had been thrown into a horror movie.

After their seemingly short walk, they spotted a cabin. “This is a cozy-lookin’ little shack,” one of them said. They popped the door open and walked inside. Cody compared it to a set from a Friday the 13th movie — he loved it. But many others weren’t so thrilled with the whole thing because it was dirty and there were bugs. “It was just disgusting,” Kelly said. In a confessional, Leah admitted that she is afraid of the dark. Ummm…maybe coming on a horror-related reality show wasn’t such a good idea.

The First Frightful Task


Nasser, who goes by the name Show, rapped a little bit for everybody inside the cabin. Then something pounded on the outside of the cabin, which brought several screams. The group walked outside with flashlights in hand to see a note attached to the outside of the cabin with an ax. It said, “Answer the phone.” Moments later, the phone rang, but nobody knew where the phone was hidden. That’s when they found a secret panel in the floor. When they answered it, “The Mastermind” was on the other end. He gave them their first instructions. One person was told to stay there alone, which Cody volunteered to do. The rest of the group was told to pair up and send one member of their pair down the path.

The 13: Fear Is Realpairs were broken up like this: Erica with Ted; Ryan with Melyssa; Adam with Laura; Rodney with Leah; Nasser with Steffinnie; and Lauren with Kelly. (For more information on each of these players, visit our bio page)

The rest of the group waited back with Cody at the cabin until “The Mastermind” called back and said they all had to go to the deserted road north of the cabin immediately. “What are we getting ourselves into?” one of them asked as they walked along the path.

Moments later, the group who had left the cabin first were shown tied to chairs with blindfolds and gags on in the middle of the woods. They were all screaming for help. Their partners were forced to take video cameras and try to find their teammate. The last pair to return to the start would have a “terrible” fate to face. Since Cody was the person who volunteered to stay behind, he was the only person promised safety.


In Blair Witch Project style, the 13: Fear Is Realcontestants were running through the woods and screaming for their partner.

After several teams had already found each other and began heading back to the start, Rodney thankfully rescued Leah who was screaming and crying while she was tied to the chair. The mind games were already taking their toll on her. With all teams now back together and all partners rescued, it became a race to get back to the start. Kelly and Lauren were the last to arrive and told they were condemned to the “Execution Ceremony” where they were to face off to determine which of them would be going home first.

The Death Box


The next day, everybody seemed nice and calm. They played cornhole and sat around talking about their personal lives. Nasser, who was wandering around in the woods, found a small cage with a tape player laying on top. “I have something to show you,” the voice on the tape said. “Play this only when all of the guests are here.” So everybody gathered. They learned that inside the cage was the Death Box. Whoever has it in their possession can kill off three other guests. But they must steal the Death Box in secret and make sure nobody knows they have it in their possession. If they are discovered as the killer (having the Death Box), they are automatically sent to the Execution Ceremony. Instructions to the Death Box were inside.

Paranoia started instantly leaving the group with mixed emotions. Cody said he was going to be watching everybody closely. Leah said she was mad the box was there and wanted nothing to do with it. But one of them was ready to take on the killer’s role. Steffinnie walked back to the cage and put in the combination of 0-1-3 and opened the lock. She took the Death Box and became the first killer. She took it in pure daylight, too, which left me wondering why nobody else was watching her. With everybody so worried about it, how could they possibly let her get it so easily?!?!?! Instead of holding it in her possession, she threw the box in the woods and returned to the group at the cabin.

Moments later, Leah, who was already annoyed about the box, ran to the woods and discovered that it was gone. Instantly, everybody started pointing blame on everybody else. In a confessional, Steffinnie said that she was so terrified after taking the box. So she returned to the woods, found the box and placed it back inside the locked cage.


Shortly after, for some unknown reason, two people went back to the cage and saw that the box was back where it had started. This brought a sense of relief to the group.


The First Execution Ceremony

After the sun set, the phone rang telling Kelly and Lauren that it was time for the Execution Ceremony. They were told to walk to the end of the road and blindfold themselves. From there, the Mastermind’s minions would take over. But before they left the cabin, each was asked to take a video camera and film their final words — since one of them wouldn’t be returning.

After blindfolding themselves under the full moon, the women were led to a cemetery for the Execution Ceremony in which they were to be buried alive. They were ordered to step into a wooden coffin before them. Very apprehensively, both stepped inside and laid down. The lids were then nailed shut and lowered into the ground as the Mastermind’s minions dumped dirt on top.

Lauren was breating extremely heavy while Kelly said a prayer. Then they heard the Mastermind above them say that the first to escape would continue in the competition. The person still buried alive would be “killed off.” Each of them struggled, but Kelly escaped first by kicking out the bottom of her casket. Trembling, Kelly climbed out of the dirt, which left Lauren the first to be executed.

The Mastermind then ordered Kelly to return to the cabin and play Lauren’s final words.


After they all watched her goodbye message, they grabbed a night’s rest before a shocking morning surprise.

The next morning, three of the contestants went for a walk in the woods and saw that the Death Box had been taken by somebody else. A killer was now among them — and maybe this time, the person won’t put it back!

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

For other great 13: Fear Is Real news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: 13: Fear Is Real. Discuss on our reality TV message boards. You can read more about the spooky theme of this show along with information on the 13 contestants by checking out our13: Fear Is Real bio page.

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  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    January 7th, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I was expecting scarier things to happen in this show! It is too much like a Halloween haunted house for me, but I will continue to watch it as my children got a good kick out of it!


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