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Dancing With The Stars: Lance Bass Is Hoping For An N’ Sync Reunion

January 07, 2009 01:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Dancing With the Stars third place runner-up, Lance Bass is hoping that one day down the road, he will be re-united with his boy band N’ Sync. With all the other oldies coming together these days, why wouldn’t there be a possibility that N’ Sync may make a comeback?

Lance Bass, who is currently on the Dancing With the Stars tour spoke to Billboard and said, “You never know what the other guys are going to be able to do or what they’re thinking, but I hope in the next few years we would definitely be able to do another tour and another album.”

One reason why we don’t think this band will ever get back together for a reunion tour is that one of the members, Justin Timberlake is way too big on his own. Why would a multi-platinum recording artist, take time out from his career to re-join a boy band of days gone by? Even if the group made money, Justin Timberlake is doing just fine on his own with his tours and albums.

Still Lance Bass dreams of one day getting back together with his buddies and he said the group’s separation in 2002 is, “definitely a … very long hiatus,” which has surprised most of the group members. “We didn’t know where our different careers would take us and we especially didn’t know that Justin Timberlake’s career was gonna take off like that. There’s no way we’d ever stand in his way. We talk all the time and are always involved in each other’s careers.”

For now, Lance is focusing on a solo career and may even release an album in the near future. “I will be toying around in the studio just for fun, just to see what does work and what kind of sound I would have,” he said. He added that a solo project would “definitely be more in the rock element.”

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