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Top Chef New York Sends Two Home

January 07, 2009 09:45 PM by DA Southern


Top Chef served us up a couple of weeks off and delivered no eliminations at the last outing as we saw Hosea win his second challenge. Tonight the judges make up for it as we get a new judge, Toby Young, who looks to make it a treat for the aspiring chefs. Young is a British journalist and the author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People andThe Sound of No Hands Clappingand looks like he may just become the Simon Cowell of culinary delights. Certainly tonight Young will not endear himself to the chefs as two of our aspiring chefs go home and most of the rest of the chefs feel insulted tonight on Top Chef.

Eugene is still mad about being in the bottom three thinking he didn’t deserve to be and Hosea was still pumped snaring his second challenge as the chefs prepared for the Quickfire Challenge.

Host, Padma Lakshmi, welcomed the chefs for the Quickfire and introduced the guest judge, Jean-Christophe Novelli. She then told them that they were going to have forty-five minutes to prepare a dessert treat but that they were not going to be able to use any of the sugar in the kitchen.


Most of the chefs seemed to be able to create a dessert without too much trouble, but were having trouble with creating the dishes in the time allotted to their satisfaction. Fabio was first to present and failed to impress right away. Jean-Christophe seemed to be fairly pleased with many of the others, with Radhika seeming to have the best overall reaction from Novelli.

Jean-Christophe was least impressed with Carla and Jamie’s dessert. He then called out Radhika, Hosea and Jeff as his favorites with announced that Radhika had won immunity for the next challenge.

Padma then announced that tomorrow the next challenge would begin with the new judge, Toby Young, who would be filling in for Gail for the rest of the season. The chefs had the night off but were greeted bright and early the next morning by Head Chef, Tom Colicchio.


Tom gathered the chefs and announced that to introduce the chefs to new judge, Toby Young, that for this challenge they would be judging blind. The chefs could cook whatever they wanted and the judges would not know who would be cooking what. Colicchio then announced that two chefs would be going home and divided the chefs up into two groups and that they would be cooking in shifts and sent them out to shop.

Fabio went into full pasta mode and Radhika was determined to make it two in a row with her specialty, a fish recipe. Carla decided to “Slow it down” and got into the Zen spirit and Eugene was going with a Red Snapper recipe, which may make it difficult to be blind when it comes to his dish.


The food was served and the second-shift chefs were surprised when they discovered that they were going to be judging the first-shift chefs, which meant there was probably going to be trouble when it was their turn to cook.

The Funniest line of the night from new judge Toby Young; “The UN Inspectors were looking in the wrong place. I have found the weapons of mass destruction and they are in this dish.”

Young was brutal on most of the chefs and Fabio’s lamb dish was savaged as was Melissa’s dish when Young referred to her dish as “Tasting like cat food.”

The second-shift chefs went into cook and knew they were in for it as they now knew that their fellow chefs were to be judging them and just how brutal Toby Young was overall. The nerves were definitely on edge but the second-shift chefs seemed to be a bit more confident in their dishes.


Carla’s dish was savaged fairly quickly and Fabio played Mr Restaurant Critic and seemed to be a bit tougher on his fellow chefs than the regular judges. Ariane’s fish dish was a hit with Novelli and she seemed to be a favorite from the second-shift. Tom said that the second-shift chef’s dishes seemed to be better overall and that by having the chefs have a chance to sample their fellow chefs gave them a better idea of the mistakes they had been making.

The judges gathered at the judges table and Padma called Stefan, Jamie and Ariane in and they were announced as the top three. Jamie got her first win which pulled her out of her tail spin.

Melissa, Eugene and Carla were called in as the bottom three. Carla’s Zen-inspired risotto was picked apart and Melissa’s fish tacos were called “Uninspired” by Colicchio. Eugene’s Red Snapper was called a “Chance” by Eugene and called “Bland” by Young as lacking real creativity.


Toby Young was pulling for Eugene to stay saying that he was at least trying to be bold, but just fell down in his flavoring and the girls seem to be in danger.

At the elimination, Tom Colicchio said that Eugene was creative, but had to catch-up, Melissa was called uninspired and Carla was told that she had over thought her dish. In a surprising move, Melissa and Eugene were sent packing, leaving the wide-eyed Carla safe for another week.


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