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Supernanny Coaches the Kerns

January 09, 2009 08:31 PM by Lisa Stauber


ABC brings back new episodes of Supernanny tonight, and Jo Frost is heading to Wisconsin to help the Kern family. They have two boys, Bryce and Brandon, and a little girl, Brenna. The Kerns spend all day nagging their children with no result. The kids do what they want and don’t listen to a word Shawn and Shannon Kern say. Supernanny has her work cut out for her – can she tame the boys?

Supernanny arrives, and witnesses the usual problems of out of control children and ineffective parents. Shannon and Shawn say they are going to punish the kids, but they never actually do it. The kids have no respect for their parents or anyone else, and run into other peoples houses and play with the neighbor’s property.

The parent meeting is tense. Mom argues that she does apologize for her kids behavior, but Supernanny says she hasn’t seen it. Jo moves on to bedtime, and points out if the kids don’t get enough sleep they will be crabby.

“Let’s talk about discipline,” Jo says. She cuts right to the heart of the matter. “You’re lazy the pair of you. All you do is give idle threats,” Jo says. “I want to start working on this,” Mom says, promising to change.


Teaching Begins
“I have so many things that Mom and Dad want to change, and I think they need an aid,” Jo says. Jo brings in a huge list of what to work on. “You’re putting your energy into the wrong stuff!” She starts them working on the positive things first.

Next she gives them something to motivate the children to behave better. She sets up a routine so the children will have a choice about what activities they can do during the day, giving them some control over their schedule.

Bryce and Brandon decide to go outside and play, and Mom encourages Bryce to put his own shoes on. Brandon starts to whine, though, crying over his shoes. Mom leaves him crying on the floor and then starts throwing a fit. He’s throwing, running, screaming, and crying. Mom gives him a warning, and it’s time for a time-out. It’s the first time she’s really disciplined him and it’s not going well!

Jo takes charge and shows Mom and Dad what to do and how to be firm. Mom comes in for an apology, but Brandon is still whining about his shoes. Brandon takes himself out of time out and now he’s hitting mom. He goes back to the corner and now he’s going to be missing dinner. “Brandon has never been told no that many times,” Mom says.

It’s bedtime now, and Mom gets the other kids ready for bed. It takes two and a half hours, but Branon finally serves his time. “They followed through and stuck with it,” Supernanny says.

Teaching Continues
Shannon goes to work, and Jo sets Shawn to cooking a romantic meal. He’s got to go grocery shopping – with all the kids! They want a treat, and Jo tells Shawn that they have to earn it. Dad’s a little rusty in the romance department, and Jo has to coach him about what to buy. He does remember to get flowers!

Jo feels that an early bedtime for the kids is crucial for a romantic evening, and she coaches the Kerns on bedtime technique. She wants them to follow a routine to get the kids off to bed. Of course, the kids immediately start running around as soon as Mom and Dad go downstairs.


She introduces them to the separation technique of putting the kids back to bed over and over and over again. Dad has trouble with not talking to the kids. Brenna, the youngest, falls asleep well but the boys are gearing up for a battle. There’s light flipping, bed jumping, and running. An hour and a half later, the boys finally go to sleep and now it’s time for Shawn to surprise his wife with candles, wine, and flowers. “In almost six years he’s never cooked dinner,” she says, happily.

Left On Their Own
Supernanny reviews the DVD footage of the family, and she commends Shawn about being actively involved and playing with them. “I’ve seen an attitude change,” he says. The next clip is of Bryce climbing on the counter tops. Mom tells him to stop several times, then Dad steps in with, more threats. Jo coaches them to warn once, then follow through. Bedtime battles also continue, and Shannon threatens them over and over again with losing their bikes – again, no follow through. Supernanny thinks Shannon did a good job of putting Brenna to bed.

Bryce and Brandon still won’t mind when they play outside, and keep going into other people’s yards and garages. “We’re in for some more work here,” Jo says.

Teaching Review
Supernanny coaches Shawn on how to follow through. Bryce gets a warning right away, and Jo tells him not to give him another warning. Jo also calls over some neighbors to talk about the Kern boys always running in their yards. She wants the community to talk about respecting other people’s property. “What I wanted to do, is to introduce to the neighborhood some rules,” Jo says. She’s not just fixing the family, she’s coaching the entire neighborhood!

“This experience has changed my life,” Shawn says when Supernanny leaves. “It’s amazing!” Shannon agrees. Supernanny has helped another family and she takes her leave.

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Photos courtesy ABC/Chuck Hodes

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  1. James Says:
    July 19th, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    That family was hopeless!, the whole time she was there they didn’t learn a thing!.


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