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Game Show In My Head: Two Contestants Win Big

January 10, 2009 11:25 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on CBS’sGame Show in my Head, Joe Rogan will instruct two new contestants to complete outrageous taskswith unsuspecting strangers. Some of tonight’s challenges include having a one minute conversation with someone while using a porta-potty and getting a stranger to help transport a casket for two miles. Find out is able to talk their way into some big money…

Ron Ramsey is the first Game Show in my Head contestant on tonight’s show. His first task is to sit on a porta-potty on a busy street, open the door, and convince someone to give him reading material. Then he has to obtain tissue from someone and engage someone in a one minute conversation. Many people walk away from him disgusted, butRon finally completes his task and wins 5k.

Ron’s next task is to pretend to fall asleep next to someone in a cafe and rest his head on their shoulder for 30 seconds. He moves next to a guy and says he just needs to crash there for a second. He starts fake sleeping and as soon as he rests his head on his shoulder, the guy gets up and leaves. Then he goes over to some college girls who are a little bit more entertained and he completes the task winning another 5k.

Next he must tell some people that his wife is cheating on him and ask them to take a cell phone picture of his wife for court. He meets some ladies, points to a couple in the corner, and crawls under the table handing them his phone. They walk away. He approaches several othersand finally convinces someone to take the picture. Now he has to talk on a cell phone while asking the question, “what former boy band member brought sexy back?” He is supposed to talk so loudly that they will answer the question for him. Next, he has to get someone to spell “belligerent.” He fails at the task.

Now he must get a stranger to write down his license number and obtain a thumbprint. He must tell them he is borrowing their identity. He fails, but has a chance to double his 15k on the final challenge. Ron gets changed into a uniform and is given a broken down hearst. He has to convince someone to help him get a casket two miles down the road and he also has to get a group hug. Finally, he enlists the help of a taxi driver and they shove the casket into the back of the car and drive away. He wins 30 altogether!


The next Game Show in my Head contestant is Michael Rinzler and his task is to ask a stranger whether he wears boxers or briefs and get them to show him. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he succeeds. Next he must hand a girl his cell phone, have her convince”his girlfriend” that he was with her last night, she is too needy, and then break up with her. The first girl he asks tells him to grow a pair and do it himself. Eventually, he does complete the task and wins 5k.

Michael Rinzler’s next task is to pretend that his mother got stood up by someoneshe was supposed to meet from theinternet. He has to convince a guy to pretend he was the guy, tell her how much he makes, and take her on a short date. He has to pull some teeth, but finally convinces someone which brings his total to 15k.

He now has to convince a woman to flirt with a man whom he suspects is cheating on his wife. He needs to take three pictures of them together for proof. He gets rejected twice and finds someone who is willing, but she chickens out. Now he is given twenty dollars and has to convince a woman to sell him her shoes. He grasps at straws but most of the women won’t even give him the time of day. Finally, he does obtain a pair from a generous older lady.

Next Michael must filma smoothieinfomercialfor smoothies thatare made of horrible things like garlic, horseradish, and beets. He has to get three people to drink them and give him positive feedback on camera. He gets some willing customers, but when it comes down to it they won’t try the drink. One woman tries the first one and says it’s delicious, but can’t try the others because of their smell. Another lady tries it for him and says it’s healthy. However, he isn’t able to get a third person. He wins a total of 20k.

Game Show In My Headairs Saturdays8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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