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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Grys Family Miracle!

January 11, 2009 07:18 PM by Candace Young


On this week’s episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington and the design team are heading to Pekin, Illinois, where they will be building a new home for little Jake Grys, who has brittle bone disease and dwarfism, and his family. Also, Rib Hillis, pays a visit to the set of Dancing With the Stars and meets with Cheryl Burke for inspiration this week!

Steve Grys, a special education teacher, and his wife, Jean, have been foster parents to more than 250 children over the last 26 years. They fostered Jake before adopting him when he was three years of age. Ty Pennington explains that the house is very dangerous for little Jake Grys.

Door Knock Day

The Grys family bounds from the house to greet Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team. The Grys family explains how stressful it is worrying about Jake with all the steps in the house. Ty Pennington says ABC is sending the family to Walt Disney World!

Jake Grys gives Ty Pennington a piece of chocolate from Pekin, Illinois as a gift before they depart. Ty marvels at the way Jake scoots around, even though, in effect, he can’t do anything for himself the way the house is currently. Ty learns that Jake is a huge Disney fan.

Rib and Didiayer speak to the twin girls, Rebecca and Abby, who were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Ed speaks the the two biological Grys sons, Zach and Josh, while Michael walks through the kitchen with Jean, who mentions that Jake Grys was born with bones broken and has never known a day without pain. Michael will make an aviary for Jean’s birds, as well as do the master bedroom.


Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team meet with the huge crowd of volunteers as well as Melanie Spurgeon, owner of Design Built Homes, the local builder for the family’s new home! Ty gets Jake Grys and his family watch via video as the volunteers, and Angie, who let ABC know about the Grys family, prepare to begin the demolition. Ty Pennington asks Jake to use his magical Disney powers to start the explosives. Jake giggles and the whole family joins in to ‘blow up the house’!

Ed is preparing a yin-yang symbol for the older boys’ room and Didiayer is doing a sewing room for Abby. Ty Pennington explains that the Grys family’s new home will be about 4000 square feet. In an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition first, Michael is designing an aviary for birds – which are perched all over him as he plans!

Rib visits the set of Dancing With the Stars and meets Cheryl Burke to get inspiration for Rebecca’s dance-themed room! Back at the Grys family home, Ed explains that CVS Pharmacy very generously donated an elevator for Jake Grys! Ty is planning Jake’s room, which will incorporate his love of Disney characters!

The house is coming along wonderfully. The flooring is going down and the rooms are coming together. Michael and Didiayer are in Sears picking out televisions, appliances, and linens.


Ty Pennington announces that they have the keys and can go in. Everyone helps carry in furniture. The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition volunteers cheer wildly as the limo containing the Grys family pulls up.

The Reveal

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team, volunteers, and builders chant ‘move that bus’ along with the Grys family. The family is ecstatic when they get their first glimpse of their new home. Ty Pennington tells the Grys family to go in and check it out!


The Grys family goes inside and gasps at the sight of the huge open living space and zebra print carpet. Jake points out the breathtaking white bird aviary. Ty Pennington comes in and says that Sears has donated things in every room of the house, including the state-of-the-art appliances. Ty then takes Jake to show him the elevator – he is thrilled!

Rebecca goes to see her room first – a Dancing With the Stars theme complete with real dancing shoes! Abby falls in love with her room, which is filled with costumes, and a place for her to sew. The master bedroom is a sanctuary in cool colors. The older boys are next – they are stoked to get their ‘chillax’ lounge room and their own spaces! They are moved when Jake makes his first trip down in the elevator!

Ty Pennington then takes Jake to see his room – Ty’s special project. The little guy is tickled to see that everything is down low within his reach, and he even has a bed on the floor, so he can safely sleep alone. Ty next takes them into his washroom where there is a lift for the shower, and a toilet in the floor for Jake to have his independence. The parents marvel that he’ll be able to wash and brush his teeth on his own. The piece de resistance – Jake has his own mini-swimming pool that he can access with a small lift – again, all courtesy of CVS Pharmacy.

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team and Ty Pennington gather with the Grys family. Steve says this new home will give Jake his independence and will also allow them to bring in more foster children. They all agree that Jake is a miracle – and this is also a miracle!

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