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The Bachelor: Talk Show Host Bonnie Hunt Welcomes The Newest Bachelor, Jason Mesnick To Her Show

January 11, 2009 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Talk show host, Bonnie Hunt willsit downwith The Bachelor’s, Jason Mesnick on Monday and discuss his quest for love and how he chose between the last two women. She will even try to predict the girl who won his heart.

Bonnie Hunt, who has been known to talk to her audience about anything and everything that is on her mind, will put Jason Mesnick in the hot seat as she tries to get him to reveal who won his heart in the end.


Bonnie, tries tocatch Jason Mesnick in a trap,saying, “Nikki. That’s who I think you are going to end up with.”

“Nikki stood out to me right away,” Jason responds. “She and I had great chemistry. I remember her when she got out of the limo. She was so easy to talk to, she had this little quiver in her cheek.”

Bonnie Hunt, doesn’t fall for thateasy answer from her guest,and says, “I changed my mind because I fell for that little “Bachelor” trick where they make you think she is the girl. You are going to end up with Melissa.”

Jason’s response, “Really!”

Bonnie is able to get Jason Mesnick to open up about his final decision and he admits that it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. “I really honestly did fall in love with two girls,” he said. “It really, really, really was the biggest rollercoaster day of my life. I was up all night. It’s really thinking what’s in your head, what’s in your heart, what’s in your soul, what’s in your gut and really following all those things at the same time.”

Jason also explains that during the filming of The Bachelor, he was not even allowed to call his family and ask them for their advice and hehas decided not to watch all of the episodes of the show. He says, “I think it’s probably best, in my opinion, that the episodes aren’t watch so closely because there are genuine feelings that happen between me and other girls. It is just the way it works. If I didn’t open up my heart to do that, how can I make a real decision?”

Bonnie Hunt, not being one to sit back and let one last opportunity to go to waste replies, “Well I hope you and Melissa are really happy together.”

The Bachelor episode of the Bonnie Hunt Show airs Monday, January 12 and you can log on to bonniehunt.com for stations and times.

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Photo Credit: Eliminparcial and ABC

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