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Momma’s Boys Goes Tropical and Eliminates Three More

January 12, 2009 10:07 PM by DA Southern


NBC Momma’s Boys heads to the beautiful US Virgin Islands for what looks to be the final stages of a fierce battle between the girls for the affections of our three eligible bachelors and, of course, their moms. With the sun and fun of the tropics, Momma’s Boys is finishing with a flurry of energy. For those keeping score at home, the girls making the trip are Nikki, Mindy, Meghan, Lauren, Julie, Erica, Camilla and Amanda.

Lorraine was not thrilled with Meghan, Michael’s choice for the trip to Paradise, thinking that she was not wholesome enough for Michael. Esther was having her own issues with Rob’s choices for the trip and Mrs B was up to her usual shenanigans saying that Paradise “was hell” as she tried to stay as close to Jojo as possible so as to disrupt any romantic notions.

The dates started and Michael immediately irritated Lorraine by picking Meghan for his first date in the tropics. Meghan was upfront with Michael saying that she knew hat Lorraine was not thrilled with her and even Michael was struggling with the idea of her being accepted. As the romance was blooming on the beach, Lorraine was pouring out her heart to Erica, her choice for Michael, about how she wanted Erica to be with her son.


Jojo was next to make his mother mad, but with Mrs B, that was not a tall order. Jojo was out with Mindy and the conversation did not take long to get to the behavior of his mother. Jojo was very insistent that he could stand up to his mother and that he was falling for Mindy saying that “she is the girl he has been waiting for his whole life.” By the end of the date, Jojo said that he knew that there was going to be trouble since he was falling for Mindy and was worried about the inevitable confrontation with his mom.

Rob was off on his date with Camilla and the two were having quite a different date as Rob was not as flamboyant as the other two in his dating style. Rob eventually went about the process of romance as the two kissed passionately during the shopping excursion. Esther was sure it was purely a “friendship” date and that she was too tall for Rob, of all things.


Camilla and Rob did have a discussion of the cultural differences over a dinner, but Rob was not worried saying that he could deal with Esther. When Camilla returned from her date, Esther turned into Mrs B as she drilled Camilla about all of the activities of the day with her son even insulting Camilla by saying that she did not know Rob well enough to buy him clothes that he liked.

Michael went with Amanda on a date and they were off to go scuba diving together. They were the off to a romantic dinner and Amanda was ardently pursuing Michael and Michael finally gave in and seemed to connect with her in the end.

Moms were into talk to their sons before the elimination and Esther was first in to talk to Rob, desperately pushing Lauren over Camilla telling him that Camilla was “just a friend.” Lorraine, too, was pushing Michael telling him to send Meghan home saying she was “unpolished” telling him not to get “caught up in paradise.” Lorraine even resorted to tears as she talked about how important it was to send Meghan home over Erica.


Elimination night was on hand and it was not going to get any easier as the girls were all fighting to make their final impression on the boys and their moms. Lorraine started by telling the girls that the elimination was different tonight telling the girls that the moms were each choosing a girl for a final date and then the boys would send one of the remaining two home.

Lorraine was first to choose and, no surprise, chose Erica for the final date with Michael, not knowing that a powder-keg of a secret lurked underneath; Erica’s Penthouse of the Year cover. Esther chose her favorite, Lauren, and Mrs B once again, said that neither of the girls were good enough for her son, in what is turning out to be a very sick relationship on display between her and Jojo.

Michael was first to choose his girl to continue the journey with him and said that he could not make a decision for himself and decided to rely on his mother’s choice and sent Meghan home, choosing Amanda to stay. Lorraine was all smiles as she said that she was “proud of him” because he valued her opinion.

The most surprising choice was from Rob, who actually developed a spine and went against Esther by deciding to keep Camilla over Nikki to stay in the tropics with him. Esther was visibly upset with his decision saying how “disappointed” she was with him.


Finally Jojo, who was quivering as he proclaimed that he “was not afraid to proclaim to the whole world that he had fallen for Mindy,” sent Julie packing, upsetting Mrs B as she was sure he would succumb to her wishes and send both of the girls home. Jojo knew he was in for it and Mrs B indicated as much when she said, “What in the hell is wrong with Jojo.”

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In the Momma’s Boys finale next week, Mrs B takes the sick relationship to the max by looking like she will make Jojo actually choose between her and the final girl as the boys all make the final decision that will decide their futures between them and the girls and their moms.

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