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The Bachelor: One Bachelorette Leaves The Show

January 12, 2009 09:57 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on ABC’s special two hour edition of TheBachelor, the ladies will be moving into their bachelorette mansion. With drama brewing in the house, Jason Mesnick will choose two ladies for his first one-on-one dates. Things get heated up whenfive ladies receive no date opportunities with Jason,and one bachelorette even leaves the show. Find outwhat happened…

Jason Mesnick has to send Ty home to spend some time with his mother for a couple of weeks. The bachelorettes pull up to their new home and immediately take off running to check it out. Chris Harrison assembles them in the living room and tells them there will be single and group dates coming up. There will be a rose at each date, and if you are given it then you are safe. He also tells them that not every girl will get to go on a date with Jason each week.

The girls are hanging out in the pool, whenthe bachelormakes a surprise visit to hang out. Jason immediately says he’d like to speak with Megan to see how she was doing after getting voted out last week. Later on, he walks to the edge of the pool and takes off his shirt. You could hear the sound of jaws dropping all across the country. He makes another connection with Jillian (hot dog girl) and they have a lot of fun together. Shannon (stalker girl) goes right for the kill and massages sunblock on his back.


Later that afternoon, there is a ring at the door. There is a single rose and a letter for Jason. It instructs him to give the rose to the person he would like to have a one on one date with that evening. He decides to move it away from everyone for awhile so that they don’t get nervous. Lauren seeks some advice from Jason about how to make it through the first couple of weeks and he sets her mind at ease. Shannon starts to get a little bit jealous of Naomi’s time with him and starts throwing ice cubes at them.

Stephanie finally gets some guts, some drinks, and then interrupts Natalie and Jason’s alone time. She feels bad and then tells him just to come and talk to her when he’s done. Jason goes to get the rose and gives it to Jillian. They immediately leave to get ready for their date. Natalie runs to the bathroom and starts crying, Raquel goes to console her. Next thing you know, they hop in the limo and drive away.


They arrive at Disney Hall and have champagne on the rooftop. Eventually they go inside and they sit down for a private performance by Robin Thicke. They dance and have a great time. Back at the house, the girls are stewing over what is happening. They receive a letter from Jason requesting a date with Melissa tomorrow. Jillian and Jason start slow dancing and they kiss (a couple times). As soon as Jillian gets back to the house, the girls ask her if she kissed Jason and she admits to it.

The next day, Melissa meets Jason at the beach for their date. Jason is impressed that she wants to be a first grade teacher and is happy that she is more mature than he thought she would be. They have a picnic on the beach and a blimp comes by with a digital message. It says “hello Melissa.” Jason tells her to ask it a question. She asks if she will get a rose and it says “too early to tell.” Then she asked if she would get a kiss, and it said “signs point to yes.” They kiss and then it asks if they want to take a ride. He gives her the rose up in the blimp and they kiss for awhile.


Another doorbell rings at the house, and the girls are told who will be on the group date. It says, “lets put the glam in Hollywood glamour.” The next day, Jason brings them to a store and tells them to pick out outfits for the evening. Later, they arrive at a hotel that overlooks Hollywood. There’s a pool on the roof and after it gets dark they all go for a swim. Jason says they should do a talent show and he does some beat boxing. Molly tells him that she needs to show him her talent in private – of course, she tells him its kissing. So they kiss. (blah, blah, and a big fat cheesy blah) Nikki gets a little bit upset and her and Jason have a talk. Nikki tells him that she’s concerned alot of the girls aren’t ready to be a mom, but she doesn’t name anyone.Naomi steals him and they kiss too! (Jason, from dad to player in one week flat!) Later on, Jason gives the rose to Molly, much to Naomi’s dismay and tears. When Jason brings the girls back to the house, Raquel sneaks inside his car so she can talk to him. She tells him that she wants to stay, and she will be there as long as he wants her to be.


It comes down to the night of the rose ceremony andthe bachelor is trying to talk with the girls he wasn’t able to have dates with. Lauren tells him that she wishes that he would initiate the conversations sometimes, and he tells her that he is doing the best he can. Shannon and Jason sit by the fire and she throws out some more facts about his family. She tries to ask him a question and keeps saying that he’s cute and can’t get out the question. (oh…isn’t that sweet?) Megan and Stephanie (single moms) are both worried that they didn’t get any alone time with Jason. Some of the girls talk to Stephanie about her life and they start crying when she tells him the story of her husband.


Finally, Stephanie takes Jason aside and they have a chat. Lisa tells him that her grandmother is terminally ill and that she is going home. Jason takes her into the living room to make the announcement. He is sad but understands. Megan finally gets some time with him, but Molly (who already has a rose) steals him away. All of the girls think that it was dirty what Molly did. Erica agreed but then told Molly that she had her back. Megan confronted her and some drama ensues! Erica tries to make Megan look like the bad person.

It’s time for Jason to make a decision and he tells Chris that it is getting hard to talk with the girls when they keep interrupting him. They discuss some of the girls and then it’s time for the rose ceremony. The first girl called is Megan, followed by Nikki, Lauren, Naomi, Stephanie, Kari, Natalie, Shannon, and last but not least Erica. Raquel and Sharon (the one who quit her job) go home.


The Bachelor airs on Mondays from 8 PM to10 PM ETon ABC.

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Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Larkey

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