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True Beauty: Shopping Sprees and Sex Appeals

January 12, 2009 10:21 PM by Lisa Stauber


ABC is airing the second installment of their new reality show, True Beauty tonight. The contestants think they are competing to see who is the most beautiful person in America – but they are also being judged on their character and inner beauty. Last week, shallow bad girl Haddiyah-lah Sa’id went home, after watching herself on hidden camera look through private files and talk trash about other characters. Who’s going to behave badly this week?

No one in the house likes Texas beauty queen Julia, and she’s not exactly the most thoughtful of the lot. She’s already moved her things into Chelsea’s area because she was banking on blonde, not-quite symmetrical Chelsea going home. Now she has to sneak upstairs and cover her tracks. Meanwhile, the other ladies seem to hate Chelsea also. “She’s so stupid,” Monique says. “Bee-yotch!” says Laura. The guys hate her too. “God, if your up there, send this girl home!” Joel says.

As soon as Chelsea walks in, Laura is full of compliments. “Your boobs look fabulous!” she says. Julia is looking for her lost jeans, and asks Chelsea if she can rifle through her suitcase. She claims some jeans in Chelsea’s suitcase are hers and lays claim to them. “If she’s gonna fight that hard for a pair of jeans, then she can have them!” Chelsea says.

Billy owns a vitamin store, and he loves his supplements. He keeps offering his housemates protein shakes, but they don’t really want to try it. He’s driving his housemates nuts talking about vitamins. Monique has her own quirks, namely, a wig she calls “Giselle”.

Challenge Time
The new challenge is to take the contestants shopping, supposedly to judge their fashion sense. Really, they are going to be looking for their manners and charity. They’re going shopping on Melrose Place, and each team of three gets $100. Ashley brought $40,000 worth of clothes to the show, and she’s not sure how to make a hundred bucks stretch among three people. Can they get a million dollar look for less?


Laura’s strategy is to go to small boutiques and show off her cleavage to get some things for free. Ray plans to use his sex appeal to get everything he wants for free. CJ is trying to talk his team into making up a charity to drum “I would never go along with it,” Chelsea says. “It’s not right!”. Ashley thinks it’s a great idea, though.

The teams are allowed to get clothes from stores – or people on the street. There is also an actor who will pretend to be soliciting donations for charity.

Laura, Monique, and Billy hit up the managers and claim that they are going to a major Hollywood party and simply want to borrow the clothes and will mail them back. The manager goes for it and gives them what they want. They’ve spent no money and all they need are shoes. Laura flirts a little and nabs a free pair of shoes. They pass the charity table, and all three donate some money. They passed the test!

CJ, Ashley, and Chelsea set off with their false charity scam. “They were going around lying about charities, and I stayed out of it,” Chelsea says. One man on the street gives them the shirt off his back, while Chelsea tries to hustle the team along to prevent them from scamming the pedestrians. The judges are watching. “Ashley looks really cute,” Nole Marin says, “but she’s really ugly inside.”

Chelsea begs the group to stop scamming, and CJ changes his mind and stops. Ashley is shaking down the bystanders left and right. “You bitch!” she screams at Chelsea inside a store, when Chelsea picks a dress that is similar to one Ashley wanted to try on. CJ wears a size 13 shoe, and he’s worried he won’t be able to find a pair. Chelsea and Ashley both walk right by the charity table, but CJ gives a little cash.

Monique, Ray, and Joel decide to flirt their way into a new outfit. She trade her jeans for a dress and begs for some free clothes. They also hit up some pedestrians for cash. Ray and Monique can’t be bothered to donate to charity, but Joel drops a few bucks.

The Party
Ashley helps Chelsea alter her dress, but thinks she looks terrible. Billy decides to copy Nole’s style. He’s discovered tucked, colored shirts are in and so are sports coats. He can’t go wrong copying a style guru, right? CJ is wearing brown pants and a white shirt – and that’s it! They couldn’t find – or afford – shoes.


Ray went with a vest, while most of the women go for little black dresses. “Monique looked like a hot mess,” Ashley says. CJ arrives, barefoot, and enters from stage right so he won’t hurt his feet on the stairs. Julia arrives in style in a red geometric print and uses every pageant posing trick she knows. Laura wears a short tube dress, and Billy matches in a red shirt and black jacket with jeans.

Judgement Time
The winner will get a $5,000 shopping spree. Each contestant will get a price tag rating their look – the million dollar look will get a million dollar tag. The two contestants that receive the $10 price tag will go to the Hall of Beauty.

Nole tells Laura she needs different earrings, but she’s safe. Julia has a $500,000 look, and Joel gets $750,000. Billy wins the million dollar prize and a shopping spree. Copy catting paid off! Monique gets $10k, and Ray gets a measly $1,000. CJ gets a $10 tag and so does Ashley. Chelsea squeaks through another week. Nole actually calls Ashley “too average.”

After the party, CJ confronts Chelsea about her passing, after Ashley helped her with her dress. Chelsea doesn’t have an answer, insisting she came up with the look. “I shouldn’t go home, because I’m obviously beautiful,” Ashley says. “Unfortunately I had to go and be nice, and she didn’t look like a whore.”

Hall of Beauty
“There’s so much that needs to change,” Nole says of CJ’s inner beauty. “She is just a beautiful girl,” Nole says, disappointed that Ashley failed the honesty challenge and the charity challenge. They decide to give them a final, hidden challenge. A bike rider will crash right in front of them as they head to the Hall of Beauty, and how they react will show their True Beauty.


CJ is wearing a plain white T-shirt and jeans, but helps the bike messenger up. Ashley is beautiful in a white designer dress, but we don’t get to see what she did with the bike messenger just yet.

“We would love to hear from you guys why you should stay,” Vanessa says.

“I’m the all-American look, I’m the whole package,” Ashley says. CJ says only true beauty can be measured, and that the outside matters. Nole takes him down a notch, saying he’s disrespectful for not even trying to look good.

The judges decide that Ashley will be going home, and confront her with her bad behavior. They show her the scamming she did, and she watches as she passes by the charity table. She doesn’t even say a word to the bike messenger who crashes at her feet. “CJ helped him, and you didn’t. True Beauty comes from within,” Vanessa says. “Goodbye Ashley.”

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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One Response to “True Beauty: Shopping Sprees and Sex Appeals”

  1. susanne Says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 9:40 am

    This show, True Beauty, it surprises me.
    It surprises me that these are the people they came up with across the whole country.
    I am a chic and I do not think any of the guys are amazing. Not that they are not attractive, of course they are.
    I can’t stomach that really conceited one who scored high on the scientific test for beauty. He is outright sickening. And I think his looks are nothing unique or special….run of the mill stupid jock.
    The Idaho guy is at least a real nice guy and the Black guy, he’s a nice guy. The girls are a whole other story. I am glad they voted off the Black chic: she was not even attractive. I am glad they voted off the blond last night. The lanky androgenous one is sickening: she is not that pretty: just a good palette for makeup and a good dummy for clothes. The pagent contestant is silly but at least she is a little bit likable. The cute brunette is hatefully personality-wise.
    I am here to tell you that I only see star quality in one of these people and felt that way from the first:
    Laura. She’s got the bling. She is really not as bad as she tries to come across. She is the cutest one. She is funny as heck and I only find something special in her.
    I hope she wins this dumb thing.
    And next time I hope they find some better looking men.


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