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Superstars of Dance: Semi-Finals

January 13, 2009 09:24 AM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Superstars of Dance, the dancers had entered the semi-finals of the show! The teams had to kick it up a notch to stay in the game and unfortunately, Australia loses their soloist! The show was actually easier to watch this week, but I cannot believe a show of this calibre has such poor staging! Honestly, I have been to better year end dance recitals that have better lighting and more creative sets that are made by students and their families.

Group Australia hit the floor first literally. The team danced to a song that had 5 words in it…Power To The People. I am guessing that must be the name of the song? Their routine began interesting, but after a minute of watching the group roll around on the floor, spin and jump over one another I was bored. I wanted to literally jump up to the television and rip the jackets off of the dancers as they were distracting and took away from their performance. Michael Flatley said that their routine was a brilliant way to open the show and if that is the case, I can tell you right now, that it isn’t going to get any better than this folks!
They received 62


The duo of Damien O’Kane and Bernadette Flynn from Ireland were next. They have been dancing together for 10 years and are actually married. Their routine lacked the passion that I was hoping to see. The judges compared Damien to Michael Flatley which I didn’t thinkwas fair as I have seen Michael Flatley dance and no one will ever be able to touch him! The Russian judge said he had a bad dream last night. When he had given the Irish team a 7, the Irish judge got up and smacked him in the face. He gave the duo a 9 and the Irish judge blew him a kiss.
They received 58

Solist MariaKochetkova from Russia performed a traditional Russian ballet. Her costume was beautiful, complete with tutu and tiara. She has a beautiful grace on the stage andwas very clean and precise in her movements. She received all 9′s. The floor seemed to be slippery, but she was able to keep from slipping! She definately won’t be going to Siberia tonight!
She received 63

Solist Robert Muraine from USA came out to pop for us again. This type of street dance looks painful. I loved it. I was thinking that his routine would be the same as last week as he doesn’t choreograph his routines and his routines are freestyle. The Russian judge said that he thinks he knows whatRobert’s dance is about. He saidif he consumes too many Russian beverages at night he feels to dance like that the next morning.
He received 61

Group South Africa, Umojo, performed a Zulu pre-hunting/war dance tonight. They had four guys playing drums while the rest danced. There was also singing and vocalizing. It was very interesting to watch.
They received 58


The duo of Miriam Larici and Leonard Barrionuevo from Argentina danced a dramatic Tango. Miriam is way above Leonard with her experience and it showed in this piece. She was on fire, but he lacked the experience to handle her. It looked like a young man who was having his first relationship with a much more experienced woman! The Russian judge, who you must know by now I favor, said that he loved the dance and was going to have the Russian president show the routine on the Russian television for a couple of months and the population of Russia will probably double!
They received 63

Soloist Amrapali Ambegaokar from India performed a Northern Indian routine with bells around her ankles. Her spinswere precise and her personality on stagewas captivating, but once again, the dance lacked choreography and bored me after a minute. The Russian judge said he loved the dancing and the costume, but most of all he loved the Indian rap music she was dancing to.
She received 59


Soloist Reed Luplau from Australia performed a modern rock piece this week. I still think that he could give the dancers a go on So You Think You Dance. Very acrobatic with high flexible kicks and jumps! W-O-W.
He received 58??

The Australian solist had to leave the show after his routine as he scored one less point to the Indian soloist.

The next duo was from Victor Da Silvaand Claudia Savvides of South Africa. Theyperformed a Pasadoble type routine with many technical lifts, including a helicopter spin. His strength was incredible, but he had some transitional difficulites with his lifts.
They received 59

Team USA were back with their Groovaloos. This show is consistently saving the best for last! They have a theme this week with their routine…rush hour! People were on the subway, going to work and even tuning up their robot! I especially liked break time when the hip hoppers came on the scene! It was very creative choreography and the dancing was amazing. The group had a perfect combination of dance steps, tricks and synchronization! Bravo to USA!
The received 66

Well, I will have to take back my wordsfrom the beginning of this recap, that Superstars of Dance probably won’t get better than the first routine…it did!

The master score board this week stands at:

USA 363
Australia 355
South Africa 346
Ireland 293
Argentina 291
Russia 291
India 284
China 221

Superstars of Dance will return next week at 8 PM ET on NBC. The show is still not my cup of tea, but either I am getting accustomed to the format of the show or it is actually getting better!

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Photo Credits: NBC

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