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The Biggest Loser Couples Sends The Oldest Home

January 13, 2009 08:28 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Couples, minus all but two actual couples, gets down to serious business as each of the teams work at losing weight without their partners at staying on the ranch for thirty days; the amount of time host Alison Sweeney told then they would have to remain at the ranch for their partner to return. With the stakes so high, the pressure to lose has never been greater for The Biggest Loser contestants.

Each of the remaining members of the couples pledged to be the last one standing at the ranch as we watched the other members of the couples go home to train for their journey back to the ranch. As the home-bound couples cleaned out their refrigerators and set a course on training, the losers at the ranch were embarking on their next challenge.

Host Alison Sweeney told the losers that this was a game of choices and lined the losers up at a line and started offering money to the losers to leave the game. Alison’s last offer was $25,000 dollars of cold hard cash and you saw Joelle struggling with turning down the cash saying that, “In Detroit, you can get a house for $5000.” One final offer and, with no takers, the losers were off to the gym.


Bob came in to look at this team and neither of the trainers seemed pleased with the absence of their other team members. Jillian and Bob both gave the remaining team members a pep talk about not letting their team members down, especially Joelle, who was tempted to take the money and run. After Bob determined where her head was, he knew she would be a challenge because of her mindset.

The trainers both lamented the dreaded “Week Two Curse” as they trained the losers. Week two is typically the time where the fantastic weight-loss of week one gives way to the mediocre weight loss of week two as the contestant’s bodies start to resist the exercise. Joelle was on everybody’s radar as she continued to make excuses not to exercise and Bob’s patience seemed to wear thin. In a quick look at some of the home-bound losers, it was evident that many of them were being pretty aggressive in their training to get back to the ranch and probably Joelle’s partner was going to be disappointed.


The losers were out on a boat and told they were going to race in kayaks for a quarter of a mile and then race to the top of a mountain for immunity and a phone cal home. Joelle was not impressed with the phone call home, still lamenting the $25,000 offer she turned down.

Many of the losers struggled with the kayaks with Blaine of the Black team pushing to the shore first, followed closely by Green team member, Tara. In a surprise move, Tara decided to jog to open up a lead between her and Blain, knowing that it was a now or never situation for her to win immunity. Blaine made a desperate attempt to catch her and shut down when he realized he would not catch her.

The final two winners of the phone call home were Yellow team member, Mandy and Pink team member, Helen. The final one up the mountain was Orange team member, Daniel the heaviest player to ever grace the ranch who was penalized an extra pound at the weigh-in.

After the emotional phone calls home, the last chance work outs commenced and we saw Bob finally pushed to his limit by Joelle’s total lack of commitment to the workout. Bob and Jillian were totally committed to breaking the “Week Two Curse” and trained the losers with reckless abandon. Joelle was continuing to torture Bob and finally Bob could take it no longer and let lose a flurry of curse words towards her that stunned everybody, including Jillian who had never seen Bob lose his cool like that. After a heated exchange between Joelle and Bob, she finally gave him the thirty seconds he wanted on the treadmill.

The Weigh-In:

Alison said that two people would go below the yellow line and the remaining would then choose who is sent home.

Green Team, Tara, had immunity, lost 1 pound; Thank goodness for immunity.
Black Team, Blaine lost 16 pounds, Dane lost 14 pounds, for 30 pounds total lost, 4.04%
Yellow Team, Mandy lost 6 lbs, 2.39%
Pink Team, Helen lost 8 pounds, 3.27%
Brown Team, Mike lost 7 pounds and Ron lost 12 pounds, 2.49%
Red Team, Damien lost 9 pounds, 2.47%
Purple Team, Kristin lost 10 pounds, 2.93%
Blue Team, Filipe lost 9 pounds, 2.59%
Grey Team, Joelle lost 2 pounds, .68%
White Team, Jerry lost 1 pound, .29%
Orange Team, Daniel lost 3 pounds, .47%

Jerry and Daniel were sent below the yellow line as the remaining teams were sent to decide the fate of one of the players. The players struggled with the decision and Ron was adamant in his feeling to the others that Dan needed to stay in the game because he had always been heavy but that Jerry had once been thin and had an image to go back to.

It was actually refreshing to see thoughtful consideration to the elimination of a contestant as opposed to the cut-throat tactics of last season.


At the elimination, Alison quickly got into the votes. Jerry got all of the votes as the players thought that Daniel needed to have a chance to see old age and would have the best chance to succeed by staying at the ranch.

Since leaving the ranch, Stella has fallen below the 200 pound mark and Jerry has lost 84 pounds and wants to be in contention for the winner of the eliminated contestants.

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