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13: Fear Is Real — Snakes & Flooding Boats

January 14, 2009 07:57 PM by Ryan Haidet


Back in the Louisiana Bayou, the 12 remaining players on 13: Fear Is Real were paranoid that the Death Box had been taken. Laura, Nasser and Rodney discovered that the box was missing, which meant a killer was on the loose within their group. And that’s when the accusations started flying again. It could be Leah. It could be Rodney. It could be Laura. Nasser was really on the hunt to find out who the killer’s identity — and he had his mind set on one particular person.

“Knowing that the killer is out there is so disturbing,” Nasser said in a confessional. “I’ve been on a mission to figure it out.” Especially suspicious of Laura, he went to her and asked if she had taken the Death Box. She denied it and Nasser felt she was lying. “Dishonesty is one of the tell-tale signs that somebody is willing to steal the Death Box and hold onto it and kill people in silence.”

Nasser went back into the cabin and told everybody in the group that he was definitely sure that Laura was the one responsible for taking the Death Box.

In an apparent attempt to clear his head, he walked to the woods alone when he heard the Mastermind’s voice over a loudspeaker. “Nasser, be warned. Accusing someone of having the Death Box is not something to take lightly. To make a formal accusation you must get everyone to agree. If you are wrong, you will face dire consequences.”

The Mastermind, for those of you who haven’t seen the new scary CW show, is the host only known by his voice. He often — so often it’s irritating — talks to the group via loudspeakers planted all around their cabin. He’s the one who keeps things organized and gives the group their orders.

Laura Accused

Anywho, Nasser walked back to the cabin and called everybody outside to make an accusation. He made the formal accusation that Laura was the killer because she kept on changing her story.

After the accusation, the Mastermind spoke up. “Nasser you are wrong — Laura does not have the Death Box. I warned you and since you foolishly took matters into your own hands, I am condemning you to the Execution Ceremony. Let this be a lesson to all of you.”

A Hidden Identity

In a confessional, the killer’s face and voice were disguised as the person said, “I’m the killer and I’m laughing inside because nobody knows it’s me. But I gotta keep a poker face. I don’t want anyone to see me smiling so I just try to blend in and be myself like I am around them the whole time.”

Night fell and the group was hanging out around the cabin and discussed Nasser’s accusation. Then the phone rang. On the other end, the Mastermind told the group it was time for their next ritual. Nasser would not be participating since he was already condemned to the Execution Ceremony. The Mastermind ordered one more player to stay behind in the cabin with him — that was Erica. The rest of them divided into pairs and were told the Mastermind’s minions would be picking them up at the water’s edge to take them on a boat ride.

Slithering Snakes, Dark Waters & Flooding Boats, Oh My!

Everybody was nervous about the challenge saying they were afraid of snakes and can’t swim. Steffinnie said that she felt she may be the weakest link out there since one of her biggest fears is drowning. She was worried she might mess up the ritual and face execution.


The pairs were broken up like this:

  • Cody and Kelly
  • Ryan and Melyssa.
  • Laura and Adam
  • Rodney and Ted
  • Steffinnie and Leah.

Steffinnie really started to panic saying that she really can’t swim and was afraid to participate. When the pairs arrived at the water’s edge, they put blindfolds and life jackets on as the Mastermind’s minions popped out and placed each of them on a small boat. As they floated along the dark, black water under the moonlight, everybody was quiet. Then each group was separated from the rest and dropped off in their own boat in the middle of a swamp.

In the middle of each pair’s boat was a box. The Mastermind came over a loudspeaker and told the group that the water they’re floating on is filled with leeches, snakes and alligators. He also told them there was a flag in their boat — the first person to raise their flag will signal a desire to return to shore, which means that team loses the ritual and faces execution.

The mental anguish started to set in on the contestants as they started hearing noises and seeing things. The task started out relatively simple — just chill and not freak out.

Then the Mastermind ordered each boat to open the box in front of them — screams filled the air as they all revealed snakes inside a glass case. Then the Mastermind told each team to pull some plugs that were in their boats, which meant the boats would start filling with water. But to be able to bail their boat out, they had to reach inside the snake’s box and get an empty bucket. Steffinnie started panicking and screaming like crazy.

Then the Mastermind ordered at least one person from each team to reach into the box and hold two snakes above their head. Really? That’s it? Holding snakes? It could be so much worse.

As Laura held her snakes above her head she said that they were biting her. Moments later she threw the slithering creatures out of her hands and raised her flag. She and her partner Adam were then condemned to the next Execution Ceremony where they would face off against Nasser with one of them getting killed off.

Execution Ceremony Fears

Back at the cabin, Steffinnie was so relieved that she had made it through her two biggest fears — snakes and drowning. “I have much more confidence now,” she said.

Laura said she was upset and sad that she couldn’t handle it and raised her flag. “My biggest obstacle to overcome right now is just being able to not panic about what’s going to happen next. I’m a girl going up against two large guys (in the Execution Ceremony). I’m scared.”

The next day, the group was outside discussing the Death Box. Fingers started getting pointed again with Erica and Ted getting into a small fight. He said he felt he knew the killer’s identity, but Erica felt it could be him. That’s when another disguised confessional with the killer came up. “They still have no clue that I’m the killer,” the person taunted. “The crazier they get, the easier they make it for me. I’m totally excited to get somebody. I want to get somebody and I’m gonna get somebody.”

Chained Up & Caged

The phone rang and it was the Mastermind telling Nasser, Laura and Adam to film their final words before walking north into the woods until they find an abandoned shipping container. Before leaving, Adam said in a confessional that he hopes Nasser would be the one killed off because he’s really good friends with Laura.

The three of them joined and arrived at the Execution Ceremony where they found a shipping container filled with chains. The Mastermind told them all to line up and put on a blindfold. Then the minions came inside and chained them up and placed a metal cage on their heads. It was clamped around their necks and chained to the walls. Then they had to figure out how to remove the cage and find the key to open the final lock. Each then took off their blindfolds and were told that if they were the last to escape, rats would be let loose inside their metal face cage, thus eliminating them from the competition. Or as the Mastermind likes to put it — killed off.

Laura was having a difficult time and started squeling for help from Adam. She was asking about how to get her chains off. Adam didn’t respond to her cries for help as he struggled to escape from his chains. Moments later, both Nasser and Adam got the metal cages off of their heads as Laura struggled. Nasser was the first out of the shipping crate and he ran off back to the cabin. Adam was the next to completely escape. Laura was left behind screaming and became the second person killed off of 13: Fear Is Real.


Next week on 13: Fear Is Real, the preview teased that the killer among the group takes a first victim.

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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