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American Idol: Randy Jackson Gives Simon Cowell Love Advice

January 14, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


American Idol judge, Randy Jackson visited Ellen DeGeneres this week and he had plenty to sayaboutfellow judge, Simon Cowell and his lack of a love life.

“Simon, dude, he needs the right girl,” Randy Jackson told Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. “I just keep saying to him, ‘I mean, dude, if you keep showing these shots on the jet ski baring your chest, you’re not going to find the right girl.”Randy Jackson said that that Simon Cowell needs some wingmen to help him, much like he does during the American Idolbroadcasts.

“I think he should hang out with you and I,” Randy Jackson said adding, “We should take him out to a nightclub and just see how he navigates. Is he, like, stuck on the wall or does he actually talk to people?” [His] social skills need some work.”

Ellen DeGeneres agreed with Randy Jacksonand said that she doesn’t think that Simon Cowellputs himself out there enough.

Randy Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres also thought that Simon Cowell needed to find a lady love his own age suggesting perhaps he date Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers, Betty White, Liza Minnelli or Ellen DeGeneres’ mother Betty DeGeneres which she later took back saying, “Mama D is too innocent for him.”

They did agree though on one of the above ladies…Joan Rivers! Randy said, “She would be honest with him,” and Ellen said that with his and her botox injections they would be a match made in heaven!

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