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American Idol Season 8: The Auditions Continue In Kansas

January 14, 2009 09:51 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last night American Idol went to Phoenix and tonight the judges venture to Kansas City. This is where season 7 American Idol winner,David Cook is from. Will Kansas City be able to do it again? With 11,000 people in the crowd everyone had was eager to get down to business. As Paula Abdul stepped out of the limo, she was surprised by American Idol season 7 alum, Jason Castro. His brother Michaelis trying out for the show!

First up tonight was 20 year old Chelsea whois in a varsity choir. She was a cute little thing, with a horrible voice. As Randy Jackson coveredhis face,Simon Cowellsaid it sounded likes cats jumping off the Empire State building and her singing wasthe sound they made before they hit the ground. Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdulsaid she is a pretty girl, but singing is not her thing.


20 year old Ashley picked a song by Leona Lewis that was produced by Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell had a little twinkle in his eye as she sang even though she messed up foot prints with foot steps. She got a golden ticket.

Over the next two hours Kansas City unleashed their talent and by mid-morning in Kansas city, the mid western hospitalitywas overflowing. Even Simon Cowellseemed happy!


Next, 20 year old Casey entered the room. She enthralled the judges with her sweet voice and sweet smile. She sang, A Thousand Miles. They said she had a good voice and Kara DioGuardi said she saw a package there.
She was off to Hollywood.

Next, Brian came out with a big heart and big voice and was hoping to do big things. He was actually an Opera singer. He said it was his dream to do sing for the rest of his life. He sang a song by Aretha Franklin and Randy Jacksonsaid it was definitely different and Simon Cowellcommented everything was wrong and he hated it. Brian wanted a second chance and began to sing…Randy Jacksonasked him if he could hear what they hear. He got a big NO from all the judges.

As the morning wore on many contestants had difficulty masking their emotions and they showed a montage of all the heartbroken contestants..

David Cook’s parents showed up andtold Ryan Seacrest thatthe judgesshould see a lot of talent from Kansas, almost as good as their son, but not quite.

Next a bunch of horrible male singers came out to sing and all of them were kicked out the door.

22 year old Von said he had a a strange range and wasn’t afraid to sing songs that were not necessarily known for male singers to sing. Von sang Over the Rainbow. His voice was very powerful, but it seemed that he was trying too hard at times. After he sang, the judges just looked at him. Randy Jacksonthought the vocals were pretty good and was impressed and Simon Cowellthought that he had a good voice. Both Paula Abduland Kara DioGuardisaid the same. He got his ticket to go through. Von’smom said he was such a great joy and she was happy that Hollywood would get to hear him.


Jason Castro’s brother, 20 year old Michael was up next. Michael said that his brother is more girly than him and was more emotional. The judges askedMichael why he didn’t try out last year and he said that he didn’t sing and just started 20 days ago. He sang Lovin the Girl. Paula Abdul said it was pretty cool and Simon Cowellsaid it was goodish. Simon Cowellsaid he is never quite sure with the Castros if they are into American Idol or not! The judges put him throughand Kara DioGuardiquipped that Michael was a little cocky. Outside, Jason Castro said he had never heard his brother sing in real life and thought he was pretty good. His family was thrilled to have a second child go through.

Next up was Vaughen dressed like PeeWee Herman. The judges kicked him out.

Then,27 year old Matt came out. He was a welder, so Simon asked him why he would want to do American Idol. He said he wanted to take care of his family. He sang Aint No Sunshine. He had a bluesy voice, but Randy said he was like a cool bar singer. Kara DioGuardi didn’t agree and said he had natural talent. Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell sent him through.


17 year old Jasmine, sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. She tried out her jazziest voice, but just couldn’t pull it off. The judges were speechless in a bad way! No comments made as she walked away.

Outside there were still many singers hoping to follow the yellow brick road to Hollywood and the next singer, 20 year old Jessica lived in the capital from the movieThe Wizard of Oz. They showed her 90 year old Grandmother that she lives with. She said that she thinks she is the next American Idol because she has worked hard all her life singing. She sang Cry Baby. Simon Cowellsaid she stood out and Randy Jacksonsaid she had nice natural talent. She was off to Hollywood. It was her 20th birthday! Question…who will look after Grandma?
Alot of the contestants met people in the crowd and became instant friends…some even came together.


The first pair were siblings, Asiaand India. They were rappers. The judges thought that they were funny. The girls then sang for real…Asia sang and was kicked off the stage and then India sang, much better. India got the golden ticket and Asia was thrilled for her!

Jamar and Danny were buddies and hoping to go to Hollywood together. Jamar,a bartender came out and sang California Dreaming. Paula Abdul said that he got a little too loud and out of pitch and Randy Jacksonsaid that his faces were weird. He got 4for 4though and was off to Hollywood.


The sob story for the evening was from Danny, a 28 year old music teacher. For him coming to the auditionwas nothing short of an emotional sacrifice. His wife had died of a heart condition recently and he said he was close to not trying out because the emotions were so intense. He sang I heard It Through the Grapevine. He was very soulful with good rhythm. Randy Jacksonsaid he is the best he has seen! He was off to Hollywood and when he went outside the door he held up his ticket and said, “Sophia this one is for you.”

As the line thinned out the girls of Kansas city were were falling short.

Next up was 21 year oldAnoop, singing Thankyou. Simon Cowellhated his look, but was thrilled with his voice. They didn’t expect his vibe and personality. Randy Jacksonsaid, Anoop dog is in the house. Simon Cowellsaid he looked geeky and it was as if he just came out of a meeting with Bill Gates. He too was off to Hollywood.

Next on American Idol season 8 they showed all the creative gimmicks that the Idol hopefuls used from bunny suits to big yellow chicken get ups.


19 year old Andrew, decided to bring his gimmick withhim andbrought out two cheerleaders before he sang. The poor judges. Simon Cowellsaid he wasn’t sure that they did him any favors. He sang My Girl. Simon Cowellasked if he could say no to all three of them. He also said the back up singers didn’t help him either. As the cheerleaders cried for him he was sent packing.

Team Andrew got the sideline but 28 year old band director Asa was hoping to go to Hollywood. Hesang How You make Me Feel. Simon Cowelltold him that he only gets one chance before he began. Paula Abdul said that when people sing Michael Jackson it usually is a disaster, but this time it wasn’t…he was off to Hollywood.


20 year old Michael came out next showing off his best vocalizing in music class award from elementary school. He said he is a star that has been undiscovered. He said his mother was not supportive and didn’t think he could sing.
He sang an original song about his mother. He was related to Hank Williams Junior, but you would never know it by his voice. Simon Cowellasked him to sing another song that he wrote that was more cheerful. He still sucked. Simon Cowellsaid the songs were a bit gloomy and he told him to go to Hallmark to write Mother’s Day cards.

While Michael’s dreams were shattered, 19 year old Danny was hoping that his dream would could true. Simon Cowellthought it was a bit crazy and didn’t get it. The guy tried to sing again and Simon Cowellcut him off. The poor guy told the judges that this is his dream and to give him a chance to go through. He said his mama flew in from Florida to see him get this. He got a ticket and was going to Hollywood?

As the sun set on the horizon the judges were thinking it had set on the talent. Waiting for her turn, Mia was falling asleep when her name was called. She sang Loving You. Simon Cowellsaid it wasn’t going well, but she went into the harmony anyway with a big screech. Randy Jacksonshook his head and Simon Cowelltold her she picked the toughest song in the world and he was sorry. Mia kept saying she was till going to be a star and that the judges made the wrong choice, over and over again.


The last contestant was a23 year old mother of 3 children named Lil. She sanga little bit of Stevie Wonder for the judges. Kara DioGuardi said she was really good and Paula Abdulsaid she had it going on and her voice was one of the best she had ever heard. Simon Cowellsaid she was retro and classy and Randy Jacksonliked her too. They especially loved the fact that she didn’t know she was so great!

26 Idol hopefuls struck gold in Kansas City and were off to Hollywood. Paula Abdulsaid Kansas City rocked and Simon Cowell it.

American Idol returns next Tuesday at 8 PM ET on FOX.

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