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Game Show In My Head: Seth McLaughlin Wins It All

January 17, 2009 11:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on Game Show in My Head, Seth Mclaughlin, a telemarketer, is unstoppable in the face of outrageous challenges. He is the first contestant to win the maximum amount of money on the new CBS reality tv series. Debbie Speicher from Ohio doesn’t have quite as much luck but still walks away with a nice sum of money.

Seth Mclaughlin is the first Game Show in my Head contestant, and he has to convince a stranger that they are in violation of conduct and get them to sign a form saying they understand. The first man he approaches he tells him he is in violation of the sunglass conduct rule.Hetells himto kiss his ass. Eventually, he completes the task and wins 5k.

His next challenge is “don’t stand so close to me.” He has to invade someone’s personal space for a minute and can’t say a word. Joe is going to ask him questions and he has to move around the person in order to answer. [i.e the Terminator said I'll be ___] If the person walks away then he loses, but he does manage to win another 5k.

Seth must now sell someone a long stem rose for $2, then he must snip off the bud and only hand them the stem. Then he must convince them to buy the actual flower part for another $4. He gets rejected twice and finally finds a mother/daughter and approaches them. Once he hands them the stem, he says it’s a Brazilian delicacy and she buys it but tells him he should have been forthcoming and honest that it was $6. He wins 5k.


The next challenge is for Seth to sit in a restaurant and feed someone with a fork – twice! He goes over to a man and tells him that he needs to show him how to eat properly. The guy doesn’t buy it. Now he pretends to be from Australia and says that they are all about courtesy and that he should feed him. He doesn’t buy it. Then he goes to a family and manages to feed someone two times. At this point he has completed four tasks.

Now Seth has five minutes to convince someone to call his boss [Joe Rogan] and ask him if he can take the day off. He convinces one girl to do it and she says that she is Seth’s girlfriend, Joe responds by saying that he is married and the girl walks away. Then he gets a guy to call in pretending to be his father. He tells Joe that Seth is projectile vomiting and completes the task. The next challenge will be a chance for Seth to double his money.

Sethgets changed into briefs and a beret, and he has to try to get people to give him the clothes off their back. He gets alot of rejection but finally gets one girl to give him her orange sweater, which looks ridiculous. He starts talking to a family and actually gets a man to give him his pants [the guy had an extra pair of shorts]. The guy also give him his shoes and shirt and Seth trades him for the orange sweater. He wins the maximum of 50k.

The next Game Show in My Head contestant is Debbie Speicher, a stay at home mom from Ohio, has to convince a stranger to climb with her into a fountain and obtain enough change to buy a first class stamp. After two rejections, she gets one willing stranger and wins 5k. Debbie’s next challenge is called “stop copying me.” She must copy everything someone does for one minute [without them escaping]. She walks up to one lady and starts copying everything she says, but gets in trouble when she starts imitating her friend as well. She also gets in trouble with the next lady because doesn’t copy exactly what she says. Both of her next victims escape before the minute is up. She fails the task.

Debbie’s next challenge is to perform a singing telegram for 60 seconds, wearing a costume, and they must give her a tip! She greets some guy and has him sit down on the bench. She starts singing and rips off her shirt [which reveals a wonder woman outfit] and starts dancing, but he walks away. The next guy sits down and when she starts to take off her pants to reveal the skirthe stands up, but keeps listening. However, when she asks him for a tip he walks away. She fails this task as well.

Now she must be the doorman at a coffee shop and convince a guest that they can’tcome in. They must walk away. She tells the first guy that he has to be out of state in order to come in, but he says he’s been to Germany so he is okay. She tries a couple of other excuses such as: no white socks, singers only, dress code violations. Finally, she convinces someone to walk away and wins 5k.

The next task is for Debbie to touch three separate body parts of strangers in a food court. Joe tells her the first body part is the scapula. She completes that and the next part is the mandible and trapezius. She tells a gentleman that she is with mall security and she has to pat him down. She wins two, but can’t get the third and fails the task.

For the last task, Debbie comes walking out in a hospital gown carrying an IV tower. She has to convince someone to sign her discharge papers for the county hospital. The first guy walks away. One lady tries to give her advice and says that if she does this she’ll be stuck in there for longer. Alot of people ask her how she got out and she says she just walked out and she needs Dr. Cats signature. Finally, she coerces one man to forge the signature and wins a total of 20k.

Game Show In My Headairs Saturdays8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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