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Jackass: Johnny Knoxville Is Caught With A Grenade In His Suitcase

January 17, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Talk about being a real Jackass! Johnny Knoxville, the group leaderof the ridiculous stunt crew, Jackass, was caught at Los Angeles International Airport with an inert grenade! Go figure?

Johnny Knoxville aka Philip John Clapp, was detained on Thursday for allegedly bringing an inert grenade into Los Angeles International Airport. After thesecurity screeners spotted the grenade in the Jackass star’s carry-on luggage, a bomb squad determined it lacked a firing pin or explosive. Police say Johnny Knoxville was later released and boarded an American Airlines flight to Miami.

According to Airport spokeswoman, Nancy Castles, Johnny Knoxville is claiming that the grenade was a prop that he he forgot to remove from his bag.

Prosecuters have not decided yet whether to charge Johnny Knoxville with bringing a prohibited item into a secure area of the airport, which would be considered a misdemeanor offence.

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Photo Credit: MTV

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