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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Drumm Family Dream!

January 18, 2009 07:16 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s edition of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington and the design team travel to Quincy Township in Pennsylvania to aid the Drumm family. Blasia and Matt, the parents, have three boys, two of whom are autistic, and they have devoted their lives to helping disabled children. They have joined forces with the Pen Mar Youth League. The economic recession is affecting everyone, and Blaise and Matt are no exception. They don’t make enough money, and live on land that was once used to dump trash. Their house has water damage, is infested with ants, and is falling apart around them. They even had to sell their car to buy groceries. Ty Pennington tells the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team they need to give this family a healthy home.

While Ty Pennington tours the Drumm family home with the parents, Paul chats with Donnie, the middle son, who suffers from asperger’s syndrome and autism and who is very creative. Didi speaks to the youngest son, Nathan, who likes dinosaurs. ABC sends the family to Walt Disney World while the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team gets set to work!

Dan Ryan Builders join Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team to build the new house. During the daylight hours, they cleaned up the contaminated ground, so the demolition will take place at night. Ty gets the Drumm family on the video feed to see the army of volunteers, and hear some kind words from Ed from the Pen Mar Youth League. Because the boys like monster movies, a gigantic robotic dinosaur, blowing flames, is brought in to ‘eat’ the old house!

Ty Pennington finds a plant that had the strength to survive the contaminated soil, just like the Drumm family did! Johnny and Didi are working on projects for the boys’ rooms – a dinosaur and a climbing wall! Paul goes to meet Tom Sevigny who does monster make-up for horror movies. He shows him one of Donnie’s drawings, and gets a monster makeover while he’s there!

As the builders and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition volunteers work on insulating the new house, Ty Pennington and the design team visit the Pen Mar Youth League baseball team and inform the whole bunch that they’re going to Walt Disney World to meet the Drumm family!

Didi and the kids arrive in Walt Disney World and call Blasia Drumm on her cellphone, asking the family to head to the Walt Disney Sports Complex. It’s a great surprise when the family sees that all of their Pen Mar Youth League friends have joined them! After a quick game of ball, they head off to the rides!


Back at the Drumm family’s new home, Eduardo explains that they are installing solar panels to help the family save money! He then joins Johnny for a trip to Sears to pick out gym equipment for the oldest son. They decide to test it out first!

Ty Pennington is working on completing his special project and soon he gets the keys to the house. He calls the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition volunteers to start unloading the furniture from the truck!

The Reveal

The white stretch limo containing the Drumm family pulls up and the crowd goes wild. Blasia fights tears as she describes how much the children loved Disney World. It’s finally time for the family to see their new home! The bus moves and the family is amazed – the oldest son picks up Ty Pennington and spins him around! Ty tells them to go and take a look inside!


The Drumm family opens the door and goes in – Blasia shouts, “We have a couch!” Matt says that now they can give back more than they ever have before. Ty Pennington comes in and says that they have central heat and air, as well as a fireplace! He also says that they dug 500 feet down and made them a well with clean water!

Donnie goes into his room – it’s a monster movie make-up studio and he is absolutely thrilled! He is even happier when he sees a model of his drawing made for him by Tom Sevigny – his hero – and in comes Tom himself! Tom invites Donnie to spend some time at his make-up school!

Nathan sees his room next – he is over the top when he sees the dinosaur theme! Ben, the oldest has a climbing wall, which pleases him immensely. The parents next get to see their room, which was Ty Pennington’s special project. He has based the entire space on the lilac plant that Matt planted for Blasia, which survived the contaminated ground.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has also done up a workout room with all of the exercise equipment from Sears inside. Ben says he would like to try and make it to the Olympics! Finally, Ty Pennington presents the Drumm family with a new Ford Fusion Hybrid! Blasia cries as she says they won’t take any of this for granted. Ty smiles and says, “Welcome home, Drumm family. Welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: Colleen Helf/Herald Mail, Holly Cieri/Penn State Live

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