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Momma’s Boys Ends With Moms Losing Their Grip On The Boys

January 19, 2009 09:38 PM by DA Southern


Momma’s Boys comes to a crashing halt as we finally learn which of the boys can claw their way out of the seeming Oedipus complex that has threatened to take over the finale. If Jojo can shake his mother’s influence, Michael isn’t totally shocked by his mother’s pick for him and Rob can shake the ever-threatening glare of Esther, we might just have our selves a happy ending or two. In the end, a yacht will carry off the couples; let’s just hope it’s not the boys and their moms, or this whole Momma’s Boys series will have been in vain.

Jojo was quickly playing Hamlet as he went on his final romantic date with his mom. Feel free to insert your own joke here. If we had to hear Mrs B tell Jojo she loved him one more time or hear her talk about how romantic their date was, it was probably going to end society as we knew it at that very moment. Mrs B finally gave Jojo the business as they lounged romantically on the beach together telling him that the yacht trip should be her and him at the end.

Rob was having his own issues as he was dating Loren saying that his mom usually knew what was best and maybe he wasn’t seeing something in her. Rob did seem begin to warm up to Loren, especially as he was trying to expound on his philosophies of life and Loren, who would have no more of it, kissed him passionately. Rob was seemingly forgetting all about Camilla as the day turned to night and it looked as though all of the moms might win out in the end. Rob quickly added that as good as his date was with Loren; he went to sleep thinking about Camilla and woke up thinking about her, which means Rob is in trouble.


Michael was out on his final romantic date with mom Lorraine’s pick, Erica, the former Penthouse Pet. The couple’s date was on a yacht, which provided for a quite a backdrop for what would be he biggest shocker of the day. The couple seemed to be quite attracted to each other and while Erica side-stepped the question about her modeling, she seemed worried about the final piece of news that could change everything.

The two were on the final moments of their date as we saw all of the cuts of Lorraine talking about how great Erica was were merged together. The stress of Erica’s shocking news was weighing heavy on her as she wondered how it would affect her and Michael’s relationship in the end.

Erica finally broke the news to Michael and as she did, Michael became incensed that she would have hidden such news from him. Michael was indeed shocked and was visibly shaken, but he seemed not so much concerned about himself but how Lorraine would take the news.


Erica was then seen talking to Lorraine about her Penthouse Days and Lorraine seemed to take it better, in some ways, than Michael. Surprisingly enough, Lorraine was even very supportive of Erica and, in the end, Michael would have to grow up and get over it as Lorraine explained how important Erica was to her.

The moms were in for the final talk about the girls and Esther was talking to Rob like he was six years old as she was force-feeding him Loren. Lorraine was still very high on Erica as Michael was talking about how graphic Penthouse was and Jojo was having his own troubles as Mrs B was telling him how choosing Mindy would “Piss her off” and that she didn’t want him to “Fall in love” because she wasn’t ready to let him go. What would Shakespeare say about all of this?

Rob and Esther were ready for the final elimination as Camilla and Loren awaited the final verdict. In the end, Rob decided that Esther’s choice was a better choice for him and it looked as though Rob had decided not to be a man after all as the two were whisked off to the yacht.


Michael was choosing between Amanda and Erica and Michael seemed conflicted saying, “that the strangest thing was that his mom wanted him to choose the Penthouse of the Year.” In the end, Michael went against Lorraine and chose Amanda to go away with.

Finally, Hamlet, I mean, Jojo was choosing between Mindy and his mom to go on the yacht with him knowing that he would be in deep with Mrs B if he didn’t choose her. In the grossest ending to a reality series ever, Jojo was about to choose his mom. Before he rendered his decision, Mindy decided that she didn’t want anything to do with Mrs B and she said that until Mrs B loosened her reigns, that he could never have a serious relationship and should probably let them just be together. Jojo was so impressed with Mindy’s impassioned plea that he chose Mindy to be on the yacht, sending Mrs B in a rage.


Mrs B was so hacked off that she didn’t even want to do the after elimination interview and was offered counseling, according to the NBC, but turned it down and Erica visited Lorraine in Florida after the end of the series, still maintaining her relationship with Lorraine.

In the end, we had no idea how the dates ended up for the boys, but it was nice to see at least two of the three boys had gone their own way, if nothing more than for a day.

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