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Superstars Of Dance: Semi-final Round

January 19, 2009 09:01 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Superstars of Dance, the semi-finals have begun and if each performer doesn’t place in the top three tonightthey will be eliminated. Who gave all they could for their country tonight and who was going home?

First up tonight was team India performing a Bollywood routine. Once again the camera person interfered with their routine by moving the camera into the dance frame. They had lots of energy and the dance was similar to an American caberet. Their arm synchronization wasn’t tight though. Artistically they looked great, but technically they were off. The Russian judge said that he liked the piece of furniture that they carried across the stage as it reminded him of his car in Russia…He always needs someone to carry it around.

They received 53 and were leaving the competition.


Next, Australia sent out their duet team of Henry and Giselle dancing an African type Samba. They really kicked it tonight! Henry was a strong match for Giselle, taking the advice of the South African judge from last week who said he needed to be a man. The choreography was unique and original. The South African judge still didn’t think that Henry was leading Giselle…I think the guy has a crush on Giselle and is just jealous he isn’t on the floor with her!

They received 59 points and were staying in the competition. The Ireland duet was leaving the competition.

Ireland’s superstar of dance Bernadette was chosen to perform for team Ireland. She was replacing the original soloist, Kelly. She was like a gazelle across the floor. One thing that struck me though was that she was wearing black tights with a nude costume. That is a no, no in the dance world and was very distracting. She had beautiful arm lines and high kicks but lacked passion in her routine. The camera person is driving me nuts! I hate the fact that you can see the camera moving across the stage in front of the dancer. This is part of what makes this show so horrible! The Russian judge said that Bernadette’s leaps reminded him on how his family and him were dancing together when he received his American Visa.

She received 54 and was out of the competition.

The soloist Mamela from South Africa is a dance activist and tonight she came out in a white tutu, imitating a bird that was making its last flight before it died? The Russian judge said he loved the drums and the music but he thinks watching this dance a few Russian judges probably dropped dead.

She received a 55 and was leaving tonight.


Next up were the Chinese Shaolin monk dance troupe. The group had great tumbles and acrobatic moves, but they don’t really dance. Their unison was great and this routine was an art in itself.

They received a score of 65 so South Africa was leaving.


The American couple of Georgia and Erik danced a modern routine. Eric has the ability to transition from lifts unlike any dancer I have seen before, but he never fully extends Georgia and they do little movement across the floor. Their song was so beautiful that I was hoping to see them move and be more emotional with each other.

They received 50 and were not continuing in the competition.


Next the Indian soloist, Mythili showed off her acting ability as she took on the roleof a male God. Shewas right on with the music. I really enjoyed her performance.

She received 54 which means that she beat out the first soloist Amrapali, from India, who would be going home this evening.

Carolina from Argentina came out and danced a mix of a Tango, Latin and Jazz. Tonight she used a bar instead of a chair as a prop. Aside from shaking her hips and breasts numerous times, her routine wasn’t that great. (I wish I could shake it like that though, it would be a hit with my husband if not anyone else) The Russian judge said in Russia that is what we call entertainment!

She received 53 and was leaving tonight.

Next Superstars of Dance showed a special showdown that wasn’t part of the competition…the Shaolin monks against the Groovaloos. Cool!

Next the magical dancing of the Russian dance duo, Pasha and Aliona hit the floor. Their magical performance was mixed with dancing and for me it was creative and lovely to watch. They were great dancers and great magicians!

The couple received 51…BOOOOO! They had to leave.


One last spot was up for grabs and the Irish returned to the dance floor and tonight to claim it asthe only representation they have leftwas their group. They came out and performed the dance Lord Of The Dance from the hit show Burn The Floor. The girls leaps were impeccable and the unison and precision of the stepping was hard to criticize in any way. The solist however, was no Michael Flately and isn’t this supposed to be a group routine?

This show always seems to leave the best routines for last and again they did just that! Fantastic!

They scored 62 and are tied with Australia. A vote took place from the judges to choose between who went through to next week’s finals. They chose Australia to go through, so Australia was leaving tonight. BOOOOOOOOO!

The master scoreboard tonight was:

Australia 414

USA 413

Ireland 409

South Africa 401

India 391

Argentina 344

Russia 342

China 286

Next week the Superstars of Dance season finale will take place at 8 PM ET on NBC. Who will be the best in the world? This will be the hi-lite of the season for me as a writer, because this excruciatingly painful show will be over!

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Photo Credits: NBC

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