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The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick ends one date early

January 19, 2009 08:16 PM by Britteny Elrick


It’s down to twelve ladies competing to win the heart of The BachelorJason Mesnick. Two ladies will receive one on one dates with a rose at stake, and one of the bachelorettes will be sent home early! Some ladies won’t get a date with Jason this week and the others will go on a group date that gets a little revealing. Drama builds at the rose ceremony when Chris Harrison asks the girls to openly say how they feel about eachother. The pressure becomes too much for one bachelorette…

Chris Harrison starts the night by telling the ladies that there will be one group date and two one-on-ones, but not all the ladies will get to go on a date this week. There will be a rose at each of the dates and they must have their bags packed in the event they don’t get one. Chris leaves them with the first envelope and it is for a date with Stephanie. Megan is increasingly worried that she will go home this week if she doesn’t get a one-on-one.


Stephanie arrives in a limo to meet Jason Mesnick. They start walking along the beach and Jason asks her if she has been able to talk to her daughter Sophia today (since it is her daughter’s birthday).Just as they are talking, Jason has her turn around and her daughter starts running toward her. Jason tears up watching them reunite.Stephanie is on cloud nine that Jason thought of bringing her daughter on the date and he planned a day at Legoland for the three of them. Jason talks about how Sophia is alot like Ty and he could see them getting along really well. They go on rides and then have dinner. While at dinner, they talk about some serious issues including losing their significant others and how to be a parent to a step-child. Back at the house, the girls open up a card for a group date with Shannon, Naomi, Melissa, Kari, Jillian, Nikki, Erica, and Megan. Jason comes back to Stephanie and hands her a rose made of legos.

The next day,the bachelorgoes to the house and picks up the eight ladies for their date. He doesn’t tell them that they are going to place that makes casts of human busts and turns them into art for “Keep Abreast.” They will auction off everything they make to benefit breast cancer awareness. The girls start by oiling Jason up and then they have to apply strips of fabric. The girls get covered up a bit and then Jason comes back to talk with them. Shannon asks him to help out the strips on her. When all the casts were made, they all got to paint them. Jason has only one rose to give out and he wants to give it to the girl who responds best to spontaneity and opens up in a new way.


He has a private conversation with Melissa, and she tells him that she had breast reduction surgery. Interesting choice of story. Then he talks to Megan and she discusses her volunteering efforts and how she felt worthwhile today because she was helping other people. Nikki is the next girl to talk with Jason and their conversation takes a turn for the worse when Nikki runs out of things to say. She tells the camera that she tries too hard and doesn’t know how to be spontaneous. [don't think she will get the rose!] He talks with Jillian and they discuss commitments and love and discover alot of common ground. She says she has never found anyone she can’t live without. Later, the girls see their finished products, while Jason goes to get the rose. He gives it to Jillian [she's going to have enough to opena floral shop pretty soon].

Back at the mansion, Natalie gets the final one on one date. She is told to wear her best dress.When Jason arrives to pick her up, Natalie is still getting ready for awhile. The other girls think she was disrespectful in making him wait so long. Finally, she walks in and Jason presents her with a million dollar necklace to wear. They take a limo to a private jet, which they are taking to Las Vegas. When they arrive, they get into a helicopter and fly over Vegas. Later on, they drive to a restaurant and have dinner. Jason feels like that although the conversations are good, he has to pull information out of her. He asks what she thinks about his divorce and child. She says that she doesn’t think its a bad thing and focuses on how she doesn’t want to be seen as a “party girl.” Jason feels like she still is deep down though.


Then Jason takes Natalie to Jet Niteclub. They have a toast and continue talking. Then they have a private performance by Kate Vogal and start dancing. Natalie wants him to kiss her and Jason senses it, but doesn’t do it. He says that he wants to feel more for Natalie, but just doesn’t. They sit down and he tells her that it was one of the best dates he ever went on but he can’t give her the rose. He says he doesn’t think there are enough commonalities. She asks questions tries to convince him that she’s ready to settle down. Meanwhile, back at the house, they come pick up Natalie’s bags and the girls are very happy as they didn’t think she was a good match. Then, they come to go get the jewels from Natalie. She tries to badmouth some of the other girls before she leaves.

The bachelor is back at the house for the rose ceremony and speaks with several ladies. Naomi tells him that she’s falling for him and that she’s only been with one person in her life. They kiss. When she walks back in the room, Megan tells her she is “missing some lip gloss.” Now Nikki is concerned that they haven’t kissed yet, and she feels she needs to show him her wild side. They talk about her being super organized and him being spontaneous and all the sudden they kiss. Erica pulls him aside and asks what she can do to prove to him that she wants to be here, since she hasn’t gotten a date rose yet. He reassures her he never got a date rose during The Bachelorette.


Then Jason goes in and grabs Molly. She tells him that she’s starting to get butterflies when she sees him. He tells her that Natalie told him there were “not good” people in the house, but he is sure that she isn’t one of them. Molly goes and tells the girls what he said about Natalie. Shannon talks to Jason and starts crying. She tells him that she feels like other people are getting time with him and she isn’t. She said she cried last season when she saw him with Deanna [yikes!] It’s Stephanie’s turn to try to connect romantically with Jason and so she tells him to close his eyes. She kisses each of his cheeks and whispers nice things in his ears, then ends it with a little peck on the lips.

Lauren talks with Jason and tells him that she doesn’t see him with the two drama queens of the house – Megan and Erica. Unfortunately, Megan overhears her say that and when she comes back, she says that she would lose respect for anyone who would tattle on someone. Jason is torn as he doesn’t know what to believe. He has no choice but to go with his gut.


Chris joins the ladies and says that there is alot of drama going on in the house. He tells the girls to openly say what they feel about the other girls. Nikki says the only girl that there was a problem with is gone [Nikki]. Megan speaks up and says she feels targeted, and Lauren says that she simply stated the facts. Shannon walks away and says “I hate it here.” She goes into the bathroom. Jason goes to check on her and she says she is just really sick. Jason tells her that he knows she isn’t the source of the drama and she says that makes her happy.

Jason starts the rose ceremony by saying thank you to those who opened up because it helped him in his decision. The first lady he calls is Molly, followed by Lauren, Melissa, Naomi, Shannon, Nikki, and lastly Megan. Erica and Kari are sent home.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays from 8 PM to10 PM ETon ABC.

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