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True Beauty: Compassion, Karate, and a Lapdance

January 19, 2009 10:37 PM by Lisa Stauber


True Beauty returns on ABC tonight, tricking America’s most beautiful people to find out who has inner beauty and strength of character as well as a pretty face. Last week, Ashley went home after scamming her way down Melrose Place and ignoring a biker who crashed at her feet. CJ is safe for another week, but will he make it past the next judgement at the Hall of Beauty?

“I think the only thing that saved me was that I said I don’t think true beauty can be seen with the eyes,” he tells his housemates. Laura and Monique decide to make it their personal mission to get her kicked off, next. “I think Chelsea is not beautiful. She says stupid things,” Monique says. Later, the Julia, Monique, and Laura get together to mock her behind her back. CJ sees it, and he’s not happy with the backstabbing. “Something I’ve been quiet on,” CJ tells Monique, “I don’t like the way Chelsea’s being treated.” Monique claims she doesn’t have a problem with Chelsea as a person, just how stupid she acts. Chelsea is in the next room and hears everything.

Weekly Challenge
The contestants will be having an action photoshoot, with a secret mission to test them on compassion and sportsmanship. The contestants split up into two teams, and all of the jocks flock to Joel’s team. They’ll be shooting volleyball, basketball, tennis and karate photos, and are told they will be judged on the composition of the shots as well as the look they put together for the shoot. The catch is that the team captain of the losing team will automatically go to the Hall of Beauty, along with the one who took the worst photo. CJ and Joel might be on the chopping block, since they volunteered to lead their teams!

First, though, the beautiful people will train for a day in their sports. The judges have rigged the wardrobe room with hidden cameras and hired an actress to fake a huge fight with a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Monique is still sniping at her. “I have a better personality than Chelsea,” she says. The actress fields call after call, and goes outside to cry. CJ goes outside to see if she’s all right, while Monique rolls her eyes at all the drama. Chelsea runs right past the weeping wardrobe assistant and doesn’t even look back.

The next team arrives for their fittings, and when the wardrober goes outside to take a call, Laura gets an attitude. “All I want is a pleated skirt,” she says. “Bitch.” Julia asks if the actress is okay after she cancels a phone call, and Billy is getting stressed out. “She shouldn’t have her f-ing boyfriend on the phone,” he says. “It’s not my problem.” He fails the secret challenge. Joel tells her to suck it up because they are competing for a $100 grand, and obviously that must be more important.


The Blue Team – CJ, Monique, Ray, and Chelsea – are having a little trouble with the sports practice. “The first time I kicked it, I almost broke my foot!” CJ says of karate practice, and he’s sprained his ankle. “I don’t care if your foot’s hurt. The rest of us are counting on you.” Ray’s mad at CJ. “Now, we have a man down!” he says.

“The Red Team had a lot of testosterone,” Monique says. Joel’s bossing the hair and makeup people around, telling them how to groom his team. CJ thinks their a little too intense. “I’m thinking, we’re taking pictures,” he says. Vanessa tells them they will have 5 attempts to master Beauty in Motion and get the perfect shot.

Joel think’s his first photo is perfect, and Laura doesn’t know if she’ll be able to compete. Billy doesn’t do well at the basketball shot. “I needed Billy to make one dunk,” Joel says, and he finally gets a good pic on the last shot. Ray, on the opposing team, gets it on the first try. Chelsea’s up for volleyball and CJ tries to encourage her. He won’t stop talking and it’s distracting her. Chelsea still hates Monique. “When I saw her do her shot, she actually looked very beautiful to me,” Chelsea says. “It was very shocking to me.”

Ray can’t say anything good about his team captain, either. CJ’s shoot lacks energy and he seems way too laid back. “I just don’t want to show too much energy,” he says.

Toga Party
Laura, a swimsuit model, is throwing a toga party. “Let’s have a couple of drinks and see what happens,” she says. There’s a feast fit for a god out on the patio, and everyone decides to play Truth or Dare. Billy admits that he’s very attracted to Laura. She’s dared to give him a lapdance and she does, but Chelsea thinks it’s gross. Joel dares Ray to streak and it just gets more wild from there.

The Hall of Beauty
CJ and Julia were the only ones who were compassionate to the wardrobe lady, while the other ignored her. Unfortunately, CJ has the worst action photo. Nole loves Laura’s photo, and thinks Billy has an awesome shot. Cheryl thinks that CJ looks like he’s falling, and that Ray has a harsh expression. Both of the girls have their faces partially covered. The Red Team wins. CJ will be going to the Hall of Beauty by default, and so will Monique.


Monique starts to cry. “I’ve never failed at anything,” she says. CJ did not impress with his sportsmanship, and the judges remember that he started the scam on Melrose Place. There’s still one more challenge to go through and Monique can still salvage things! CJ learned his lesson last week and is wearing a suit to the Hall. The judges have set up an actor to throw trash on the street, and Vanessa wants to see if the contestants will pick it up. Monique doesn’t even notice the trash being thrown at her, but CJ does.

Monique thinks she should stay because she wants it more. “I am beautiful, and I deserve to go on!” she cries. “I haven’t been given the opportunity to prove who I am!” CJ thinks he should stay, and gives his inner beauty line again. “I would like to continue and go back to the house to give that message to anyone who see me,” he says. “Beauty isn’t in a bottle of foundation.” Cheryl compliments Monique on her beauty but says she’s stiff. Nole compliments CJ on his outfit, but thinks he didn’t even try at the photo shoot. Monique was just too cruel, and Monique’s going home.

But first, she has to confront her bad behavior. “Do you think you truly are a beautiful person?” Vanessa asks her. Monique watches herself make fun of Chelsea, and hangs her head. “I’m really, really upset because that’s not how I am at home,” Monique says.

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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