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American Idol 8: San Francisco Bound!

January 20, 2009 07:09 PM by Candace Young


Fox brings American Idol 8 to San Francisco for auditions on tonight’s episode. Ryan Seacrest explains that this was the city that gave us Katherine McPhee! Ryan also shares that there was a marriage proposal and wedding ceremony in the line up! Inside, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Kara DioGuardi are ready to see the first audition of the day.

Tatiana is a girl who was told by a psychic that she is destined to be in the top twelve on American Idol 8. After a beauty pageant-style speech to the judges, and presenting them with her personal press kit, she sings Never Left a Man by Aretha Franklin. Simon doesn’t think she should have done that song, but Paula says yes. Randy gets on board as well, and she is off to Hollywood!

Next up is a succession of unimpressive singers with boring clothes, until Dean-Anthony appears in his wild plaid jacket! He sings very loudly, causing Kara DioGuardi to gasp! The American Idol judges unanimously turn him down.

Jesus, age 29, who is trying to make a new life for his family, is the next audition in San Francisco. He has a large contingent of family members carrying signs supporting him. He sings, and Simon says he won’t win American Idol 8. Paula, Kara, and Randy all feel that he has a good voice though. They let him bring in his children, who listen to him sing again, and insist he go to Hollywood! He is put through, and the kids give Simon a hug!


Ryan Seacrest next speaks to Dalton, who is passing the time by doing a Rubik’s cube, which he can complete in less than 30 seconds. Dalton is nervous and sings a shaky Smoky Robinson tune for the judges, which leaves them speechless. It’s a no for the American Idol hopeful.

American Idol next remembers that 1967 was the summer of love in San Francisco, noting that there isn’t necessarily love in San Francisco between the American Idol judges! This is illustrated with a montage of Simon bickering with Paula and Kara! The next contestant is a young woman who is carrying paper work describing how to be a gospel singer! Ryan shows her inside and she announces that she will sing an original tune. Akilah isn’t all that impressive, however, and Simon tells her that she is terrible. They pass on her, but she won’t give up! Akilah argues at length, and Paula Abdul gets up to see her out.

The judges put through a succession of singers good enough to go to Hollywood. However, Annie is a contestant who overdoes it with a Bonnie Raitt song. Simon says it was like she was drunk! They all say no. Adam is up next. He is a young man who has grown up doing theater and is currently in the cast of Wicked. He sings Bohemian Rhapsody, and Paula Abdul says he’s a good singer. Simon feels he is theatrical, and the judges debate whether he is right for American Idol – it turns out that he is!


As the American Idol 8 auditions in San Francisco wind down, Ryan introduces us to Kai, who takes care of his mom after she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Kai explains that his life has changed dramatically – he doesn’t even have time for a personal life. His mom says she is so grateful to have raised this beautiful son! Kai goes in to try and make his mom proud. He tells the judges that he is a musician. Kai sings a Platters song, and does a remarkable job! Simon Cowell says he has a great voice, but needs to work on showmanship. Kara goes to speak and Simon interrupts, demanding, “Yes or no?” Kara gets angry and says she will speak if she wants to, even though Paula warns her that she’ll learn she can’t! The American Idol judges unanimously put Kai through to Hollywood. Outside, he calls his mom right away!

At the end of the San Francisco auditions, twelve contestants have been invited to Hollywood! Tomorrow night, American Idol heads to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky!

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