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The Biggest Loser Sends Damien Home In A Shocker

January 20, 2009 08:53 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser was still reeling form Bob’s role-reversal with Jillian in last week’s episode as the trainers realized just how big the task was before them this season on The Biggest Loser and we watched the oldest contestant, Jerry, head for home. With new challenges and the majority of the couples fighting to have their partners return, Joelle was still managing to rile up Bob and the rest of the house as The Biggest Loser heads into week three.

This rest of the house seems to be definitely against Joelle as they all seemed to be of the mindset that it would have been nice to send Joelle home since she has separated herself by her lack of work effort. The couples at home all seemed to be suffering with the temptations, mainly fast food. Although they all seemed to have a pretty good idea of what they should be eating, there were several that were not doing it.

alison-sweeney-talks-about-the-challengeThe Biggest Loser host, Allison Sweeney greeted the losers with a food challenge taunting the losers with a food-calories-guessing-and-eating-game. She explained that their partners at home were given the same temptation and that the person who would eat the most calories of the bad food on the table would win, with a little help from their partner at home. The prize was a chance to go home, see their families and have some personal training time with either Jillian or Bob.

The food challenge ended and Joelle and her at-home partner, Carla won the challenge when Carla ate over 2700 calories at one sitting winning sessions with Bob in Detroit. Bob knew that he had an interesting trip ahead as he would have to tell Carla that Joelle was barely hanging on at the weigh-ins. As Bob chatted with Carla, he told her of the trouble that Joelle was having and how important it was for them to support each other, especially if Carla wanted to come back to the ranch.


Back at the ranch Mandi was having trouble with her momentum and Jillian took her out for a heart-to-heart, ala Michelle from last season, who eventually went on to win last December. Jillian gave her the ol’ “You can do it speech” and Mandi seemed to pick herself up a bit after that.

Back in Detroit, Bob again was struggling with Joelle’s training discipline, but seemed satisfied with Carla’s workout. Carla even got on the “frustration train” with Joelle as the girls got into a war of words when Carla screamed at Joelle about her lack of heart in her training. Bob took the opportunity to call the team back at the ranch and told them, “No excuses” and that the last chance workout was “Going to be brutal.” As Bob ended his visit with Carla and Joelle in Detroit, Carla ended the visit by trying to get Joelle to understand the importance of her working harder.

In always a great segment, The Biggest Loser doctor, Dr. Huizenga, met with several of the losers. The Dr. pulled them in to announce that many of them had already started to eliminate the enormous cost that was associated with taking the various medications associated with obesity because of the diet and exercise regiment.


The elimination challenge was another jumping contest as the giant-spinning-bar-that-you-jump challenge lured the losers, including Joelle, into a false sense of security as some thought it would be an easy contest to master. Allison explained that the last person to win the challenge lasted over forty minutes and went on to win The Biggest Loser. Additionally, the winner would get immunity for the weigh-in, which immediately had former model, Tara saying; “Game on” to the other losers.

Joelle was out the first jump, followed by Ron, Dan, Helen, Damien, Filipe, leaving Mandi, Tara, Dane and Kristen to fight it out. Mandi then lost focus and busted her bar as did Dane. In a surprise, Kristin and Tara were fighting it out for the big prize at the end as they two passed the two hour mark in the challenge. In a final lapse of focus, Kristin stepped down early on her bar giving Tara her second week of immunity in a row.


The last chance workout was very extreme as Bob was intent to cram a week of training into the last chance workout. As usual, Joelle was slacking off and Jillian’s team members were lamenting how Jillian seemed to get off on seeing them all suffer during the workout.

The Weigh-In

Allison explained that they only had two more weeks to bring their partners back and the importance of the weigh-in tonight in order to bring couples back together.

Tara, had immunity, lost 8 pounds

Pink Team, Helen, lost 6 pounds/2.53%

Yellow Team, Mandi lost 8 pounds/3.27%

Grey Team, Joelle, lost 6 pounds/2.04%

Blue Team, Filipe, lost 14 pounds/4.14%

Brown Team, Mike and Ron, lost 11 pounds and 9 pounds/2.68%

Black Team, Blaine and Dane, lost 12 and 18 pounds/4.21%

Red Team, Damien, lost 4 pounds/1.13%

Orange Team, Dan, lost 15 pounds/3.56%

Purple Team, Kristin, lost 7 pounds/2.11%

Damien and Joelle fell below the yellow line, which seemed to make it a fairly easy decision for the rest to make. With the teams talking it out, it was definitely a no-brainer as to who had the better work ethic and should probably stay, but this is The Biggest Loser. Joelle got four quick votes until the black team, for some odd reason, voted for Damien to leave. In what looked to be a shocker, Damien picked up the remainder of the votes in what could only be described as sabotage to Bob’s team as the two were locked in a tie.


In the event of a tie, the person who has the lowest percentage of weight loss, which was damien sent Damien back to his home and in the after photos, Damien and Nicole had both lost a lot of weight. Damien had lost 74 pounds and Nicole had lost 76 pounds and both looked fabulous as they prepared for their wedding.

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