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13: Fear Is Real — The Killer Strikes!

January 21, 2009 07:55 PM by Ryan Haidet


After Laura became the second person eliminated from the CW‘s scary reality show 13: Fear Is Real, the group was still paranoid about a killer being on the loose. Since one of them had achieved killer status by taking the Death Box, nobody had been killed off, but they all had speculations about the suspect’s identity. And in tonight’s episode, the killer finally took first blood!

Adam thought Ted was very creepy because he has crazy eyes, which made him suspect him. Cody and Rodney thought Steffinnie was the killer because they said every time they talk about it she switches subjects and looks down at the ground. “I do think that with the intelligence that I carry and the fact that I’m like borderline genius, I have figured out Steffinnie is the killer,” Cody said. “I think she’s killing herself with angst and paranoia. ”

Everybody’s A Suspect!

The 11 remaining players gathered outside of the cabin where Kelly called out the killer saying they are a wuss since they haven’t killed anybody off. She said that the killer needed to step up and take action. In a confessional, the killer (under a concealed identity once again) took offense. “I’m the killer, so the power’s in my hands right now. So if you’re going to call me out then I might come kill you.”

That night as the group was sleeping, Rodney woke up and walked out to the woods. He was flustered with the weather and the mosquitoes so he went outside to try and catch a breeze. He took a seat by the showers and watched the cabin with the hopes he would catch the killer in action. But he fell asleep there and when the sun came up, three of the girls noticed — which instantly made him a prime suspect to the entire group. “I would stay clear away from Rodney,” Ryan said.

Melyssa called Rodney out for leaving the cabin and going off by himself. He instantly went on the defensive and claimed his innocence. This is something I just don’t understand. If these people were smart, they would work hard at trying to convince the others that they were the killer. Why? So they can guarantee one person is sent to the Execution Ceremony, which is the consequence for a false accusation.

The Killer Lurks

As Steffinnie fished in the river, she was being watched by somebody when she let out a loud scream and fell into the river. The group came to her rescue and pulled her back to safety.

False alarm.

Back at the cabin, the Mastermind was calling. On the phone he said, “There is a broken raft near the water’s edge. Repair it to go across the swamp. I have left something on the other side. Whether you choose to take it or not is up to you.” So they gathered together and assembled the raft out of empty barrels, rope and wood. Adam, Nasser, Rodney and Ted all crossed the river on the shaky raft and discovered a box filled with beer, which proves the 13: Fear Is Real producers know how to get things loosened up!

“Any gift the Mastermind gives you, you can’t really take it as a good thing,” Adam said. “There’s definitely something more behind giving us alcohol than just giving us alcohol.” But despite any fear or concern, the group popped off the tops and chugged down the alcohol.

The Bloody Glove

Steffinnie started comparing the situation to a horror movie. “Usually in every horror movie, when someone has one too many drinks, they loose their sense of surrounding. They tend to put down their guard and they usually are the ones that get whacked first.”

Even with all of their paranoia, some of the people decided they wanted to go off on their own.

Not very smart.

Ted left the cabin and went fishing. Rodney went to take a shower. Erica went inside the cabin by herself. Steffinnie was also alone in the back of the cabin and that’s when the killer approached her and struck! With the killer’s identity still kept a secret, he/she had taken their first victim.

The group walked into the cabin and saw a bloody glove on Steffinnie’s bed. Then the Mastermind said over a loudspeaker, “Steffinnie is gone. One of you killed her and the body has been disposed of. There are only 10 of you left.”


I bet Steffinnie really wishes she would’ve kept the Death Box and her killer status when she first had it instead of chickening out and putting it back. And what about being a genius, Cody? Your prime suspect became the killer’s first victim.

Abundant Accusations

The group was shocked that the “murder” happened in the cabin because it is so close to everybody. They all figured it would have happened when the person was alone at the shower or walking in the woods.

They all got paranoid yet again — big surprise — trying to give their alibi. Ryan said that the only person they couldn’t account for was Rodney, but Nasser thought it might be Erica.

Then it became a circle of accusations — and it really started to get tired. The concept was fun at first, but now it’s too exhausting. With every segment essentially becoming the same thing — a bunch of people blaming everybody for being a killer.

The Satanic Hunt

“Five of you must leave the cabin and head down the road,” the Mastermind ordered them. Then the remaining five were told to go outside and sit in a chair.

The five people who left the cabin and walked down the road had been taken away and placed in front of a Satanic altar. Each blindfolded person (Melyssa, Ted, Adam, Kelly and Erica) had been given one piece to a five-piece pentagram. The other pieces were hidden throughout the woods at various locations.

Those sitting in chairs at the cabin — Cody, Ryan, Nasser, Rodney and Leah — each had a map and a walkie talkie. They were to lead the others throughout the woods to find the remaining pieces.

The last pair to finish would be condemned to the Execution Ceremony where one more would be killed off. Erica was having a really hard time following Ryan’s orders. Nasser led Adam to a snake-filled tunnel where he crawled inside and retrieved one of the pentagram pieces. Cody and Kelly then found their first piece in a field of baby-doll heads. After a mind-numbing few minutes of them roaming through the woods freaking out over snakes, the groups finally started finishing up the task.

Erica returned to the altar in a panic and realized she only had four pieces. She ran back into the woods as Ted made it to the altar and began putting the pentagram together. As soon as he finished, that meant Ryan and Erica failed and faced the Execution Ceremony.

The upcoming Execution Ceremony had the group split along gender lines. The girls wanted Erica to win and the guys were hopeful that Ryan would win. That night, the Mastermind summoned the two of them to the Execution Ceremony after filming their final words. Ryan said he was ready to compete. “I’m here basically to overcome my fears. Life is all about overcoming your fears. So I’m ready for whatever the Mastermind puts in front of me. I’m ready for the challenge.”

A Not-So-Scary Execution

Under the moon light, the two condemned players arrived at the Execution Ceremony in the middle of the woods. Over a loudspeaker, the Mastermind ordered Ryan and Erica to stand with their backs against the trees and put a blindfold on. That’s when the Mastermind’s Minions came out and tied them up. “Some very unpleasant things are about to happen to you,” the Mastermind said. “The first person to untie their restraints lives. The other will be killed off. You must escape now!”

The two ripped their blindfolds off and started to untie themselves when big dogs approached them and started barking. But they were obviously on a leash. Then a chainsaw fired up in the distance, but the whacko who was wielding it never even showed their face.

While most wouldn’t really be afraid of this scenario, the scare tactics were obviously working because Ryan kept looking around at his surroundings obviously frightened of what he was seeing and hearing. But Erica stayed focused and freed herself first. She returned to the cabin leaving Ryan as the fourth person killed off.


“We won ladies,” Erica said. “We won.”

Now only nine remain on 13: Fear Is Real. Next week the contestants move to a creepier location with more accusations about the killer’s identity set to cripple the group. With the numbers dwindling fast, will the killer strike a second victim?

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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