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American Idol: Louisville Auditions

January 21, 2009 07:52 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight American Idol takes us to Louisville Kentucky known for the Kentucky Derby. Over 11,000 Idol hopefuls showed up to the bluegrass state vying for that golden Hollywood ticket. Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Kara DioGuardi arrive to see the first audition of the day.

As the judges get settled in 18 year old Tiffany shows up and kills A Hero Lies In You. She said if she doesn’t do well she will go off to college…off to collegeshe goes with her positive attitude.


Next, 23 year old Joanna hopes that today’s audition will give her the lucky break she has been looking for for years. She had been signed to A&M records, but was dropped. She sang We Belong. Paula Abdulsaid I think you are worthy and she got her Hollywood ticket.


25 year old Mark was up next andRyan Seacrest joked that he had bad luck, mostly due to his last name Mudd. He had a long history with his name and the expression “your name is mud” came from his family. He sang White Lightning. He was turned down and as he left he said, “take care and be careful,” which was taken as a threat.

28 year old Brent walked in and sang Can’t Get Enough. Paula Abdulsaid she was surprised and Simon Cowellsaid he thought the song was ridiculous for him and was a bit buskerish. He was given his golden ticket to Hollywood anway.

They showed a bunch of over the top singers who over course got a great big NO from the judges.


23 year old Matt was a dueling piano player. After he sang Simon Cowellsaid he reminded him of Elliot Yamin from season 5 and that he needs to believe in himself more. He was off to Hollywood.


Next up was 26 year oldRoss, the academic nerd. He said he was regretting his scratchy throat. He sang Caramia for the judges. He did say he learned how to sing off of You Tube. I think he was watching the bad You Tube videos. They gave him a sip of water which he took from Paula Abdul’sdrink!!! He tried to sing Love Me Tender, but got an ummm from Randy Jacksonand left. Paula Abdulgot a fresh beverage.

Day one of the American Idol auditionssent 10 Louisville contestants through to Hollywood.

On the second day in Louisville the local news showed up along with the judges, carrying with them someone’s hopes and dreams.


First up was single mom, 20 year old Alexis. She sang Dr. Feel Good. Simon Cowellsaid she was good with a very commercial face. Randy Jackson said that she can come out of her shell and surprise the world. She was off to Hollywood. They gave a hoot hoot to Alexis and a boo hoo to Simon Cowell.

Day two was off to a strong start but the momentum took a nose dive. Finally they sent in 27 year old Aaron singing Have You Ever Seen The Rain. He was a crazy juiced up soul singer. The judges were even singing with him. Host, Ryan Seacrest came running in thinking something was going on. Simon Cowellsaid he needs to do something in his life that incorporates shouting. They said he was too intense and sent packing.


The energy was back in the room as Rebecca headed into the room. She sang Before He Cheats. She forgot the words and the judges told her to check her arm as she had the words wrapped around it. Kara DioGuardi said that she knew what was going on as this girl was voted most humorous in highschool. It hurt Rebecca’s feelings.

Next there was a montage of great singers who made it through to the Hollywood round.

So far the judges had placed their bets on 8 contestants.


After day two of the American IdolLouisville auditions many had cut their losses and moved on, but for the last contestant everythingwas different. They showed Leneshe who had a remarkable story of struggle and determination. She had a very hard life, spending most of it homeless. 18 year old Leneshe sang an original song that she wrote herself. Everyone loved her and said that she is what they need in the competition. She was off to Hollywood showing that behind every cloud is a silver lining!

So after two days in Louisville, 19 contestants were going to Hollywood.

American Idol heads to Jacksonville Floridanext Tuesday at 8 PM ET on Fox.

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Photos Courtesy: Fox

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