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Real World Brooklyn Asks BFF or More

January 22, 2009 05:56 PM by Michael Martin - MM Agency

real world brooklyn episode 3

The third episode of The Real World Brooklyn starts with Ryan talking about his music and the war in Iraq and ends with him twirling a stripper pole with a headband. In the middle were a lot of relationship questioning.

First Katelynn is concerned about her boyfriend not communicating with her or wanting to know what she is doing so she ends up going to a bar and ends up grinding with guys and making out with girls.

No mention was made if The Real World Brooklynstarnotified them that she is a transgendered person, but it was doubtful, so I am curious to their retrospectof that night.

Ryan & Baya have a close bond and he wonders if it is bordering on cheating while Baya declares she isn’t even thinking about it.

Chet has a crush on Scott’s model friend and then starts talking like Christian Slater to her for some reason, maybe to alleviate people from thinking he is in fact gay.

Then Devyn’s infatuation with Scott causes her to create a BFF-O-Meter to gauge their closeness.

In the end I think we can all relate to The Real World Brooklyn relationship confusion in all or most of those scenarios so you can rank your thoughts at the MM Agency BFF-O-Meter.

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