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Supernanny: UK Twin Trouble!

January 23, 2009 09:33 PM by Lisa Stauber


Supernanny heads to her homeland this week on ABC, to help out some fellow Brits with their brats. Steve and Ann have two sets of twins, age 2 and 4. Mom and Dad still treat them like babies, feeding them bottles and mushy food. All of the kids wear diapers at night because it’s just easier on Ann ot not potty train them.

Four year old Aiden is as stubborn as they come and the two year olds refuse to eat, even when Dad holds them down so Mom can force feed them. “I try my best, but I really don’t think I do a good job at all,” Annie says. “I feel like I’m going to explode!” Supernanny’s on her way to help!

Observation Begins
Steve can’t tell his twins apart, and relies on Ella to tell him who’s who. Ella and Aiden, the four year olds, fight non-stop. Mom takes the kids outside, but takes one back inside to get shoes – leaving the little ones on the street by themselves. Twenty minutes later, they are finally ready to go, but the kids won’t stay out of the street. “It’s frustrating,” Ann says. “They don’t listen.”

Dinnertime arrives, and Mom purees the all of the two year old’s food. They hate it and cry for the whole meal. Mom makes them sit in a high chair and doesn’t let them act like toddlers. Mom gives them jars of baby food so they’ll put something in their tummies.

Next up is bedtime, and all of the kids have a bottle of milk while laying on Mom. “Steve and Ann make a choice tokeep them younger than they are,” Supernanny says. Aiden and Ella wear diapers all night, and Supernanny asks them how they feel. The twins don’t want to wear them anymore but Mom won’t let them have underwear at night.

Parent Meeting
The first thing Jo brings up is the babying problem. “Why is the development not moving forward?” Jo asks. “I’m trying to make my life easier,” Ann says. “Make life easy for everyone,” Jo says, “Treat them the age you are!” She moves on to discipline. “I haven’t seen discipline in the house,” Supernanny says, and Steve and Ann agree that they are ready to start.

Supernanny Jo Frost Arrives

Teaching Begins
Supernanny gives Ann a quick rundown of the Naughty Spot technique, then pushes her to use it. “I’ve never disciplined the children in this way before and I don’t think it’s going to work with two year olds,” Ann says. Jo encourages her to keep trying. Ciaran’s in the naughty spot and now Louis has to be put in time out. “I’m sorry, I just can’t do it right now,” Ann says, as Louis jokes around and makes her laugh. Supernanny tells her she doesn’t have to be cross, just serious about it. The little twins give Ann a run for her money, getting up over and over. After half an hour, and being returned to the naughty spot over 30 times, they boys finally serve their time out. “I was totally amazed that this had worked!” Ann says.

It’s mealtime, and Jo is going to get rid of all the baby equipment. Ciaran and Louis get booster chairs and sit at the table to eat like big boys. They don’t scream during dinner, but they still don’t want to eat. “Give their kids a lot of encouragement,” Supernanny says is the key to getting little ones to eat. Ciaran tries some food, but Louis still refuses.

The next step is to treat the children like children, not babies, at night time. The bottles are thrown in the trash and the diapers put away. Ella and Aiden are happy to ditch the diapers, but not so thrilled about having to drink out of cup. Aiden loves his bottle, but eventually comes around to a sippy cup.

The family is going outside, and he wants to ride in the buggy with the little ones. Supernanny shows Ann that she can put him in a Naughty Spot no matter where she is, and he gets a time out right there on the sidewalk. Louis finally eats, too, and now Jo’s ready to leave. She’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, this time.

DVD Review
Louis is still eating, but Mom is feeding him off her plate. “Children of their age need to learn boundaries,” Jo says. Ann gets a little too strict during their walk, and still struggles with discipline when on the road. Ann says she’s disciplining less but sometimes the kids still crack her up. She’s getting discouraged because she never gets a break and it seems unending. Steve says he knows he should let her go on her own for a couple of hours, and Jo is going to help him get started.



Teaching Continues
Steve rarely cares for all four children all by himself, but Ann is excited to have some time for herself and takes off to go swimming. Steve decides to make a fort outside with the kids and Ciaran throws a fit. “I don’t know how Annie copes with that day in and day out,” he says. Steve is doing great with disciplining the children, and Jo shows him how to set the kids up with an activitiy while he cooks dinner. “We’ll be doing that a lot more in the future,” he says.

Dad remembers how to help the boys eat like big boys, and when Ann arrives, everyone is eating happily. But as soon as she sits down to eat, Ciaran throws a fit in order to get her attention. He wants to be spoon fed, but Ann resists. Supernanny is ready to leave for good now that Ann and Steve are in control!

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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