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Game Show In My Head: Wendy Taubin Is Unstoppable

January 24, 2009 07:28 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on CBS’sGame Show in my Head, Eric Lokke and Wendy Taubin are given a series of ridiculous challenges in hopes of winning fifty thousand dollars. Some of the tasks that Joe Rogan asks them to complete include: convincing someone to give the eulogy attheir grandpa’s memorial service and grabbing the keys out of a police car to unlock their handcuffs. Find out what tasks were just too much for the contestants…

Wendy Taubin is the first contestant onGame Show in my Head. She has to ask arandom guy to help her make her ex-boyfriend (a scary bald guy on the park bench) jealous. He has to hold her hands, play with her hair, and compose a poem for her. She gets a couple rejections, and finally has one guy accept the challenge. Just as he gets down on one knee and recites the poem, he tells her that her ex is coming toward her. She wins 5k.

Next Wendy has to run a massage table, where she must collect ten dollars from them but they have to give HER the massage. She has a family walk over and she hops on the table. She asks him to “show her how much pressure he wants and where to massage her.” When she asks him for the ten dollars to help pay her doctor bills, he walks away. The next guy who walks by she gets the ten dollars from him first. Then she lays on the table and gets him to massage her. She sits down on the chair and ignores him until he walks away, winning her another 5k.


Now Wendy comes out in a jungle Jane outfit and has to find a guy that will put on the tarzan costume and sing a telegram with her. The first guy who actually talks to her says that he doesn’t feel comfortable because he doesn’t know her. She says that maybe they can get to know each other after the show. Finally, he agrees to put on the costume and she makes up a crazy anniversary song for 60 secs and wins another 5k.

Her fourth task is to obtain three personal items from a stranger and have them in her possession for one minute. She finally goes over to a girl on who is getting a foot massage from her boyfriend on the park bench. She says her shoes look comfortable and puts them on. Then she asks if she can borrow her paper and reading glasses. The girl asks for her shoes back with 20 secs on the clock soshe loses.

Now she has to convince a stranger that they owe her five bucks. She has a hard time convincing people that she’s met them before. She finally convinces a guy that she met him while they were all living in Italy eight years ago. He gives her the five bucks because she tells him she has a female problem.

Wendy comes out dressed in a black suit and find there is a memorial service set up. She must convince a stranger to give the eulogy on behalf of her relative that couldn’t make it, and then reveal a family secret. The first lady she talks to agrees, but as they walk over to the service she expresses her concern that the family might catch on. The pastor announces her and Wendy walks up to the platform with her. Joe Rogan tells her to ask Debbie and Heather to stand. Now she has to get her to tell his wife Debbie that Heather was cheating with her husband. The lady says she can’t do it, but goes on to tell them that Heather was Debbie’s husband’s mistress. She wins a total of 40k.

The nextGame Show in my Head contestant is Eric Lokke. His first challenge is toagree to a date with a girl by saying the following phrases: love at first sight, you’re my soulmate, and he could see himself marrying her. He gets rejected by a young runner and an elderly lady. He loses the task.

Now he has to pretend to be a victim of a crime. He has to walk up to a stranger and convince them to take his wallet, walk away, but leave him his license. He walks up to a couple guys, gets down on his knees and tells them just to take it and puts his hands up. They continue walking. One girl gets halfway, but walks back and gives him his wallet. He eventually completes the task, winning his first 5k.


Next Eric must engage a stranger in a staring contest for 30 secs and WIN. He walks up to people moving his hands like a type of sign language and waving for them to look at his eyes. He had one girl get really close, but her husband walked up and took her away. He gets one lady who finally stares for the time limit and he wins the task.

In the next challenge, Eric is selling water for two bucks a bottle, but the people have to watch him fill them up with a hose and dirty pond water. One girl asks him for the water and then tells him the water is dirty – he says that is the minerals. She walks away. He gets an interested lady who wants a couple bottles and she pays him up front. When he goes to fill it, she lights a cigarette, and shoves them in her purse. He wins another 5k, bringing him to 15k.

Now he has to convince three people at the beach that they have to cover up immediately. He tells them there is a new boardwalk policy. He successfully completes the task. For the final task, he gets dressed into a prison costume, where he is chained to a street pole. He has to convince someone to grab the keys from inside the parked police car and set him free. He makes up things like the fact that he was doing a magic trick. One willing lady actually grabs the keys for him and then he runs away, winning.

Game Show In My Headairs Saturdays8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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