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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Chapman Community Rebuild!

January 25, 2009 08:20 PM by Candace Young


Ty Pennington and the ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team is headed to Chapman, Kansas to help the Tutwiler family who have been devastated by tornado. The Tutwiler family has four children, and the father, Patrick, is an Iraqi war hero. While serving, he was shot through the neck, and barely pulled through. Just as Patrick was getting back on his feet at home in Chapman, the community was hit by a tornado. Their home was destroyed and they’ve been living on the army base in the meantime. This week’s episode is marked by a special visit from Gavin Rossdale!

The Tutwiler family is ecstatic when Ty Pennington wakes them up to announce that they have been chosen to receive a home makeover. Patrick explains that they were just informed that they have five days to get out of the home on the army base, and they can’t afford to rebuild on their land in Chapman. Ty listens as Patrick describes his harrowing experience in the Iraq war. Ty says that ABC is sending the Tutwilers on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas!

The Tutwilers take Ty Pennington inside their current residence to see his Purple Heart medal. Ed speaks with the eldest son, Jesus, about how difficult it was to deal with what happened to his father. He tells Ed that he hopes to play professional football. Downstairs, Patrick shares with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a letter that he wrote to his wife before he got shot – because he had a feeling something was going to happen to him. His wife cries as she reads it out loud.

Next, the Tutwiler family joins Ty and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team on the bus as they tour the horrific damage from the tornado in the town of Chapman. They visit the Tutwiler’s empty lot, where their house used to stand. Michael talks to Crystal, who says she likes Gavin Rossdale’s song, ‘Love Remains’ as it reminds her of her and her husband. The younger kids tell members of the design team what they like to do. Patrick tells Ty that they don’t have a reliable vehicle, and his wife cries a lot due to the uncertainty in their lives. He mentions that there are many other families there that need help too.

The Tutwilers are having an awesome time on their Disney Cruise, when Ty Pennington contacts them via video. He shows them the group of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition volunteers that have gathered to help build their new home. A soldier speaks about how strong Patrick is, and Ty says they should pay tribute to all soldiers right now. The cannon is fired and the American flag is raised as the soldiers in attendance salute.

Paige is building a princess-themed room for Hayley Tutwiler, complete with a pop-up princess palace! Paul explains that he will be taking care of Jacob Tutwiler this week – incorporating his love of ATVs and nature! Ty Pennington is meeting with a representative for Chapman, who explains that 80% of the town was affected by the tornado. Ty describes it as heart-breaking to walk around and see the devastated churches and schools. Ty explains that this week, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is not going to help just one family – they’re going to bring back spirit to the whole town!

Michael approaches another family that is in the process of rebuilding their home after the tornado. Michael explains that the family has done a great job of rebuilding their home – but they have nothing to put in it! Paul speaks with an elderly citizen named Edna, who lost everything in the tornado, except her rose garden! Ed is visiting the high school with the superintendent – it is destroyed! Ed also talks to some high school boys who are friends with Jesus, and notes that they show no jealousy over the Tutwiler family getting a new home. Paige visits another couple, Pat and Diana, whose home is in a very bad way and they are unable to live in it.

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team and Ty Pennington meet back at the construction site and confer. They decide to make some calls and get all the help they can get for the town of Chapman Kansas!

To begin, Paige brings a group of volunteers to help Pat and Diane, who dissolve into tears and ‘thank yous’! Paul brings volunteers and trucks to help move Edna’s rose garden to her new home across town. She is very appreciative. Ty meets with Doug the town representative, again, and tells him they would like to build the town a safe house! Rib Hillis comes around the corner with a ‘cavalry’ of helpers and they’re off!

Back at the Tutwiler home site, Heroes at Home is helping build the new house. Ed is overseeing an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition plan to plant trees to replace the ones ripped out by the tornado.

Ty Pennington calls the Tutwiler family and asks if they’d like to renew their wedding vows on a beach, since their first wedding was in t-shirts and jeans at City Hall! Patrick and Crystal turn to see that ABC has brought their best friends to join them for the wedding. Once on land, a sea captain officiates as the pair renews their vows.

As the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition machine moves through the town of Chapman Kansas, the Tutwilers home gets its’ cabinetry! Rib explains that when the safehouse is complete it will be able to withstand the force of a tornado. On the Disney Cruise, the Tutwilers are greeted via video by Michael and the Baer family. As the Tutwilers watch, Michael calls for the volunteers and the trucks – the Baer family is getting a surprise – brand new furniture from Ashley Furniture. Edna, the rose lady, is put on camera to speak to the Tutwiler family as well. Soon, Ed says he has a surprise for Jesus – Ford is donating tons of supplies for the high school!

Later, Ty Pennington phones back to the Tutwilers on the Disney Cruise and asks to speak to Patrick alone. He urges him to write his wife a new letter to make up for the sad letter he had written from Iraq. Patrick gets to work.

Paul is trying to get into Ty’s secret room by sealing himself in a cardboard box. Ty answers the door as the box is delivered. Ty realizes that Paul is inside and orders the box taken to the dumpster! Foiled again!

All of the rooms in the Tutwiler home are coming to fruition, and outside, the American flag is raised on its pole, and Ty Pennington is given the keys, so that the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition volunteers can move in the furniture!

In another part of town, Pat and Diana Irvine are shown what Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has done to help them. They have fixed up the house and filled it with furniture. The Irvines cry tears of happiness.


As the crowd gathers and shouts enthusiastically, Ty Pennington hollers, “Let’s bring ‘em home!” The Tutwilers roll up in their limousine, and Ty tells them that now some of the uncertainty will be gone. As the volunteers take up the cry to “Move that bus!” the family bursts into excited, overwhelmed tears upon seeing their new home for the first time!

Jeff Burton from the Builders Coalition welcomes the family and thanks them for giving them the opportunity to help them. Crystal Tutwiler blurts, “Thank you!” Ty Pennington tells the family it’s time to go check out their new home! They head for the front door.

As the Tutwiler family gasps in appreciation for the spacious new living and kitchen areas, Ty Pennington explains that all of the new appliances were donated to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition by Sears! Jacob runs up to check out his ATV-themed room and is totally happy with it! The baby’s room is up next – Crystal is thrilled. Jesus opens the door to his football room and is floored by the giant jersey! Haley wanders in to see her new princess room, which she calls ‘nice’. Ty takes her to see the giant pop-up book about a princess named Haley! The little girl is impressed – she loves it!

Ty Pennington tells Patrick and Crystal that their room was his special project this week on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Crystal gasps at the creams, blues, and browns, saying it looks like they’re on a beach! She reads the new letter from her husband and kisses him. She hugs Ty and says the room is perfect!


Next up, the Tutwiler family is presented with a brand new Ford F150 pickup truck! Patrick says they will be able to depend on it for a long time! Ty Pennington says a reliable vehicle is life-changing.

Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Editon design team, along with the Tutwiler family, head down to check out the new community safehouse! It looks homey inside, but is made of sturdy concrete and has steel doors. Ty explains that they now have a place to come if a tornado ever comes again. He says he has one last surprise and leads them out the back door – Gavin Rossdale is standing there! Crystal is floored, as he kisses her cheek and says he is going to sing ‘Love Remains’, which she said reminded her of her and her husband. The entire community gathers to hear the music, and to celebrate the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition rebuilding of Chapman.

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Photos Courtesy: Thad Alton/Capital Journal, ABC

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