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13: Fear Is Real — Twisted Tunnels Of Terror!

January 26, 2009 01:43 PM by Ryan Haidet


Oh the horror! Flipping around my DVR, I noticed a total shock — a new episode of 13: Fear Is Real had recorded on Friday. So I checked it out and sure enough, it was a brand-new episode of the CW‘s scary reality show. Without any announcement, the geniuses (for lack of a better sarcastic term) behind this monotonous wannabe thriller changed its air date from Wednesdays to Fridays. Which means many fans likely missed the new episode because it already aired! Although this show is out to scare its contestants, it seems the producers were the ones most frightened. But not by snakes, monsters or maniacs — but by American Idol‘s gigantic Wednesday audience, which likely spawned the schedule change. No matter what day it airs though, the scares still aren’t there.

After the initial shock that I had missed the episode (which aired this past Friday), I hunkered down and braved another hour of accusations, shrieks, screams and an annoying host (the Mastermind) who has yet to show his face.

Bye Bye Cabin, Hello Fort!

Once again the contestants on 13: Fear Is Real sat around outside of the cabin and began accusing others of being the killer. The remaining males decided they thought Erica was the killer.

But thank goodness the Mastermind broke in and shut them up for a few minutes by telling them over a loudspeaker that they were moving to a new home. There was a map waiting for them inside the cabin that showed where they were supposed to go. The nine remaining players packed up their belongings and abandoned the cabin to leave for the unknown. “I’m pretty stoked about leaving, but if it was this bad at the Mastermind’s first choice of location, one can only assume that it’s going to get worse,” Cody said of the new location.


After a trek through the woods they arrived at their new home — an abandoned military fort. Once they got inside, they found a tape recorder and listened to the Mastermind’s recorded message as he explained the brick building’s haunted history. He said that many troops were stuck there and eventually turned to cannibalism, which left many to believe the place was haunted by real spirits. This change of location really helped improve the scary atmosphere of the show.

Searching For Keys

Each of them had been given a video camera just in time for a group challenge. In the armory were seven boxes each containing a reprieve. Their task was to find a key to open one of the locked boxes. The two contestants who didn’t find a key to unlock the box would be condemned to the Execution Ceremony. The Mastermind also teased that the keys were hidden in horrific locations all throughout the fort.

The group took off and started meandering the dark, winding tunnels searching for a key. Adam’s mind was racing. “This fort has these tunnels and hallways and even your footstep makes the longest echo. The shadows can kind of hide these little corners and knowing that something tragic has happened here is really eerie.” Cody came upon a table with some pots and pans. He took the lid off of one and found a bloody lung inside. He pushed the flesh around and dug his key out of the bottom. Ted found his key inside a drawer filled with maggots and meal worms. Then it seemed everybody was finding their keys in places that really weren’t all too horrifying.

Until Leah had an encounter with a small alligator.

She started screaming and panicking as the gator hissed at her in the dark, damp room. But she faced her fear and moved beyond the angry animal. Soon, everybody had collected their key except for Erica and Kelly, who were condemned to the Execution Ceremony.

A Huntin’ We Will Go

Just before everybody was about to fall asleep, the killer (still unidentified) snuck away to get more familiar with the surroundings of the new location. That way it might be easier to strike and kill another one of the remaining players.

As Adam laid in bed he was convinced that the place was haunted. So he, Cody and Rodney decided to go ghost hunting. Cody was enthralled with the whole experience and couldn’t have been more excited to be on the lookout for spirits. They found a spot to sit and wait for something to happen, but when nothing did they all split up and investigated individually. How stupid!!! With the fear that the killer is out there, the group separated and put themselves at high risk to be killed off — even after Steffinnie was killed off just days before in broad daylight.

But the killer didn’t strike and no spirits showed up.

When the sun came up the next morning, Ted went out to the blacksmith’s room and made some mini horseshoes. So the guys gathered outside under the hot sun and tossed the horseshoes around. Back inside the fort, Kelly was nervous about the upcoming Execution Ceremony. Cody was hopeful that she would win the challenge and be the one to survive.

If You Can’t Take The Heat…

Kelly and Erica each recorded their final words and made their way to the Execution Ceremony deep in the woods. The Mastermind’s Minions blindfolded them and chained them up to a pole. Then the heat was on — seriously. The Mastermind lit a fire that slowly started to surround them. It was as if they were getting burned at the stake. All they had to do was unchain themselves from the post and escape.


Kelly struggled, but Erica was very focused and determined. As the flames got closer and closer, Erica was able to unlock herself and run back to the fort. Kelly wasn’t as lucky and became the fifth victim killed off. She had survived the first Execution Ceremony where she was buried alive, but this time she couldn’t take the heat.

On next week’s episode — don’t forget that it’s on Friday and not Wednesday — the group moves yet again. This time they’re off to an old school where the killer’s identity is finally revealed! Only eight remain. Who will be the next victim?

Let’s just hope the CW keeps the show in its new time slot for the rest of its run. Otherwise it might just get buried by forgotten minds.


Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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