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Superstars Of Dance: The Grand Finale

January 26, 2009 09:01 PM by Paulene Hinds


After four weeks, it has been a toughcompetition for the dancers and a super-tough show for me to watch. Tonight the winnerwas crownedon Superstars of Dance. Gold Silver and Bronze medals were given out in three categories; solos, duets and groups and one country was crowned the International Superstars of Dance!

The overall standings after the semi-finals last week were:

1st place – Australia, 414 total points (with remaining duo and group)
2nd place – U.S.A, 413 total points (with remaining solo and group)
3rd place – Ireland, 409 total points
4th place – South Africa, 401 total points (with remaining duo)
5th place – India, 392 total points (with remaining solo)
6th place – Argentina, 344 total points (with remaining duo)
7th place – Russia, 342 total points (with remaining solo)
8th place – China, 286 total points (with remaining group)

The top selling dance star of all time and host of Superstars of Dance, Michael Flatley dedicated a dance performance to his parents and the USA. His video performance showed everyone just why he is called,The Lord Of The Dance.

Tonight the judgeswere locking in their scores after each dance routine, butwere not allowing us to see what scores theywere giving…I guess they are hoping to keep us awake.


The first routine tonight was fromthe innovative teamfrom Australia. Theycame out and performed a modern piece about lovers. It was very much the same dance and choreography as last week, and other than the kiss, I found myself looking around the room, wanting the dance to end.

Robert from team USA came out to create one final popping routine for the judges. Some of the moves were the same from his last performance, yet Robert was still interesting to look at.

Maria, the petite Russian dancer came out to compete against Robert. This time she danced with castonettes. Her technical training is evident as she pirottes and moves across the floor. Her routine is once again a little short.


Next, the final soloist representing India, Amrapali, came out and danced another traditional Indian piece. After seeing this type of dance for the past four weeks, I am completely bored. Thank goodness for the short routine.

Michael Flatley then showed the scores for the soloists:

Bronze with 51 points went to USA, Robert

Silver with 56 points went to India, Amrapali

Gold with 65 points Russia, Maria

Next, Micahel Flatley showed a picture of the whole group on a ride at Universal Studios. He asked the Chinese judge to rate the ride and of course he said…bah…8!


The Shaolin Monks from teamChina were up next withtheir group routine. Again, thedance was similar to their last dance. They are a creative bunch though and the kids keep my interest.

The first duet tonight was from Australia. Henry and Giselle danced avery nice Jive. The costuming complimented the routine which was sexy and sensual.

The second duet was fromSouth Africa’s Claudia and Victor. It was super-sexy, but compared to the last duet, there was little dancing going on. A lot of unique and crazy lifts performed. It made me wish my husband couldlift melike that!


The final duet of the evening was from Argentina with Miriam and Leonard. They performed a sassy tango and this time they brought on the H-E-A-T!

Michael Flatley then showed the scores for the duets:

Bronze with 58 points went to Australia, Henry and Giselle

Silver with 59 points went to South Africa, Claudia and Victor

Gold with 66 points went to Argentina, Miriam and Leonard


The final group routine of the evening was from team USA. The Groovaloos hit the floor and began their routine with a hip hoppy little song and then broke out into afunky hip hop dancewith cool sychronized moves.

Michael Flatley then showed the scores for the groups:

Bronze with 53 points went to Team Australia

Silver with 57 points went to Team China

Gold with 66 points went to Team USA

After Michael added up the scores on the master score board Team USA came out on top and were crowned the International Superstars of Dance. The greatest dancechallenge of all timewas finally over!!!

The scariest part of the show for me came at the very end, when Michael Flatley announced that he would see us all again next season on Superstars of Dance! Is he kidding us???

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Photo Credits: NBC

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