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The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Doesn’t Give Out The Final Rose

January 26, 2009 08:28 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on ABC’s the Bachelor, Jason Mesnick is a busy man. First, Jason has a one on one date with Molly that turns out to be an all -nighter. Thenthe bachelortakes some girls on a group date to act out steamy love scenes on the set of General Hospital. Finally,Jason hasto decide who he will send homeon a two-on-one date with Stephanie and Nikki. But that’s not all. Jason makes a shocking revelation at the rose ceremony when he decides not to give out the final rose! See what happened…

Chris Harrison joins the final nine ladies and tells them there will be a group date, a one-on-one, and a two-on-one (where one lady will be sent home). In order to see who will go on the one-on-one the girls will have to write and perform a song for Jason in thirty minutes! Stalker Shannon chooses a rap song, since that is what Jason sang for Deanna Pappas on the Bachelorette. Nikki, the perfectionist, is very nervous and starts to get emotional. She says she cannot be spontaneous and silly. [sounds like a fun gal] Molly decides she will go the funny route, while Stephanie is going opera style.

The bachelor comes in and takes a seat. First up is Molly and her song about fast food is a big hit. Shannon puts on a backwards cap and calls herself “Shanaynay.” Stephanie gets a little riskay with her song and ends it with an opera note. Lauren actually wrote an entire song and all the girls are rather astonished. Nikki finally gets up and sings a song that she wrote “for her child one day” -did she not get the memo? Of all the ladies, Jason chooses Molly for the date. When the girls find out that Molly will be joining the bachelor at his house for the night, jealousy spreads like wildfire through the house.


Molly packs her bags and Jason comes to pick her up. They have a dinner of fast food and talk on the floor. Jason asks some serious questions about where she is in her life. Jason is mesmerized by her beauty and wants to make sure there is a real connection. Back at the mansion, the girls get the told who will be going on the group date: Jillian, Lauren, Shannon, Megan, Melissa, and Naomi. That leaves Stephanie and Nikki for the two-on-one.

Molly gets dressed in some of Jason’s comfy clothes and they head to the backyard where there is a tent and a fire. Molly gets serious and tells Jason that he is exactly how she has pictured her husband and father of her kids to be. They kiss and Jason presents her with the rose. Then Jason tells her he doesn’t wan the night to end, so they camp out in the tent. Back at the house, Shannon gets up and waits by the door for Molly to return [she'll be waitin' awhile!]


The next morning,the bachelordrops Molly off [wearing his clothes] and she instantly gets the third degree from the girls. She says she was up all night and needs to go to bed. Later, Jason shows up at the house for the group date. The girls have no idea what they are in store for as their date card said “Are you ready to play doctor?”

They arrive at the set of General Hospital, and are greeted by some actors. Jason says they will be participating in some scenes with him. The actors ask for a volunteer who will be willing to kiss Jason (with no tongue) and of course, Shannon volunteers. Then the director sets up a scene, with Naomi as Jason’s maid. They are in the living room and they start kissing, when Lauren walks in and catches them. The director makes them redo the scene about twelve times and the other girls are going crazy watching it.

Next up there is a scene where Jason and proposes to Jillian and then they kiss. Melissa is starting to get really upset with all of the kissing. The next scene is one where Megan is a seductress. Megan literally grabs him and they make out hardcore. Megan admits that she wasn’t acting and she was taking advantage of the situation. After the day of acting, Jason takes the ladies to a cocktail party at a local Hollywood hangout, where there is one rose on the table. Emotions were really high with all of the ladies and the night quickly turned into a dramafest.


Naomi was on the patio by herself, so Jason takes her downstairs and talks with her. Naomi is upset at the connections she sees him having with other other girls. He tells her that he wants the best for her always and he gets her. Then Jason snags Megan (who is the only girl NOT freaking out right now) and takes her for a private talk. He hugs her and she gives him a pouty face because he didn’t kiss her. Jason and Lauren talk and she immediately asks her why he kept Megan. He says he likes her. She tells him that he has to give her the rose tonight or she’ll be pissed. Then he grabs Melissa and she automatically starts crying. She tells him that today proved that she really does care about him and he says he likes that. They kiss and Shannon pops her head in to say she has him next.

Shannon tells him how difficult this has been and that she’s put walls up. She tells him that her feelings came real for Jason tonight and he CAN’T let her go. Shannon also says that she isn’t letting him let her go and she wants to be a mom and meet Ty. Then she says she wants him to take her home, and he blankly stares at her. He admits to the camera his feelings aren’t on the samelevel [well, how could they be, she's CRAZY!] She went to kiss him and he gave her a peck and pulled away. Back at the house, Molly reads the date card to Stephanie and Nikki, which says “let’s dance the night away.” Nikki is nervous because she doesn’t like dancing [obviously, what does she like?] Jason goes and gets the rose and gives it to Naomi. As you can imagine, Lauren is not happy.

The next morning, two gowns arrive at the house for Stephanie and Nikki. Nikki is increasingly nervous, while Stephanie is much more positive. Jason arrives at the house in a Rolls Royce to pick them up. They leave to go to the Seventh Ray Inn. There is a gorgeous outdoor restaurant with lights and candles everywhere. A lady comes out to teach them the waltz. Nikki is out of her element yet again as she didn’t have sufficient time to prepare. Stephanie, a former ballet dancer, was ready to jump in. Nikki was watching and started to cry because they were better at dancing, so she steals him again. They go back and forth for awhile until Nikki gets the last dance.


Then they all sit down for dinner [awkward!]. Jason asks the ladies how hard it would be for them to move to Seattle. Nikki jumps in and says it wouldn’t be hard since she only answers to herself. Stephanie says she will go anywhere for someone she’s in love with. Nikki opens up about her 11 year relationship and Jason takes her aside to ask her about it. She tells him the story and how she hasn’t dated since that. He says he is glad that she continues to open up. Then he and Stephanie have a talk. She tells him how attracted she is to him. Jason brings her back and then grabs the rose and gives it to Stephanie. He said it made the most sense at this time. As she rides away, Nikki says she is in shock and doesn’t know how much prettier or smarter she can try to be. The girls are shocked when someone comes to pick up Nikki’s bags. They discuss how hard it’s getting.

The night of the rose ceremony, the girls are on edge. Jason talks to Jillian and he says that she seems like the backbone of the group. Then he talks to Melissa and she says she feel excited now that she’s over the fear. Megan doesn’t feel confident since they haven’t had one on one time yet.Jason grabs her and she tells him she’s stressing out. He asks her to waltz with him.

Jason walks back in and sits between Lauren and Shannon. Lauren tells him she’s gonna slap him later, so he brings her outside and she asks him why he didn’t give her the rose. He said it was because he didn’t ask him, she told him. She starts giggling and says, “you want to kiss me don’t you?” He doesn’t say much, but she grabs his face. She is turning more and more into a complete nutjob.

THE ROSE CEREMONY: First,the bachelorcalls Melissa followed by Jillian, and there’s only one rose left. It’s down to Megan, Lauren, and Shannon. Jason looks at the rose and says, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” He says he can’t give out the final rose and that Megan is amazing, Lauren is honest and real, and Shannon is a beautiful person. He says that he can’t lead anyone on and he can’t give out the final rose.

Next week Jason takes the ladies to Seattle to meet Ty!

The Bachelor airs on Mondays from 8 PM to10:00 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

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