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True Beauty: Seniors and Spankings

January 26, 2009 09:51 PM by Lisa Stauber


Last week on ABC’s True Beauty, Monique was sent home and CJ passed his second trip to the Hall of Beauty safely. He returns to cheers and hugs, and he talks about Monique trying to throw him under the bus. “I think CJ’s more of a threat, and I’d rather have had him go home,” Ray says. More secret challenges await this week, and we’ll see who has True Beauty and whose beauty is only skin deep.

Billy gives us a roundup of his beauty regime, and he uses more creams and sprays than most women! “It’s pretty basic,” he says. The housemates all head to the hot tub, but wonder why CJ won’t join them. He prefers to write poetry in his journal. Billy calls him “boy”, and it makes CJ mad. “This guy’s fake,” CJ says about Billy. Ray takes the hot tub opportunity to strip again, and drives all of the girls off. After their bonding, it’s time to go find out what their assignment is.

The Challenge
Vanessa is standing in an all white room. “A true beauty is a timeless beauty,” she says. They’ll have to come up with a look and slogan to demonstrate their concept of timeless beauty. The contestants get to see what they’ll look like when they are older, using computer software. “You get ugly as you get older,” Joel says. There’s a twist, as well. There are several older models who will be matched to the beautiful people, to take photos together. Sadie is 101 years old. “What a great inspiration for aging,” Billy says.

Laura picks Sadie as a partner, and Billy picks a guy that looks just like his dad. CJ is paired with a woman, Irene. Now they have to take their partners and come up with a look. The secret challenge is a test on respect for their elders, and Vanessa’s planted one chair in the makeup room. Will the contestants treat their senior partners with respect and offer up their seat.


Laura helps Sadie into the chair, and Chelsea gives up her seat. CJ doesn’t notice that Irene is left standing, and fails the secret challenge as does Billy. Julia offers her seat, and Ray insists that his partner take a seat as well. Joel doesn’t offer his seat to Jack, and almost all the guys failed the challenge!

It’s slogan time, and Billy and his partner aren’t hitting it off. “I think Billy forgot about me,” his partner says. Sadie and Laura are having a blast. The photographer is directing the shoot based on their slogan. “I couldn’t have had a better partner,” Ray says. Chelsea’s partner insists on being spanked and it freaks Joel out. Billy chose the clothe to make himself look good, but didn’t take his partner into consideration.

Surprise Challenge

The housemates are having a barbecue, and Billy and CJ butt heads again. Vanessa goes to the house with the photos, and asks the contestants to play a game. “I want to see your impression of each other,” Vanessa says. The winner gets a look at the photos. Laura has to impersonate Chelsea, and Ray picks CJ. “It was funny, though, I can’t lie,” CJ says. Chelsea has to do Julia, and makes fun her pageant walk. Joel wins, and he reveals that CJ’s photo is a bad pose. CJ flips out, and says if he’s in the bottom two tomorrow, he’s done and he’ll just walk out.


Laura’s photo is Vanessa’s favorite, and the judges like Ray’s as well. Billy’s was a little corny. “It’s so perfect, that it’s unrealistic,” Nole Marin says. Julia’s photo gets praise from Nole, and he loves Joel’s, too. Chelsea’s photo is nice, but there is no connection between her and her partner. CJ’s photo seems like it lacks chemistry. CJ complains about the photographer and the picture that was chosen. Joel is the winner of the challenge. CJ and Billy are going to the Hall of Beauty.

Hall of Beauty
The judges think that CJ shouldn’t be back, since they’ve spent so much time coaching him and encouraging him. The judges notice that Billy gets meaner the more pressure he is under. “Billy’s perfect shell of a Ken doll is cracking,” Nole says.

Billy doesn’t think he should be going home. Joel helped pick out his clothes, and he’s desperately trying to fake some confidence, but he’s obviously anxious and stressed. Laura’s sad, because she has a little crush on him. Billy has cue cards with him so he’ll say the right thing. CJ tries to help Billy see how his planning every detail makes him come off as fake.


A hired child actress will be standing on the corner, crying. Will the contestants help her find her mom? Billy immediately stops to help her. CJ says that he is enough, regardless of what the judges think. CJ’s going home, and must face his bad behavior. The judges show him footage of his scamming on Melrose, and his angry tirade over the photographer. He did help the little girl, but it wasn’t enough to save him on his third trip to the Hall.

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