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American Idol 8: Jacksonville Florida Auditions!

January 27, 2009 07:25 PM by Candace Young


FOX‘s American Idol 8 begins tonight’s episode with fans and hopefuls in Jacksonville, Florida lauding the city’s namesake, Randy Jackson! Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest share a limo to the audition site and joke about Randy requiring a police escort!

Tonight’s first contestant is Josh, who admits he’s been compared to past American Idol crooner, Justin Guarini. Josh sings a Marvin Gaye song and Simon says he was very good in parts. Randy says he was entertaining, and the girls agree – he’s through to Hollywood!

Sharon, who brings her dog, Sasha, with her, is up next on American Idol 8, singing Superstar by Karen Carpenter. Simon Cowell holds the dog, and he and Randy decide it’s a ‘yes’. They turn to Paula Abdul and Kara Dioguardi, who pretend to kiss one another! As Randy hums I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It, Sharon celebrates – she’s going to Hollywood!

Ryan Seacrest is bombing around in the backwoods in a golf cart and fighting off gnats, while inside Dana, an American Idol hopeful is given the thumbs down by the judges. Ryan is again shown searching for civilization, before heading back inside to speak to Kaneswa and her mother. Kaneswa auditions and gives it her best shot, but Simon Cowell says it just got progressively worse as she went along. Kaneswa says her mom tells her she has a good voice – Simon asks that she be brought in. They inform her mother that she doesn’t have a good voice. Outside the room, mom tells Ryan Seacrest that it’s all wrong!

A Latina girl named Julissa is in next. She announces that she will sing some Whitney Houston. When he stops her, Simon says it was better than he thought it was going to be! Kara Dioguardi says she has a voice, but it’s iffy. Paula Abdul jumps up and takes the girl aside for hugs and kisses. When they return, all four judges give Julissa a ‘yes’!

Darin Darnell is a guy with real personality, who goes around the audition site making friends with other contestants. Unfortunately, his high spirits come crashing down when the American Idol judges cut his friend, Devon Cates. Darin heads inside to do his song, but nerves seem to get the best of him. He finally gets a tune going, but is horribly off-key! When Simon Cowell stops him, Darin tears up. Kara Dioguardi tells him the music business isn’t for him – it’s too tough!


After a few more tearful contestants come out of the American Idol doors, Naomi goes in. The girl with ‘ants in her pants’ tells the judges that her friend really wants to meet Randy Jackson. They bring her in for an embrace as Simon smirks. Soon, Paula Abdul has caught the bug and jumps on Simon’s knee. Kara gets Ryan Seacrest on hers, as Naomi throws her hands up, waiting for a chance to audition. Down to business, Naomi sings – and she’s atrocious! As she cries, Randy, Paula, and Kara do a group hug for comfort.

After FOX and American Idol 8 have spent one day in Jacksonville Florida, Ryan Seacrest asks Simon Cowell for his first impression of the talent. He says overall they weren’t very good – only nine were put through.

16 year-old named Jasmine Murray is going to start off day 2 of the American Idol 8 auditions in Jacksonville, Florida. She is going to sing Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. The judges like it, with Simon Cowell commenting that her voice is commercial. Outside the room, Jasmine and her girls celebrate loudly!

A physics student named George, with a serious beard, is up next on American Idol 8. He can’t decide whether or not he loves physics or music more, but he sure can dance! When Simon Cowell asks where he would like to be in 11 years, he replies that he would like to be in a simple house with nice floors! George goes ahead with his song, then, and has a strangely low and quiet voice. Simon tells him that singing is not for him. George leaves the room and states simply to Ryan Seacrest, ” Look, no ticket.”

Ann-Marie comes in to see the American Idol 8 judges next. She compliments Kara Dioguardi right off the bat, and sings one of her songs. They are all impressed with her voice, but Simon Cowell asks her to leave and come back in 15 minutes looking like a star. Out in the parking lot, Ann-Marie scrambles to put on make-up and change clothes!

In the meantime, the judges listen to TK, who is a very good singer. Randy Jackson warns that it was too over the top – it’s okay to sing a good melody. Simon says ‘no’, but the other three American Idol judges put TK through to Hollywood!


Michael Perelli is his mother’s pride and joy, and carries a guitar with him wherever he goes. Michael panics when he finds out that American Idol won’t allow him to audition without the guitar! He goes inside and says he will sing Jumper by Third Eye Blind. It’s decent, but not great. Simon Cowell says he’s interesting, but his voice isn’t! Michael pleads with the judges, but they don’t budge. His family is disappointed when he comes out and says they said ‘no’.

Anne-Marie comes back in and the judges are impressed with her new look. Simon Cowell beams along with Paula Abdul as she sings Bubbly. They easily put her through to Hollywood!

In Jacksonville Florida, 16 tickets were given out to join FOX and American Idol 8 in Hollywood for the next round!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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