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The Biggest Loser Couples Come Back Together; One Pair Goes Home

January 27, 2009 08:43 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser was still recovering form the surprise elimination of Damien over Joelle last week as even Bob thought his unmotivated team member was probably headed out the door. With another exciting week of Joelle trying to get her team mate, Carla, back and Bob pulling his short hair out, there are destined to be fireworks as we edge closer to the couples reuniting that were pulled apart during the opening episode of The Biggest Loser.

With strategy now in full swing, Jillian’s team decided to make sure Joelle would be a help to them with her total lack of discipline and a hindrance to Bob’s team. Now the lines were drawn and it looked as though the niceness and consideration that began the season disappeared in an instant. Bob was shocked as he saw Joelle in the fitness center and gave his team their assignments telling them that each was working for their partners to come back by week’s end.


With the Super Bowl theme set up, Host Alison Sweeney, welcomed the losers to Super Bowl week and immediately sent Blaine home to see the birth to his fourth child. Celebrity Chef, Curtis Stone, showed the losers how to eat healthier at a Super Bowl event. Alison then tested the losers for their general knowledge of typical Super Bowl fare and the ultimate winner would win a two pound pass for the next weigh-in. In the end, it was between Helen, Dan and Kristin for the big prize.

After cooking with Chef, Curtis Stone, the three made a final guess of the calories with the recipe that they cooked with Curtis and Dan picked up a two-pound pass for himself as the winner of the challenge and Chef Curtis went to cook with Dan’s partner, David, to try to educate him on cooking healthy.


Bob was putting his team through their paces as he made them jump up to platforms to inspire a bit of team unity and Blaine was seen at the birth of his fourth child, which brought home his commitment even more to lose the weight for the sake of his family.

Another football related challenge was up as Arizona Cardinal and Super Bowl bound quarterback, Kurt Warner, checked in to give the losers help in the next challenge. Alison told the losers that immunity was on the line and that this was the last challenge before the return of their partners. With everyone running and putting footballs in each other’s name basket, the player who would get five footballs placed in their place holder would be out.

Filipe, Tara and Dane left fairly quickly as they were perceived as the strongest players by the weaker ones. In the end, it came down to Joelle, Mike and Helen for the big prize. Joelle eliminated Mike, leaving Helen and Joelle fighting for immunity and in a real surprise, Helen assured herself that her daughter, Shanon, would be coming back to the ranch.


Blaine returned back from his child excursion to get the Last-Chance work-out in realizing the danger of him being away for three days may have on his game. The Last-Chance workout was as brutal as you could imagine as all of the losers knew the importance of not bringing their A-game would have on the weigh-in. As he losers all worked out, we were given a split-screen of their partners working out at home preparing for their trip back to the ranch. Dan had now become the Joelle of Jillian’s team and as Jillian became the Jillian we all know and love we watched as she yelled at Dan to push himself out of his comfort zone.

The Weigh-In:

Alison greeted the losers with an exceptional surprise, telling them the importance of not going below the yellow line and bringing their partners back to watch the weigh-ins. But one pair would not be joyful as the eliminated couple would be returning home once again in disappointment with no chance of returning.

Pink Team, Helen, won immunity, lost 6 pounds

Brown Team, Mike and Ron, lost 9 and 7 pounds, 2.21% weight-loss

Black Team, Blaine and Dane, lost 11 and 15 pounds, 3.81% weight-loss

Blue Team, Filipe, lost 13 pounds, 4.01% weight-loss

Green Team, Tara, lost 12 pounds, 4.55% weight-loss

Purple Team, Kristin, lost 12 pounds, 3.70% weight-loss

Yellow Team, Mandi, lost 10 pounds, 4.22% weight-loss

Orange Team, Dan, lost 12 pounds, 2.96% weight-loss

Silver Team, Joelle, lost 10 pounds, 3.47% weight-loss

The biggest player, Dan was sent below the yellow line as well as Brown Team, Mike and Ron, which proved a difficult decision for the remaining losers to make. It was a pretty emotional moment as Mike pleaded his case before the group as he talked of the importance of them staying. Dan talked about wanting to stay as well, but his plea didn’t seem to resonate on the faces of the other losers as much as Ron, but it was hard to gauge which way the vote would go. If it was simply a vote against Bob vs Jillian’s team, Dan would be going, but this is The Biggest Loser where nothing is ever certain.


Dave and Daniel and Mike and Ron split the first two votes. Kristin voted for Dan, Dane and Blaine voted for Mike and Ron, tying it up once again. Tara got pretty emotional with her vote, but voted Mike and Ron, thinking that Dan and David needed the opportunity more. Joelle voted for Dave and Dan and Filipe finished off Dan and Dave, sending them home, which actually made David happy because he admitted his head was not in the game.

In the after elimination photos, we saw Daniel actually making some pretty incredible progress towards being in the running for the eliminated players prize of $100,000. Daniel was seen working out pretty aggressively and had managed to lose 101 pounds and had been weaned from his Diabetes meds, while David had not been as diligent only losing 46 pounds to date.

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