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American Idol: Salt Lake City Auditions

January 28, 2009 07:53 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight the American Idol judges ventured into Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the home of last season’s runner-up, David Archuleta. American Idol’s, first season winner, Kelly Clarkson was supposed to provide a sneak preview of her new video, My Life Would Suck Without You, during one of the commercials, but it never happened?


David Osmond was the first personto hit the audition stage. His dad Allen is part of the Osmond family singers. Both Allen and David have Multiple Sclerosis. The 28 year old sang, Something Within Me. Paula Abdul was concerned that he isaccustomed to singing with a group and wondered if he would be a front man. He got his golden ticket to Hollywood.

21 year old Tara came on the scene. She said she had ESP….but she didn’t know what was going to happen when she entered the room to audition? The young lady looked like a badly dressed street walker. She sang One Day I’ll Fly Away. Simon Cowellsaid the whole thing was horrendous from her outfit to the song. She flew away!

Many of the singers were far from perfect and American Idol gave us a glimpse of what the judges had to endure in Salt Lake City!


One contestant who came in, 26 year old Chris, brought in his buddy dressed in a bunny suit! He sang, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough after a false start with the bunny dancing behind him. Loser!

Since it was the home of David Archuleta, they expected everyone to be as nice as him. Most of them had their share of manners to the point that Paula Abdulsaid she wanted to move to Salt Lake City.

Next, a very confident young lady entered the room. 23 year old single mother, Frankie sang for the judges. Simon Cowell said he liked her voice and she had a cute little face. She was off to Hollywood.


Frankie’s success inspired the other contestants, including 23 year old Megan whowas recently divorced and has a little boy named Rider. She sang, Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine. The judges thought her voice was interesting and that she had something there. She was off to Hollywood and Simon Cowell said he loved her performanceand she is one of the few he will remember.

The discovery of Megan had the American Idoljudges in a good mood, which set up a hot streak in Salt Lake City!

Andrew thought that he had the old skool moves and the voice to stand out from the crowd. The 21 year old sang Oh Let me Fly and Simon Cowelltold him that it was not going to work. He had a soul, but no ticket to Hollywood.


17 year old senior yearclass president, Austin entered the room to inspire people. He sang, When I Look To The Sky. Randy Jacksonsaid that he thought it was okay, but the song choice was terrible. He tried to convince the judges that they wanted him to do well. He sang another song, It Takes a Village. Simon Cowellsaid that it was a worse song, but they put him through to Hollywood.

The auditions were being held at the site of High School Musical, but the good vibe of the movie didn’t transcend to the contestants. The bad auditons continued to blow through like a cold mountain wind. The judges needed to warm up and fast. Then a beautiful Haiwian beauty stepped into the audition room. 16 year old Taylor came out and sang, Joyful Joyful. Randy Jackson said she had good natural potential and she had one of the best vocals this season and Kara DioGuardi agreed. She was off to Hollywood baby. Another golden ticket opened the door to a dream!


As auditions drew to a close, 17 year old Rose came out. She lives with her best friend and their family because her dad died when she was 13 and her mother died when she was 15. The Bye family that she lives withsaid that they were so proud of her because she has a dream and determination. She sang, I feel The Earth Move. Paula Abdul said that she has a cute face, but needs to work on her vocals. Simon Cowell said that she had something special about her and it was unanimous…she was off to Hollywood!

Salt Lake City sent through more than a dozen contestants and according to host,Ryan Seacrestthis could be the city that has the next American Idol!

Tomorrow night at 8 PM ET on FOX,American Idol visits New York City and San Juan Puerto Rico.

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