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American Idol 8: New York and San Juan!

January 29, 2009 07:05 PM by Candace Young


Tonight, FOX’s American Idol 8 is bringing viewers auditions from New York and San Juan Puerto Rico! First up, Randy Jackson welcomes us to the ‘city of dreams’ – New York! The first to audition is Addy from Bronx, New York who is singing a Jennifer Hudson song!

Addy tells the American Idol judges that she quit her job to come to the audition, but her voice is terrible! All four judges turn her down, and she leaves the room, announcing, “It’s not me!” Ryan Seacrest gets Addy’s boss on the phone, and Simon Cowell comes out and gets on the line, asking for Addy to get her job back. The tickled boss agrees!

In Puerto Rico, Jorge Nunez is brought before the judges and sings My Way. He has a very powerful voice, but Paula Abdul asks him to do a song in English. Randy Jackson says it was brilliant, and Simon Cowell is happy with his accent! All four American Idol judges say ‘yes’!

Jessika is the next contestant in Puerto Rico. She has brought eight family members and friends with her! She goes before the judges and belts out a Celine Dion song. Simon Cowell stops her and says he doesn’t like it. She begs to sing one more song. Randy Jackson tells her the sound of the voice just isn’t good. Jessika protests that she’s just nervous. The American Idol judges say ‘no’, and Jessika leaves, saying they’re wrong.

The next American Idol contestant, Melinda, wants to uplift humanity and enjoys dancing naked in her room! As she goes in, Simon Cowell says she looks very fresh! Melinda sings Feeling Good. The judges all like her, with Kara Dioguardi commenting that she’s like a vitamin boost! Outside the room, Melinda hollers, “I’m going to Hollywood, baby!”


Jackie is the next audition to be shown from New York. She explains that she has been involved in the music business since she was small through her father. Her first song isn’t enough for the judges to go on, so Simon asks for a second. Afterward, the judges say that they like her, but as Simon is about to offer a bit of advice, the windows behind the American Idol judges falls in! They carry on, putting Jackie through to Hollywood!

Back in Puerto Rico there is a string of disappointing American Idol 8 auditions. There are also some energetic, but disappointing contestants in New York! Some in both places were also incredibly creative, showing up in gimmicky costumes, like Joel from San Juan, who brings in a life-size MP3 player cut out prop! His singing doesn’t impress the judges anymore than the lion puppet on his hand – it’s four ‘no’s!

In New York, Norman, a man wearing glasses and a red sweatband, prepares to go in. Simon Cowell says they’re not looking for funny, so he doffs the props and sings. Simon jokes that it was funny – they don’t want funny! Norman can sing, but his face and mannerisms remain comedic. The judges are entertained. Simon says ‘no’, but the other American Idol judges put him through!

In San Juan, the next American Idol contestant brings in her adorable nine year-old brother! He leads his sister, Monique, into the room and presents the judges with a seashell. Christopher assures the panel that they’ll love her. Monique sings Can’t Hurry Love and Turn To You. Randy and Kara don’t think she is ready yet, but Paula and Simon put her through! Outside, Christopher informs Ryan Seacrest that he helped his sister!


A contestant from a previous American Idol seasons, Alexis, who went off on Simon Cowell, giving him the middle finger, during her last attempt, is back with a new look, and a new attitude. She sings Like A Prayer by Madonna, complete with accompanying actions. Simon tells her it was horrendous, and that they’ve firmly established now that she can’t sing! Alexis says there is nothing left to do but give him the finger! The other judges laugh and applaud. Outside, Alexis tells Ryan that she simply choked.

The Puerto Rican spirit is alive and well with contestant Patricia in San Juan. She is the last of the line, but she and her family and friends are still partying! She goes in to see the American Idol judges and works a Whitney Houston song. Simon Cowell says it wasn’t good enough, and the song was too tough for her. She sings another song to try and change their minds. Randy says ‘yes’, Paula says ‘no’, but ultimately, Patricia goes through! The party is on! As Ryan notes that there is actually a band outside, the four judges emerge and join in!

Nine went through from San Juan Puerto Rico, and 26 got the yellow ticket in New York – Hollywood begins next week from the Kodak Theater!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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